Why Jews Hate Ethnic Nationalism Except Their Own

Repost from the old site.
I just got banned from another blog, a Leftist one of course. The usual charge being that I am a White Supremacist and and anti-Semite. I’m banned from all sorts of Leftist sites on these grounds, hopefully I will be banned from many more, and I’m happy as punch. Neither charge is the remotest bit true, and anyway on White Nationalist sites I am often regarded as a lunatic antifa anti-racist Enemy of the White Man.
Keep em guessing, what the Hell. Life is a role-playing exercise and I can wear lots of hats, and sometimes you might not even recognize me.
It started when went over to this great big anarchist blog where some of the most famous anarchists in the blogosphere star and tried to start some fights as usual. Like good anarcho-fishies, they bit the hook, ran me around the boat a few times, gave me a good fight and almost broke my rod. In the end, yeah, I was banned, but they were flopping in the gunny sack. Win-win.
My crime was suggesting that White people should be proud of their heritage and not ashamed of it, assuming they can do this without transforming into racist assholes, which is admittedly difficult.
Well, some Jewish guy chimes in that the idea of Whites being proud of themselves is laughable, and Blacks have way more to be proud of (I tell ya, Jews are natural comics), and he, as a White, of course feels no pride whatsoever. I responded that the reason you feel that way is you are Jewish, and noted that many Jews don’t feel proud of being White and are even self-hating Whites.
I added that I was confident he was quite proud of being Jewish, as almost all Jews are.
Ok, some silly anarcho-dude comes back with the old rejoinder that Jews don’t feel any more pride than Irishmen. LOL! This is 2008, not 1858, darn it. I can’t believe that so many liberals and lefties actually believe this.
Almost all White ethnics here in the US have been detribalized in terms of their national origin. Some retain a tribal mindset to some degree (Armenians in my area are some of the most tribal Whites around) but the rest have more or less just coalesced into the Great White American Mess where heritage is little more than curiosity.
Well, anyway, back and forth, Kevin Carson (Guy gets 210 visitors a day to his blog, and I get 6,000, and he gets a Wiki page and I don’t?) comes on and deletes all my posts and those of some real-life White Nationalist scary guy called Ian Jobling, who quit American Renaissance due to his Jew-worship and now plays some funny kind of White Nationalist Jew-worshiper carnival sideshow on his own site.
As far as White Nationalist sites go, Jobling’s is surely one of the most reasonable, if such a thing can ever be reasonable. But on these sites you have to look to the comments for the real scary stuff, and in some creepy way, all of these sites are just nasty. Furthermore, I want to know Dr. Jobling’s agenda.
What proposals is he putting forth, and what does he support or oppose? We can hardly tell by looking at the blog or his Wikipedia entry.
All I can tell is guess is he is for imperialism, or at least he thinks it gets a bad rap. The real problem, says Jobling, is not Anglosphere (= White) imperialism, but it’s dark-skinned Americans dropping out of school and getting knocked up and stuff. Yeah. He wants to retain White majorities in all the White countries.
On the principle of national sovereignty, first of all, I would say, go to it, palefaces. But in the US, with Whites at 64%, the battle is clearly lost. The resulting scramble of WN furies in the US is something like Hitler’s last stand, doomed, as the Allies closed in on him (sorry for the bad analogy). New Zealand is probably headed in the same direction as the US, but the rest of the White states look pretty secure, White-wise and all.
Apparently he also opposes civil rights, although he downplays that in hopes to suck you in, but all US WN’s hate 1964.
My opinion on Gentile Jew-worshipers is that it is a funny trick to watch humans perform, as I grew up in such a family, both of my parents being Judeophiles. So I was a Judeophile for most of my life, until about age 44, when I finally started to think about it for once and realized that no silly tribe deserves to be worshiped, Jews no more than Arapahos or Estonians or Toba Batak or Burusho.
It’s not as harmful as anti-Semitism, but Jew-worship has surely left the Palestinians reeling.
Then all these anarchist antifa batbrains come on and rant about how I’m a White Supremacist and I guess a Nazi, and further how I’m an anti-Semite and I insulted one of this Carson character’s “best and oldest Jewish friends”.
I’m not making this up.
Forget Proudhon, one of the most virulent anti-Semites that ever lived. Forget Bakunin, humane but Jewish-critical and surely an anti-Semite by Carson’s standards.
Anarchism has wimped out seriously and drank the multicultural punch. All cultures are equal, though Kropotkin vehemently disagreed. It’s all antifa all the time, Whitey is the enemy, we need to flood the White Planet with the Third World, and the Jew is off limits, cuz a guy with a bone in his nose equals Einstein, according to Cultural Marxist hooey.
From our blog here, a great comment by James Schipper, one of our finest commenters, who is probably even smarter than I am when sober, on why Jews hate ethnic nationalism, and the outrageous modern Jewish paradox of being a self-hating “White” and promoting anti-White stuff, while at the same time supporting one of the world’s most virulently ethnonationalist states.
Make sense? Course not. Ethnic nationalism is evil, especially when White guys do it, except when Jews do it, then it’s ok, or great, or understandable, or this or that, or whatever. Uh huh. I’m sure Carson and his bomb-throwing anarchist buddies thinks James’ comment is anti-Semitic, too. Wa wa boo hoo mommy mommy. Bite me, anarchists.

