Capitalism is Murder: The Evidence

The American people are further to the Right on economic issues than just about any peoples on Earth. They resemble Third World death squad populations like the Philippines, Guatemala and Colombia that always elect extreme right candidates of a vicious, callous, corrupt and venal elite that have never done one damned thing for the peoples of those countries.

The only difference, and I will give the American Right this, is that the American Right does not murder the people.

Murder, especially mass murder and genocide, is what the Right is all about. When confronted with a threat from the Left, the Far Right usually resorts to mass terror to stall the threat. We see it to this very day in the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala where the Right literally rapes, beats, burns down the homes, tortures and murders anyone who stands in their way.

The US has been supporting this mass murder for ages now, in fact, it’s the American way. Most US corporations in Latin America pay death squads to kill people getting in the way of their profits, or they used to in the past. I recall an interview with a US businessman in Guatemala in the 1970’s. He said openly that his business supported the death squads and in fact, all US businesses in Guatemala were hiring the death squads to keep the people at bay.

The usual targets of these corporate-run death squads are union officials and members, people protesting dams or mining operations, peasants protesting the theft of their lands, environmental groups, women’s groups, community organizers and leaders, left journalists, students, professors, gay/lesbian activists, etc. The corporations themselves usually target groups that are opposing their rapacious activities in the nation, along with trade unionists.

The rest of the Left is targeted by the death squads that are run by the state itself. Yes, India, Pakistan, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and Peru all either run death squads or allow them to operate and do nothing, which is more or less the same thing.

I am wondering why the rightwing fanatics, who seem so similar to the death squad crazies in the Third World, haven’t started running death squads and killing us yet. Do you think the US rich and corporations will ever start running death squads against the Left, as is done in the Third World?

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  1. It’s not just the right. The Jews who controlled the USSR killed 20 to 65 million people. They were on the left.

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