We Are All Africans

In the comments section, they are debating how many of our genes are “African genes.” One fellow insists that none of our genes are African genes.

I am quite certain that all OOA people have a ton of “African genes,” whatever the Hell those are. All non-Africans outside of Africa came from Africa. Erectus came from Africa and spread out to the OOA world. Before that, Australopithecines were born in Africa and their descendants (Erectus) spread to much of the OOA world. Neandertal and Denisova were derived strictly from African genes. Even Flores Man (possibly not even from Erectus) came out of Africa. All humans and subhumans came out of Africa at one point or another! Period.

Obviously, the vast majority of our Sapiens genes were birthed in Africa. We may well have developed some new genes or new gene frequencies outside of Africa, but as far as our genomes go, we are all Africans.

The problem is that this really infuriates a lot of White people, so profound is their hatred for Black people. “Grandpa was a nigger,” is so insulting that one would think that they are going to kill themselves.

The OOA theory is rock solid proven. All of the OOA people are related to a small group of Africans, probably ~750 people, who left Africa ~70,000 YBP. After they left, they apparently bred in with relict hominids who were still living outside of Africa – . But that’s not the multiregionalist racist line. Multiregionalism as a theory is about dead anymore. It mostly only lives on in White racists. The theory goes like this:

The various races have been separated, and evolving separately, for 1-2 million years. That is, Whites and Asians go back 1-2 million years.

The more radical racists say that Blacks are relict Homo Erectus! It’s interesting that it’s only Whites who seem to get their hides so chipped by the notion that “grandpa was a nigger.”

We had an Asian naitonalist on here at one time. I asked him if it bothered him that Asians were related to Africans who left Africa 70,000 YBP. He said it was no big deal. “After all,” he said, “Long before that, we used to be frogs. Species evolve.”

I told this to a friend of mine and she fell over laughing. “You see!,” she cried out. “That shows you right there that Asians are smarter than Whites!” I agree. Any White person who is bent out of shape because “grandpa was a nigger” needs to have their head examined.


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  1. Very Helpful until you said “750 people who were living in Africa and left, 70,000 years before people, the Africans apparently bred in with Hominids Relect that were living ‘Outside Africa’!!!!! OK, no remains of Hominids (Homo Erectus Australopethecus Africanus) HAVE EVER BEEN FOUND OUTSIDE AFRICA!!!!!! That’s the old reason Why Darwin believed man originated in Africa, because apes have Never been found outside Africa! If you eliminate the racist slant, Man May Have Arose on All Continents; since there are European cave drawings 26,000 years old, of flying disks. Man may have had some genetic assistance…I do not know!

    1. Not so.

      Homo Erectus is known from many places outside of Africa.

      Man did not arise on all continents. All the hominids either arose in Africa or had roots going back to Africa. They all go back to Africa. Africa is where it all started.

      Those Cro-Magnons drawing in caves in Europe also came out of Africa about 45,000 YBP. We all came out of Africa.

      1. Why is it so hard for people to internalize the idea of several waves of Humans progressively leaving Africa with possible minor backflow?

        1. My point is Sub-Saharans looked pretty much “negroid” before the Bantu expansion. All those peoples would be called negros by a casual observer.

  2. That’s correct. Even those Khoisan types look like Black people. So do the Pygmies. I am talking about the photos you posted. But Wade is correct. The modern Negro (non-Khoisan, non-Pygmy) type is not our ancestor, but instead our cousin.

    1. Any modern people indeed is indeed a cousin of others. The only peoples ancestral to modern people are, well, ancient peoples. The Khoisan and the Pygmy are derived too.

  3. Bob, I received incorrect info from a BBC Interview “Darwin based his Out of Africa evolutionary ideas on the presence of the ape being found only in Africa.” I read Wiki and Apes and hominid apes have been found in Eurasia as well. The variety of Hominid Erectus is considered a transitional ape as humans are also an “ape”… Thanks for your explanations….

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