I’m not sure what is meant by ethnonationalism, but let us say that ethnonationalists define the nation as a group of people with shared ancestry, what the Germans call an Abstammungsgemeinschaft = community of descent, not a group that speaks the same language, shares the same basic culture, lives in the same territory and has group consciousness.
Then it is not surprising that Jews are fearful of ethnonationalism because Judaism is essentially ethnonationalism, of the most extreme kind, elevated into a religion.
Jews speak dozens of languages, belong to dozens of cultures and live in dozens of territories. How can they be a nation? They can only be a nation if the nation is conceived as an Abstammungsgemeinschaft, in the Jewish case the people that descend from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
If ancestry, not language or culture, becomes paramount, then Jews will be seen as having ancestry different from the people around them and be regarded as foreigners. There are very good reasons to oppose preoccupation with ancestry, but in that case the Jews should practice what they preach and either abandon Judaism altogether or else detribalize it.

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123 thoughts on “Why Jews Hate Ethnic Nationalism Except Their Own”

  1. I’m surprised that you have New Zealand pegged as becoming a majority non-white country, since it’s over 70% white, and a sizable number of immigrants are either Brits (growing as a percentage), white South Africans (falling as a percentage), or Chinese (the latter having a very low birth rate, at least in Australia, and I would expect in New Zealand too).
    On the other hand, 70% isn’t that far from 50%, and I imagine the Maori population has a high birth rate, so who knows?
    I think Great Britain might become a minority-majority country, given their Muslims’ high birth rate and lax immigration policies, in the far future. Canada too. Germany, France, Italy, Russia (heh) no, no, no, and no. Probably not Australia either.
    Anyway, whites may be losing New Zealand, the U.S., and possibly Canada and the U.K. … BUT we are a growing minority in….Belize! Old Colony Mennonites are about 8% of that country’s population and have a birth rate far higher than the country’s average.

    1. “I’m surprised that you have New Zealand pegged as becoming a majority non-white country, since it’s over 70% white”
      Actually, it’s probably close to 80% white. If you look at the census figures they have a category for europeans and maori and then they have another category call “New Zealander” which represents over 10% of the population. I’d better money at least 90% of those are white, so add 9 or 10 percent to the white figrue and you get around 77 to 78 percent white. I also have a feeling that as China rises many in these countries might take a dimmer view of asiatic immigration if they start feeling colonized. Many of these whites in power like diversity, but to remain white and especailly they want to remain in power. I’m guessing that an immigration slowdown is coming, but don’t expect to hear about it as something racial.

  2. All I can tell is guess is he for imperialism, or at least he thinks it gets a bad rap. The real problem, says Jobling, is not Anglosphere (= White) imperialism, but it’s dark-skinned Americans dropping out of school and getting knocked up and stuff. Yeah.
    That seems to be the consensus in the WN retardosphere, which is full of jokers who believe the GOP is the party of white people. No use explaining that invade the world/invite the world go hand in hand.
    Do they think that today’s corporations would be interested in limiting exploitation to the brown folks abroad while coddling the white folks here? What are they smoking?
    Like Adolph Reed said, the neoliberal position is that removing artificial impediments like race will make the market work that much better. The small group of people who own virtually all capital just want dirt cheap, submissive labor. They don’t care what color it is. They’d treat us as badly as they do Chinese slave labor if they could get away with it.
    Accordingly, the insistence by the likes of Tim Wise and Ayers & Dohrn that the US corporatocracy is white supremacist is a crock. Is Mr. Corporate America Bill Gates, who worked with Ayers on charter schools in Chicago and wants an endless flood of H1Bs, a white supremacist?
    I was a Judeophile for most of my life, until about age 44, when I finally started to think about it for once and realized that no silly tribe deserves to be worshiped, Jews no more than Arapahos or Estonians or Toba Batak or Burusho.
    Then you raciss, Robert. According to Timmeh’s Facebook today, reporting that Nelson Mandela is gravely ill:
    …if u pray, pray. If u light candles, light them now. If you believe in positive energy, please call on it, and now. Right now. For this man. This walking, talking definition of a human being. Because, metaphorically speaking, this is the face of the Lord: the face of one who stares down injustice and refuses to compromise in the face of it. Your religion is worthless if it fails to see this plain truth…
    For Wise, it’s not enough to regard Mandela as a great man. You must see him as equal to Jesus. Mmmkay. For Wise it’s not enough to consider James Baldwin a great writer; he’s gotta say he is perhaps THE BEST WRITER EVER. Remember those black dudes in “Mo’ Better Blues” jabbering that “The Asiatic Black Man is God?” Looks like Timmeh took that seriously.
    I know we rip on him a lot here, but he’s such an intellectual car wreck, it’s fun.
    Regarding the Jewish guy who feels no pride, ha ha. Articles about people like Mahler always play up their Jewishness. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as long as others can be proud of their great people too.

