Why the US and Israel Support the Syrian Rebels

Researching this Syrian civil war, it’s clear as air that the US and Israel are rooting for the rebels. Indeed, much of the West is. But why? I was mystified at first, but now it all makes sense.

Here’s how it works:

Get rid of Assad.

Assad goes, and you strike a death blow against Iran.

Assad goes, and in particular, you strike a severe death blow against Hezbollah.

Syria is Hezbollah’s patron, via Iran. The Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis is one of Israel’s main enemies. Furthermore, Syria, but mostly Iran, supports Hamas.

So, Assad goes, and you strike a major blow against the Syria-Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas resistance faction.

The minority Alawite Shia regime supports Iran and Hezbollah mostly for nationalist reasons – they want the Golan back. All three are Shia, so it works as an alliance.

The Syrian Arab Sunnis increasingly hate Hezbollah, because they see them as tied in with Assad’s regime. Hezbollah is also supporting the regime in Damascus, because it’s their lifeline. Iran is reportedly helping to put down the rebellion, so they don’t like Iran either. I’m starting to see a lot of Syrian Sunni Arab sectarian comments on the web against the Shia, about how they are the enemies of the Sunnis, etc.

Bottom line, if an opposition regime gets in, it will probably be a relatively Islamist Sunni Arab regime. They will take a dim view of supporting Hezbollah and an equally dim view of an alliance with the eternal enemy Iran.

The problem with this US-Israeli view is that it is short-sighted. The Syrian Sunni Arab Islamists are ferocious Israel-haters, and they want the Golan back as bad as anyone.

Their attitude is that Assad has been too weak to get the Golan back. Get rid of the Alawite regime, put in a Syrian Sunni Arab Islamist regime with deep ties to the Ikhwan, and launch a war on Israel. That’s the explicit goal of the Syrian Islamists.

Now, whether or not they can pull this off is another question. But regardless of what happens to the Hezbollah-Syria-Iran Axis, the new Sunni Arab Islamist regime in Syria will not, repeat not, be friendly to Israel.

It’s one of those be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, things.

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9 thoughts on “Why the US and Israel Support the Syrian Rebels”

  1. I haven’t been following this whole Syrian unrest thing, so this is a really ignorant question, but – are the US and Israel rooting for the rebels? I’m sure there’s plenty of boilerplate remarks about freedom and all that, but are either the US or Israel seriously hoping that the rebels win? What’s the evidence for that?

    It’s hard to believe the Israelis are so stupid as to think that a new Syrian regime will be friendly, concerning the Golan or anything else.
    Or that Syria will cozy up to the US instead of Iran. Who was that other guy who did that? Saddam Hussein, right. He learned how reliable a friend the US can be. And then there’s Ghaddafi in Libya who reconciled with the US, ended his nuclear program and became friends. Ha!

    Regarding Hezbollah, they’re primarily a client of Iran, not Syria. It’s been a decade or more since Syria was an important patron of theirs. They’ll continue to exist as long as they serve Iran’s purposes, with or without Syrian aid.

    Back in the early days of Assad Jr.’s rule, it was often said that Israel considered him an important asset, just because he was so weak and incompetent. That hasn’t been said much lately, but still, “the devil we know” and all that.

    By the way, I don’t think you can take Debka as representative of the Israeli right or of anything else. It’s a kook outfit.

  2. Hizbollah depends on Iran and not really Syria. Syria is weak and always has been. Hizbollah also enjoys tremedous support from Lebanon’s southern Shia population, many of which are dirt poor and depend on Hizb for social and financial assistance. Many of the Hizbollah millitants have family members who reside in the south, which kind of defeats the Isrealis bullshit about Hizb using ‘human shields’ in the south. Anyhow, they aren’t going to be easy to dislodge. Even the maronites love them, which is bizarre as hell. One of the biggest of supporters of Hizb that I ever knew personally was a maronite girl in one of my college English classes.

  3. Israel’s barbarism in 2006 drove most of the fence-sitting Maronites
    into Hezbollah’s orbit.
    As far as US policy, it is “winging it.” Secular left anti-Zionists like Angry Arab usually want Assad gone too. A Palestinian told me as far as he was concerned, even though he disliked some much less than others, and was kind of neutral on Syria , all the Arab governments should be overthrown, as little as they helped the Pal cause.

  4. I believe the American populace as a group, with “Christian” Zionists so prevalent, will allow the parasites to play a key role in taking the nation beyond the point of salvage before it reacts decisively, John.

      1. Well according to Andrew in that video link, if the Jews ran North America would the latter be in debt of several trillion?

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