White Men Can't Bang

Repost from the old site. The title is a take-off on the movie, White Men Can’t Jump. It appears that, in addition to deficient basketball skills, White men, at least in the California, are also deficient in gangbanging skills. Whites have a very low rate of street gang membership, at least in California. Sadly, that is not true of other ethnic groups. I am not writing this post to stir up racism, but only to explain such phenomena as White flight, especially noticeable in California. It is worth noting that once you get to high-income cities in the state like Walnut Creek, these cities are often pretty diverse ethnically these days. There are good numbers of Hispanics and Asians in that town, and Blacks on the streets are not rare. At a certain income level, better-behaved, more integrated members of all ethnic groups will be present in a town and ethnicity per se will probably have little effect on crime or gang membership – the rates will be pretty low for all groups. The problem seems to occur at lower income levels, especially poor or low-income areas, and there crime and gangs are correlated with race. In those areas of California, low-income Whites are often fairly well-behaved, while low-income Blacks and Hispanics are simply a catastrophe. I recently moved from a mostly-White small town in California in which many of the White residents were poor or low income. There were no gangs and there was no graffiti. Crime rates were so low that I often left my car or home unlocked. Pathology existed, but it tended to be more mild or inner-directed (drug and alcohol abuse, minor drunken fights, domestic disturbances) rather than more virulent or directed outwards. I moved to a city about three times as large that is 7 Pimping, open prostitution, open drug sales, open fistfighting, public drunkenness, graffiti everywhere, high crime rates – the place is a train wreck. Welcome to the “hood”, as locals proudly describe it. I have already suffered a theft from my apartment, while I suffered no thefts in 16 years in the poor White town. The young people often seem overtly menacing, predatory and amoral. Gangs are omnipresent, and there may be as many as 6,000 gang members in a town of 50,000. Whereas the poor Whites directed their aggression inwards with drug and alcohol abuse, the poor Hispanics direct it outwards, threatening and harming others. I finally realize what White flight is all about. Most Whites don’t really care what your race is or what your skin color is. Based on grotesquely elevated Black and Hispanic crime and gang membership rates in California, for Whites to flee large Black and Hispanic populations is not necessarily an act of racism at all – it is an act of sheer logic and self-protection. Not only is it rational for Whites to flee large groups of Blacks and Hispanics, it is also rational for well-behaved Blacks and Hispanics (and there are many millions in California alone) to flee these areas too. And we are already starting to see this in the state. I had already calculated differential crime rates among ethnic groups and plotted them to IQ in a previous post in an attempt to try to understand crime, ethnicity and intelligence. Unfortunately, IQ did not explain differential ethnic crime rates well. I recently got ahold of data on gang membership in California and decided to use it to calculate rates of gang membership per ethnicity and then compare the groups. I have included the crime and IQ charts from the previous post for comparative purposes. It turns out that gang membership is a vastly worse problem than crime per se, and the ethnic dimensions of it have not been adequately explored. In order to do that, let us look at the figures for California, from a 1996 document that is already 11 years out of date. This is the way things were 11 years ago. I lacked figures for the nation as a whole.

Gang membership rates1:
Amerindians: None Known, minimal
Whites:      Baseline
Polynesians: High, figures unknown2
(SE) Asians: 18 X higher than Whites (!)
Hispanics:   54 X higher than Whites (!!)
Blacks:      140 X higher than Whites(!!!)

Now compare to crime rates themselves, this time for the nation as a whole. Asian crime rates are low, but gang membership is high, a seeming paradox. If the increase in crimes committed by certain ethnic groups compared to Whites seems shocking, the increased rate of gang membership is truly out of this world and surreal.

Crime rates (based on The Color of Crime):
Asians:      7
Whites:      Baseline
Amerindians: 2X higher than Whites
Polynesians: 2X higher than Whites
Hispanics:   3.3X higher than Whites
Blacks:      8.2X higher than Whites (!)

Now let us look at IQ scores.