    1. I suppose you mean Bill Maher, not Gustav Mahler.
      “Regarding the Jewish guy who feels no pride, ha ha. Articles about people like Mahler always play up their Jewishness. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as long as others can be proud of their great people too.”
      I’m not impressed with jewish entertainers who constantly play up their jewish identity in their work. Silverman, Stewart, Baron-Cohen etc. For one thing, it is only a green light for antisemites or those critical of jews. And secondly it means jewishness is not only an integral part of their identity, it’s their main identity and that they have no other real interests or talents and do not see themselves as individuals. If they constantly play up their jewishness in their work, it will be harder to attract a broader audience especially among the growing hispanic population which is not known for its philosemitism.

      1. And secondly it means jewishness is not only an integral part of their identity, it’s their main identity and that they have no other real interests or talents and do not see themselves as individuals.
        Excellent point.

        1. Robert Lindsay
          Jewish Entertainers perpetuate their own jewish stereotypes. I wish jews would shut up about their jewishness.

        2. I agree with GSG. If Jews would just sit down, shut up, enjoy their money, and not meddle in anything, I would have no problem with them.
          The more Jews invoke their Jewishness, the more they piss others off.

        3. Gay Area Guy
          If Rick Sanchez was right about one thing, it was that Jon Stewart is a bigot. He comes across as arrogant and agenda driven while simultaneously invokes his jewish identity and it is only a recipe for disaster.

      2. I don’t mind them talking about their Jewishness. It’s easy enough to change the channel if I don’t find it interesting. I only mind when Jews (or anyone else) assume belonging to a particular group bestows some sort of moral authority on them. That I find irritating.

        1. I really don’t care either, but if prominent jews piss off enough people while simultaneously playing up their jewishness, they paint innocent jews such as myself as legitimate targets for hate crimes in the eyes of antisemites,

    2. “Articles about people like Mahler always play up their Jewishness”
      LOL Is this the same Gustav Mahler who abandoned Judaism in order to get a job in music? Yeah that’s one hardcore jew.

    3. I hate Tim Wise! He is a MnM Jew who admires and loves the black man with all his psyche..,,Not.,,,, he is just pitting the black guy to start shit with whites because that is what lowlife weasels like Tim Wise do!

      1. Tick Tock Tim loves blacks so much he lives in an all white gated community. Talk, like the jew, is cheap.

  3. Ape Fraudman at the jew terrorist org. ADL approved shit for brain dumbed down white commie-liberal jew made brainwashing propaganda.
    “Recommended Multicultural & Anti-Bias Books for Children”
    Why don’t all you selh-hating chicken manure for brain white liberal-commusit retards just go kill yourself and be done with?
    Wait wait … you got no life so all you can do is to HATE white people who don’t hate themself. White communist-liberal = Fucktards. l actually meet one of your kind in real life. He was so stupid l couldn’t even feel sorry for that dumd fuck. Well, your all going to be be noggers, the wet dream of your sorry life.

    1. Ian Jobling has got to be the biggest cowardly Jew ass-kisser that calls himself a WN. Thank God that faggot is out of business. He was essentially a Reagan conservative (fucktard).

      1. My first question is, who the fuck is a wannabe white Asian chink to call out on WHITE people being Jew ass-kissers and quality white nationalists?

  4. “But in the US, with Whites at 64%, the battle is clearly lost”
    The battle is lost with 64% ? Americans give up way too easily.

  5. I’d describe myself as an ethnonationalist. I’m Scottish, born and brought up, in what are now unusual circumstances. A white Christian homogeneous society. Now I live in a multicultural society in England. So I’ve given both sides a try.Which do I prefer?
    Most definitely the homogeneous. However the multi society can be interesting and stimulating, if kept in check, but it becomes threatening when whole towns and districts get taken over, as has happened here in England.
    As long as I can remember I’ve been a Scottish nationalist, simply because I wanted to see Scottish culture preserved and the land retained in our possession, a land that 100,000’s fought and died for.
    In an ideal world,the homelands should be preserved by the tightest of immigration laws, however there should be areas/cities where people can interact and conduct business,in clearly designated multicultural zones.
    The way I see things is that human beings are like dogs. They form packs.
    I was born into the Scottish pack.Our leaders advocate at the moment continued association with the English pack. However the English pack is less pure now and its quality is dropping, because it has allowed a lot of coloured mongrels into the pack. Consequently, I feel greater conviction in advocating separation and that the Scottish pack will fare better in going it alone , as it did in the past…only some 300 yrs ago. Of course the Scot pack will not be alone. It will re-establish connections with its old partners…Holland, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia. Life is possible without the English pack, once upon a time one of the best packs in the world, but now alas, a shadow of its former self.
    That’s the problem with the Global society. People will retain their pack loyalties…and even if dismantled… they will reform again….and I bet they will form on racial lines.
    Jewry is disingenuous on this subject. Everybody else is to drop their pack loyalty…except them…who by accident or design can roll their culture up in a carpet and carry it anywhere with them. They also have the convenience of disliking other packs equally, whereas the rest of us have our preferences

  6. as for Mahler, there’s no question but his Jewish ambiance affected his music, regardless of partial disassociation.

