Hot Black Chicks: The Rapper Eve

Eve, beautiful Black rapper, with her White British boyfriend.

Good God this chick is hot. Whoever says all Black women are ugly needs to have their head examined. She has taken up with this wealthy British guy, who was probably born into money. She’s also been with other White guys in the past. This has caused a big to-do in the Black community as many are accusing her of treason for dating White. The idea is that she rode her Black race to fame, coming in on the coattails of some big Black rappers, then abandoned the community for a White man. She’s basically a treasonous, race-mixing whore, in other words.

That’s all pretty silly, but she sure is a babe!

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9 thoughts on “Hot Black Chicks: The Rapper Eve”

  1. if they have a baby, whose race is it very likely to blend in?
    then who’s the “traitor,” exactly?

  2. Sexiness is a product of social rank and neurological biases (themselves due to random mutations).

    Separate populations will develop different standards of beauty based on the random preferences linked to the most reproductively successful members.

    There is no objective beauty. There are preferences. Sometimes those are shared leading to a sense of universality (even tho there’s no such thing). The most widely attested beauty among humans is still ugly to a Mallard.

    I’m not saying preferences don’t matter, but I think we would be much better off treating beauty as taste and avoid trying to make people feel WRONG for having different ones.

  3. I really hate it when black guys complain about black women dating white guys. Black guys are so awful when it comes to that. Especially since black guys are always after the white women. Black guys think their entitled to ignore black women and neglect them and spend their time trying to date white women…. but the second a black woman tries to date outside her race the black guys treat it as such a betrayal of the black community. Black guys need to get real and stop being such DRAMA QUEENS.

  4. “There is no objective beauty” Isn’t it rather proven, though, that while’ who is beautiful, is in the eye of the beholder’…….. all . I mean ALL, opine that those with more symetry are indeed more beautiful?

  5. I have noticed that when White men date Black women, those women tend to be relatively better looking than most other Black women. The same goes for Asian men who date White women; they date relatively attractive White women, compared to other White women. Black guys on the other hand, as everyone knows, are much more likely to date outside their race, and they tend to have low standards.

  6. All that matters in a relationship is whether the couple is happy. I think people who worry about stuff like this need to find something better to do with their time.

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