IQ scores:
Whites:          103 (link)
SE Asians:       93.53
Hispanics:       89
American Indians 87 (link)
Blacks           85 (link)
Polynesians      85 (link, link)

The rates of gang membership are vastly more than would be expected by IQ; nevertheless there is indeed a linear relationship which is surprising, except in the cases of Polynesians and Amerindians. With In particular, the rates of Black crime and gang membership are vastly more than would be predicted by IQ. Furthermore, these figures do not take into account the Flynn Effect (FE), whereby the average Black and Polynesian today has the same IQ as Whites of 1957, the average Hispanic today has the same IQ as Whites of 1970 and the average SE Asian today has the same IQ as Whites of 1985. As IQ’s have gone through the roof over the last 40-50 years, paradoxically, crime and gang membership rates in the ethnic groups above have similarly skyrocketed. Since no one proposes a theory whereby rising IQ leads to increased crime, rising IQ has nothing to do with differential ethnic crime and gang ratios. Nevertheless, there is still a disturbing White – SE Asian – Hispanic – Black ranking in IQ and gang membership (leaving aside Amerindians). IQ may still be relevant to crime and gang ratios if the FE has not effected some aspect of IQ that is tied into crime. It is true that the FE has not led to an across the board, broad increase in general intelligence. For more on the FE and controversies about what it is measuring, see my post here. Whites from 1957-1970 (whose IQ’s ethnic IQ’s now compare to) were even less likely to join gangs than Whites are today, in fact, their gang membership was about zero, and even their crime rates were relatively low. However, by 1970, there were already noticeable Black and Hispanic gang problems in the US. It seems, based on comparisons of ethnic IQ’s to those of Whites from 1957-1970, that there is absolutely no way whatsoever to explain high ethnic crime rates based on intelligence. When attempting to explain rates of ethnic street gang membership, we need to look elsewhere than IQ. Let us look at Philippe Rushton’s R/K Selection Theory. I am not a fan of his and the theory has some major issues, but at least warrior gene” that effects MAO in the brain in greater numbers than other groups. This results in impulsiveness, risk-taking, aggression, violence and elevated elevated levels of smoking and drinking. They probably selected for it on their long, risky trips across the seas. But there is no evidence that any other group above has such a gene in such high numbers. I confess that the relative frequencies of gang memberships and ethnic groups bothers me, because I can’t figure out why some groups are more prone to this than others. Then again, if you can come up with a rational theory that even partly explains any kind of crime, you are practically eligible for a Nobel Prize. Criminology is the ultimate Black hole of theory and scholarship. More and more, it seems that culture, possibly poverty (at least in some groups anyway), and not genes or IQ is what drives gang membership and crime rates. Yet different races are more or less prone to crime and gang membership even when they live in poverty. Poor Whites commit relatively few crimes and are much less likely to join gangs than the poor of many other groups. As yet, we lack a good explanation for this. As a beginning theory, and because I honestly cannot come up with anything else, I might offer that there is still something protective in White culture in California right now that is keeping Whites from joining gangs at high rates. What that protective factor is, I have no idea, but I do not think that this has anything to do with it. As far as what is causing such high rates of gang membership in the other groups, a depraved gang, drug and gun culture has developed among certain groups for complex reasons. It has then spread outwards to other groups, while expanding in the core groups. The protective factor that insulates White culture is apparently lacking to various degrees in the other groups discussed. If and when any considerable sector of young US Whites begins to adopt the Underclass gangbanging criminal culture of other ethnics, the US is going to be in for some very serious problems. It is only the relative resistance (so far) of US Whites to gangsta culture that is keeping the nation from a Goyaesque crime, gun and gang Hell.


1. Rates were calculated based on 1996 street gang numbers per race computed against the ethnic group’s IQ of 96.5, a Vietnamese IQ of 99.5 (link, link, link) and a Lao/Khmer IQ of 89 . A rough average of these gives a SE Asian IQ of 93.5, which is not low at all. The Vietnamese IQ is from two major studies in Vietnam. One in 2001 found an IQ of 101 and one in 2006 found an IQ of 98.

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16 thoughts on “White Men Can't Bang”

  1. Hello my name is Richard Weare and I live in Calgary, Alberta in Canada and I am a total idiot and moron as I only have an IQ of 75. I am such an idiot and moron that if someone asks me the directions to go somewhere, I have to tell them that I don’t know as I am to stupid to remember anything and that is due to my low IQ of 75.