  7. All communist-liberals are exactly everything they accuses everybody else to be. Useless sub-human that have done nothing for humanity. And who is the leaders of all communist-liberals? The most useless race on earth – the jews. Butt there is an even more useless sub-human group and that is the non-jew communist-liberal that are white.

  8. Hello Mr. Lindsay. Can you please provide some evidence to support the statement that “Jews”(which can only be inferred as all Jews, everywhere), hate all ethnic nationalism but their own. I can easily name plenty of Jews critical of Zionism, as well as the idea of a “Jewish” nation. I’m sure you can too.
    Also, can you please explain what is “white heritage”, who are “whites”, and why they should be “proud”? Also what do you mean by “pride” anyway?

    1. A white european is a person of european ancestry(french,german,english,irish,scottish,anglo-american,italian,bosnian,spanish,portuguese,chechen,russian,basque,etc…) with a european culture(western europe,eastern europe,caucase,etc…).
      A muslim bosnian or a pure stock french christian(catholic or protestant) are both white europeans,despite their religious difference because they are european(by race),and they have both an indo-european culture(slavic for the first and latino-northern european for the other).
      Jews are maybe whites,but not fully european by ethnic,because they are a mix between european(roman and celto-germanic) and middle-eastern.

      1. Great genius, so what about the whites without a European culture? Bosnians have Turkish and foreign blood running through them as do some of the aformentioned ethnicities, what about white Lebanese and Arabs, do they count too?

    2. Evidence about Jews: there is ample evidence and Jews are open about it. Read any old communist literature. Look at Jewish quotes on the matter. The author of this blog is just saying what he thinks, he’s not obliged to write a referenced document for smug, self-righteous commenters such as yourself. Doing so would be tedious, and if he had have provided evidence, you would have simply found something else to bitch about. Not worth the effort to stop commenters on a casual blog whining.
      Who are “whites” (blah blah)??? Change the word from “white” to “black” in all of your questions and answer it yourself. We’re entitled to be proud for the same reason that everyone else is.
      Sophists like you are so tedious.

  9. All slavs have foreign blood fro foreign invasions, as do Italians, and Spanish people; Turks were not originally white people per say.

    1. Bullshit!Italians and Spanish are white europeans,even if they are a little bit darker(mediterraneans).Slavs are white european too…

  10. Xera, why do you have a problem with Olbodala’s definition of “white” people. His definition seems about as rational and straight forward as you’re ever going to get, White = native European. Who cares if some Arabs look “white”, Some Arabs look South Asian, some look “black”. But Arabs are not part of the white, South asian or black categories no matter how they look. Arabs are Arabs. “Looking” white is subjective, anyway, Being a native European is objective and can be clearly defined.

      1. She is just a normal white christian woman..who worships a jealous christian god.
        Its par for the course.
        Its just that she is not bashful about it.
        Go on Brenda… I am interested to hear more you.

  11. I like your articles Mr. Lindsay! I have only become aware over the last couple years how much Jews hate whites and how much they have done to destroy our culture, our history, our politics, our marriage ideas, and that they control the entire diabolical media in the United States! My favorite diatribe wants white people genocided I heard Tim Wise basically say it! I can’t even watch Adam Sandler movies now because I know what they really want to happen to us

  12. I have joined the Westboro Baptist Church because any group that can aggravate the Jews as much as Westboro Baptist Church, they can’t be that bad! Lol

  13. I love the Jews… They have been pushed around by the Jealous god Jesus worrshippers for 2000 years and finally Martin Luther, the Vatican all conspired until the christian Hitler and the christian population of Germany (and Poland) decided to eliminate all the Jews.
    I was reading on “Blood Libel” in Wiki.. OMG What evil fks the christians of Europe were. Only a deranged culture could think of such evil.. That too to beat up a small tribe of people called the Jews
    Today the Islamic world and the left have taken on the mantel of Jew hate from the christians.
    But the Jews have finally put an end to it…and have become more assertive and said enough is enough. They seem to call their own shots… which pissess of the Muslims, the christians and the far left
    Hindus ought to learn from the Jews and try to make India into a homeland for the Dharmic people (Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs, Zorastrians and tribals) the way Israel is the homeland for the Jews.

    1. Martin Luther’s dirty little book:
      On the Jews and their lies
      A precursor to Nazism
      Although Luther did not invent anti-Jewishness, he promoted it to a level never before seen in Europe. Luther bore the influence of his upbringing and from anti-Jewish theologians such as Lyra, Burgensis, (and John Chrysostom, before them). But Luther’s 1543 book, “On the Jews and their lies” took Jewish hatred to a new level when he proposed to set fire to their synagogues and schools, to take away their homes, forbade them to pray or teach, or even to utter God’s name. Luther wanted to “be rid of them” and requested that the government and ministers deal with the problem. He requested pastors and preachers to follow his example of issuing warnings against the Jews. He goes so far as to claim that “We are at fault in not slaying them” for avenging the death of Jesus Christ. Hitler’s Nazi government in the 1930s and 40s fit Luther’s desires to a tee.
      So vehemently did Luther speak against the Jews, and the fact that Luther represented an honorable and admired Christian to Protestants, that his written words carried the “memetic” seeds of anti-Jewishness up until the 20th century and into the Third Reich. Luther’s Jewish eliminationist rhetoric virtually matches the beliefs held by Hitler and much of the German populace in the 1930s.

      1. David Duke and Louis Farrakan say the same thing about the Jews to a tee! Who would think they would find common ground? Plus the Jews really pissed off Roger Waters and we miss Pink Floyd! The Westboro Baptist Church nailed the Jews too! We don’t want gay marriage Jews but you brought that here! We want normal lives not your debauchery and smut! Plus we don’t want wars with Iran over your oil to feed your greed! America open their arms after WW2 to the Jews and all you have done is harm us!

        1. The United States always had pride in their Christian values and the Jewish have disgraced us with their immoral alternative lifestyle options! You are teaching our most precious commodity, our children that it is okay to be gay that it is a superior lifestyle? How dare you do that to our children! Please go away Jews I can never forgive you for trying to impose that on innocent children!

        2. Not Just Jews..even we Hindus are out to change the culture of the US. That’s our manifest destiny I am afraid.. As a Hindu I have taken an oath to destroy the eviI christian culture of the US and make it Hindu
          Nice Hindu Gay Wedding! This will surely piss of the christians for sure., Ha Ha!
          And this:
          In Newsweek Magazine
          We Are All Hindus Now

        1. @Manny, I think the Westboro Babtist should be allowed to teach a class at a Jewish day school! Since you think it is kosher to teach gay agendas in our children’s schools! Which is terrible!

        2. I was going to post the article by Jew filth Noel Ignatiev to further explain why I dislike/ hate the Jewish but the racist article wouldn’t let me post! Yep I am a white supremacist and happy to stick up foru race that you plan to genocide! I really hope Noel Ignatiev chokes On his own vomit just sick!

        3. I actually support the Westboro Baptist folks..they are a honest bunch,
          All they are doing is quoting the “inerrant” word of the jealous christian god as spoken in the babel. They don;’t try to sugar quote it lie about it like the mainstream christians (you can’t put a lipstick on that sow).
          The Wesborno Baptists are the true christians in my book!
          Thanks for that Brenda. We need more honest christians like you to stand up for the real true christianity

      2. Manny you are lying to us right now sweetie…… You are not Hindu because Hindu is not that passionate about the holocaust and they would not use the terms you do to discuss their plight! It’s okay that you hate white America I think so many have been having their eyes opened to that. Like I said Many we have always protected our Jewish population in America and regardless of a shill like you we still will but stop thinking we the people of this country are going to support more wars in the Mideast! Our country has gone through enough and the stuff that has happened between you and the Arab world is not something that is Americas fault!

        1. I think Brenda is on to Spam-Manny here. He’s not a Hin-doo-doo, he’s a PC anti-White anti-Christian type who’s just pretending to love Jews and all other oppressed minorities.
          I suggest Lindsay change the blog’s name to “Spam-Manny’s Tirade.”

        2. You know Mott…tIt was Jesus who invented Spam. The name ought to be Spam-Jesus
          He spoketh “Go-forth-and Spam-shit” to the rest of the world..and ever since then, christians have been spamming christian shit!

        3. Spam-Manny- Jesus, being a Jew, probably wouldn’t have been into Spam, seeing as it’s pork shoulder. Not exactly kosher.
          If you thought you were offending me, guess again. I’m a Christian only in the philosophical and cultural sense. I don’t personally approve of evangelical Christianity.
          That said, even at their worst, those evangelicals are far better than their worst counterparts from other religions (look in the mirror, SpammyManny!)

  14. Yeah that Harvard dude is a serious asshole! I think that any type of working our differences out between white and jew is long past! Not willing to let bygones after learning about their genocide plans!

    1. Manny is a Hindu Jew and no whites don’t string up blacks! I love black people! I don’t like lying neocons who talk out both sides of there face! Liars!

  15. What whites asshole besides Hitler! Jews murdered whites around 25 million in Bolshevik revolution and you have holocausted Palestine! You are a parasite to the entire world!

    1. In America we opened our arms up to the Jews and never would have aloud anything bad to happen to them here. I feel betrayed when I hear Noel the Harvard jerk and Tim Wise not to mention there is plenty of history to suggest that Jewish communism was more brutal than the nazi regime. America has been good to Jewish people but we do not want to be involved in the Mideast. White people today are victims all the time of different forms of racism. Many people are aware of what is happening to white children in South Africa and I am sure if sickos like Manny and other race baiters had their way they would keep the racial tensions going. The white people of the North freed the slaves and the people of America welcomed the Jews so you just keep the lies going and just keep scapegoating! I hope it comes back on people like Manny in the worst way!

  16. You little racist jerk your Karma is going to get you for how you have treated innocent whites and for murdering half of Palestine !

  17. What comes around will go back around for all the money your banks have taken from us! For getting us in your messes in the Mideast! People dislike you for a reason! You are a parasite!

    1. Jews murdered 25 million white Christians in the Bolshevik revolution!!! They started the slave trade and they kidnap white girls today for prostitution! They lie and say they discovered America when they did not! They say whotes murdered Indians when they did not the Indians attacked the pilgrims! You lie out of jealousy and contempt and you wanted to take our accomplishments because we are better than you! What you did to the people of Palestine is an atrocity!

      1. Jews are rumored to have taken part in the 911 terror act. If the true and real Americans ever find that out for sure they will string the Jews who did it up in the streets!

  18. What a terrible waist of human potential. I respect everyones view and I hope that your views will finally come to the realization that all humans are so closely related and the closeness of that relationship is all in a matter how far you go back . their are no clear separations in any human sup culture and religion or race ( especially physical traits) can’t be used to separate us Into categories. if we used 20 percent of our brains to work together instead of picking sides life on earth would be better for all. most blacks in America are 25 percent white. and that only goes back 200 hundred years. there are no races that exsist outside a racist imagination.

      1. sorry for my inaccuracies. My point being that even 60 percent white can still leave you looking black as physical triats don,t follow dna lines.

  19. maier sapiura beer sheva israel the Americans and there government! Hindu Jew as a white nationalist I can see that President Obama is a decent good black man and his only fault is that he was naive! He thought he could go to Washington and change things. George Soros didn’t tell him that the AIPAC was the fricking boss! ….I am certain that President Obama woke up one day and had moment of truth and realized the mafia never really was Italian after all!

  20. @ Manny no Americans don’t string people up we just want the truth about why we were taken down a path to war!

    1. Americans don’t have to be lead to go to war..Americans can do that real good on their own. Often times for the good.
      1) WW II was a moral war we needed to go defeat the christian Nazies
      2) funding the Taliban was good since they were killing the leftist commies
      3) Bomging of the Afghan Taliban and Droones in Pakistan are good since these Islamists aholes are evil
      4) We need to support Israel cause the ME Islamists are bent on finishing off what the christian Nazies had started but not achieved.
      Read up on Blood Libel… in Wiki. Thes stories that Jews like to kill little christians boys for their blood to make MAtza balls for pass over, is now turned into Jews love to kill little Muslims boys to use their blood to make MAtza Balls for Passover. This is the kind of shit that Muslims of the ME have been spreading around..

      1. Please it is about money and oil. Israel is so well off and you know it! It will be the end of America and our children’s futures if we do that but I know Manny that Zionist like you could care less about the children of America!

        1. IMO, Israel should be given the option of becoming the 52nd state after Puerto Rico. i.e. if they want it.

      2. America already gives you Manny and your country 80 million dollars a year and we have done plenty in this country to help Israel. It is time for the politicians to focus on America and put Israel on their own. That is unless they would like to pay their share of taxes to the United States! Our military is our military it belongs to the United States and should not be fighting for your interests when you are very well off and don’t need to go after Iran.

        1. To be precise.. a Pluralistic liberal Hindu who likes to support the underdogs of the world.. You know support the good guys.

      3. Why would I believe blood libel stories Manny? You and Tim Wise only advocate for it everyday and one day at a time!

  21. Fred Phelps for president and brother Nathaniel for his VP! Two men who dare and speak the truth! Your writing skills suck Neocon in disguise!

      1. Sure thing.
        Jewinsky is also recorded as saying, “I’m a good liar, I’ve been lying all my life.”

        1. Shocking isn’t it. You guys are not used to Hindus taking on christians so openly and unabashedly…right?
          But its true. Just like the Buddhists have woken up ..some of us Hindus have woken up too. And Jews of Israel is our role model…or at least mine. Every time I read about how the Jews went after those Munich Olympic killers and finished them off one by one… WOW! I wet my pants.. When I read about the Raid on Entebee making that Idi Amin and his Palestinian clowns look like even more idiots they were already, I wt my pants.

        2. You are not Hindu! Stop lying! There are plenty of people who have been through Hell in this world. Manny you target the innocent ones because someone allegedly did something to your ancestors. We were not even here to witness the hearsay! For all we know it was the other way around! After some of the racism against whites that I have seen in my lifetime I believe that!

        3. Brenda, I know you don’t believe me when I tell you I am a Hindu.. But I am a Hindu.. Albeit a beef eating, non temple going, heathen Hindu. Tsk Tsk
          But I have to tell you a story.
          Growing up in India and going a Catholic school (This was a good Catholic school..no trying to convert us and they even ran an orphanage..except they used to show some cartoons trying to tell us that we Dravidians were persecuted by Aryans from the north. You know wthat does to 13 yr old boys? Its pumps our blood up to hate the north Indians.). The first time I heard about Jew was in Shakespear’s Mercent of Venice.. the Shylock the Jew and he was carcatured so horribly in my English text book. I used to think, they were some small tribe of Romanian Gypsysies..or something.
          I never lead about the Holocaust. I never knew how this small tribe ere persecuted by christians over 2000 years. Until I saw the movie Oddysa File and my father told me about it..My father was a professor in W Germany in the 60s.. Then I slowly on my own got to know about the Jews and then the Holocaust.
          You see, the far Leftist India wants to keep Indians ignorant about the Holocaust cause these liberals don’t want to upset the Christian and Muslim population of India. But they have no qualms about spreading the Aryan invasion lies of the christians. 60% of Indian have no clue about Hitler or the Holcaust..they all thimlk Hitler is a disciplinarian.. Moreover, the Bengali patron saint was a Bengali Nazi lover by the name Chandra Bose who colluded with NAzi during WWII.. So these Bengali Lefties of India don’t want the rest of the Indians to know about Hitler and what he did.
          Its then I saw the Machiavellian nature of the sickfkularists of India. I started getting my hands on so many books and movies about what happened to the Jews… Being a liberal and wanting to support the underdogs, I started becoming a big Jew lover!
          How do you like dem apples eh?
          TRUE STORY!

  22. He is sincere man of God. Please do not say such unproved things about the good servant of the Lord. Offer proof. His family are a wonderful group of people who say what they say and leave it at that. It is called free speech; something which some people can not handle. However, this is not to say I agree with him, but I respect his ability to not be part of the “yessir please yessir” crowd that likes to be popular; instead he chooses to be a man who values his own individual self and his own take on the events of the world.

  23. I just watched your friend Dennis Miller on Bill O Reilly and they are trying to pass off Victoria Jackson as a tea party Christian! Me knows no one work on TV unless they really a Jew! They lie so so much on faux news!

  24. Aren’t jews white. i mean aren’t the arians and the jews friends. sorry im not up on all this important crap.

    1. No Jews like Tim Wise and Noel the Harvard Professor have been calling for white Genocide against white people! It is very clear they want us gone and people like Wise make no bones about scaring people children! I used to think they were friends to but I learned differently! All the whites you see on TV are actually Jewish that is why they get away with saying anti white things and it gives them a chance to divide the blacks and whites! They point to the sheep then point to the wolves and then hover silently between the two!

  25. People like Brenda are huge morons. There are many innocent Jewish people who have concerns about the Zionist control of the entire world. The thing that keeps us from voicing our concerns are the white people who go all Aryian. Yes Brenda you have a right to your free speech and to say ridiculous things but when you assume as Hitler did that an entire race of people are guilty for what communist Jews did in Russia or that every Jew agrees with what is happening in Palestine you drive a deeper wedge and you make it harder for anyone trying to fight the evils in this world.For the record I am Jewish and the Torah says that homosexuality is an abomination so don’t blame all of us for that.

  26. It is a little hard not to not go Aryian when you realize 80 billion dollars of taxpayer money has gone solely to Israel and the Zionist for their New World Order! That American kids will be sent to wars for Israeli interests and US soldiers can’t take a class about future military strategies in the United States at Tishiv institue because they are not Jewish. The zionist seem to have sucked everything from the United States. It is the truth Mr. Free Speech and you know it. That is why so white people voted for and kiss the ground that President Obama walks on because he isn’t selling us out for a war with Iran!

  27. Brenda that is actually the same reason I voted for Obama. I felt he would be fair and not allow the neoconservatives push the United States into Iran which would be a very bad thing for the United States of America.

    1. Free Speech I am sorry and I do mean that. I grew up with many good Jewish people and the American Jews I know are very nice people. I will miss watching my Adam Sandler movies in my boycott of Hollywood. Manny is probably a shill on here promoting the destructive path that America must not go down .

  28. 20% christians who don’t for their babel are good.. 80% of the christians who believe in their JEalous god are eviI

    1. Manny you are just over here to start trouble! And I would agree many Christians are stupid and evil! Those Christian Zionist in

      1. The christian zionists support ISrael not because they love the Jews..they support Israel cause they don’t want to be left behind..they are waiting for the second coming Jesus in a white hourse so they are drooling for the day when non christians would get to burn in hell.. HA HA!
        Christian doctrine is amazing! Amazingly evil. 😛

  29. My reply is to Manny and Manny many many people died in the world war 2 Holocaust not just Jews! There were Catholics, polish, Germans that didn’t go with the reich, many people were in those camps besides just the Jews! There are people making money off the holocaust and that money goes to Zionist causes but many other people were in those camps besides Jews.

  30. The whitest euro/decent nations now are Scotland, Croatia, Argentina, Austria, Estonia, Russia, Armenia and maybe Spain especially the north not forgetting Iceland. Everywhere else is virtually poluted. Though there are still pockets in U.S mid west prairie states.

  31. I don’t think that hate would be the right word to use. I think that allot of the old testament was molested by western kings. Like the word adam in the original old testament was actually a plural word that meant men, not one man. Elohim was also a plural that meant ” the people who came from the sky” which was translated to “God” We basically stold their spiel. Every time heaven is mentioned, it actually just means sky. You must humble yourself to receive truth, because the truth is the truth, it doesn’t care if it offends you

  32. If you call Catholics “Jew worshippers,” (in as much as Jesus is Jewish) then I guess I’m guilty.
    There is NO way most Christians are going to renounce Christ.
    I certainly shan’t. It has been the traditional spirituality of my people for almost 2000 years, and has done right by us.

  33. Some Arabs are descended from Abraham– the Islamic prophet was descended from Abraham via the slave girl his wife had given him to have children with because she was too old.
    I face racism on all sides, descended from the Chahta, I am not “indian” enough to be considered a member of the tribe (thanks blood quantum and Dawes Roll– I mean, why would they sign after the treaties were broken by the government and the forced relocation via the Trail of Tears? Better to not sign and “vanish” as far as the Fed is concerned– hello, Texas!) And not being “all white” I am considered “trash”– LOL!
    There are two types of every Jew, every Muslim, every Christian- two types of Black, Red, Yellow and White. Jew is not a race- there are “Jews” that are not even from the tribe of “Judah”… it’s called word play, to keep you running circles. Israelite descendants are from ancient hebrew speaking peoples and practice various forms of “Judaism” (How did they take a tribal name and turn it into a form of worship or religion? JEWS claiming to be JEWS who are not JEWS- it’s a bloodline, a tribe of a larger nation called Isrealites. Ya know… like native tribes in America… tribes make a nation… Oglala is a tribe of the Lakota nation.)
    Tribal systems all over the world have been toppled, conquered, enslaved. To wipe out the tribal system is to wipe out heritage, culture and traditions. Without culture, without traditions, with no heritage or roots for your family tree, you have no claims to what is rightfully yours and are slaves to the system.
    Maybe self hating white Jews hate themselves because they are descended from converts and aren’t even Israelite? Like how not all Muslims are Arabs or descended from Abraham..
    My race is human. My ancestry is white and red, I am Chahta and Nordic. I am proud of the struggles all of my ancestors endured, even after being conquered. I come from survivors. And in the end, it doesn’t matter what color our skin is– worms don’t care what the decaying flesh looked like before it died.
    Roses are roses, be they white, red or yellow. They need the same water, same light. They bud and blossom. They lose their petals, withering away. Each individual blossom forgotten, fading away only to do it again, year after year. Such is the way of mankind. We are born the same way, require the same things and die the same.
    Do roses argue and bicker amongst themselves over who is better, who is prettier? Does the red rose boast to the yellow rose that it is the preferred rose on Valentines? Or do they not have the same struggles, roots spreading into the earth, hail beating upon its stems and blossoms, drought and heat burning delicate petals and leaves?
    Racism is a tool to keep us fighting– but we can rise above it. You can be proud of white heritage without being a racist. Just like you can be proud of red or black heritage without hating white or being a “self hating white”– people are people and we all have an individual choice to live and let live or to kill and be killed. We choose to hate or to love.
    Anarchists are funny. What the norm considers anarchy (the system falling, no fed etc) is order returning to the conquered and enslaved. But it seems they forget that those without heritage, culture and traditions are those who have been enslaved longer. If descendants of conquered, white slaves want to seek out their roots exactly how is that a bad thing? It means they will learn the truth that has been hidden away. It gives them the opportunity to rise above it and bring order/anarchy (depending on which tribe you are from as a white) but most whites refuse to believe they were descended from white slaves. They refuse to see the truth, no matter how many times history says Europe was invaded and conquered by outside groups that relocated from other areas.
    Truth is what it is. Either except it or don’t. It’s your choice to live with the power of knowledge or the ignorance of disbelief.

  34. The Jews are a people that turned their race into a religion that no one else has ever done. Genetically they are not European in the least because their culture/clan is from the Levant.

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