  2. “As a beginning theory, and because I honestly cannot come up with anything else, I might offer that there is still something protective in White culture in California right now that is keeping Whites from joining gangs at high rates. ”
    It could also be that many whites who are tuggish enough for a gang often get sucked into the black gang culture. Many of the more thuggish whites at my high school.
    Also Robert, heve you heard of this:

    1. “Many of the more thuggish whites at my high school.”
      I meant to put, “Many of the more thuggish whites at my high school were wiggers.”

  3. Brian meets multiracial TV gang including white guys lol

  4. White men stormed the beaches at Normandy, won the Revolutionary war, fought off NAZIs, Japs, you name it.
    Invented almost everything under the sun.
    I cant imagine what life would be like without the white man that people are so desperately trying to murder off.

  5. “white “
    “white “=misnomer used by english occupiers who detested even whiter irish and germans as nonwhites.
    the english spies in us discriminated against much of non anglosaxon whites in america.
    The reason minority england worshipping anglosaxons are still ruling USA is because of this-other stupid European origin whites(whom the anglosaxons hardly care about) are not fighting for their right from anglosaxons but from the blacks!
    Usa comes to rescue of not European white nations but only england and its anglo colonies.
    Usa shares stolen secrets not with white nato nations but only with anglosaxon races.
    english racists occupiers of america really mean -white= anglosaxons who worship england as master nation.
    most of anglos are not anglosaxon race which is the most vile race using usa as a colony for england. wake up whites and blacks in usa. Destroy british spy journalists and their stooges in hollywood.
    Benjamin Franklin “we should bewary of allowing Germans and sweds to immigrate, because they were too swarthy!”

  6. “Those with a sense of irony may recall that Benjamin Franklin, one of the leading figures of the Enlightenment, warned that the newly liberated colonies should be wary of allowing Germans to immigrate, because they were too swarthy; Swedes as well. Into the twentieth century, ludicrous myths of Anglo-Saxon purity were common in the U.S., including among presidents and other leading figures.”
    Hence comes the myth of white-where white is a code word for English and English scumbag’s derived anglosaxon race who incidentally are much more swarthy than the Irish and Germans who were declared non-whites in usa according to their vocabulary.
    In other words anglosaxons though in minority have been able to get hold of power only by myth of white which is to pit one against another while they really mean it for the benefit of not all white races but anglosaxon race only.

  7. I would say the generation now of south Asian Americans who are experiencing American culture and are brought up in America and also live in poor areas are more prone to having high crime rates like blacks and Hispanics. And I’ve met many south asians that were very impulsive and agressive.

    1. A-MAN
      Disagree, the low-caste Indians cannot enter New Jersey as easily as London or Canada. You’ll never see Indian no-go areas in Northern California or New Jersey where whites are mugged like Canada or London.
      Genetically this is because merchant caste Gujarati or Bengali are less large, less aggressive and less strong than Sikhs.
      I’d be scared if a Sikh in Canada who was 2 meters and 100 kilos demanded my money. A Gujarati in New Jersey. I’d laugh.
      Ironically, it is the WHITE BLOOD that probably makes Sikhs more contentious.

    2. A-MAN America?
      There are few Indians in American in the Penitentiary.
      That’s pure caste. Fewer low-caste people can get into the U.S.
      Secondly, Sikhs are large, stupid and aggressive. If I am in Vancouver and 2 meter tall/100 kilo Sikhs on crack cocaine rob me it is threatening. A Gujarati in “Edison”.

    3. A-MAN Wisdom of the GORA here
      You’ll judge the overall Indian population success outside India purely on their caste.
      South Indians are slightly different.
      London and Canada are more dangerous than New Jersey.
      Secondly American whites are large, dangerous and low-class. They are not cultured Europeans or mild Canadian hicks.
      Sikhs in the U.S. who attempted what they have in Canada would be shot like dogs by racist white police.
      I’ll be very surprised when Gujaratis start robbing Goras in New Jersey.

    4. A-MAN Wisdom of the Gora
      All of what I say is the pure truth because I have lived all over the world from Cochin to Arizona to Dubai to Philippines to Bangladesh to Canada.

    5. A-MAN You’re Lack of Travel Shows
      You have not been anywhere but Gulf Arab countries so your notion of Indians in America is uninformed because you have not traveled sadly.
      You’re speaking in terms of morality because you are slighted that little Indian women are becoming porn stars and sluts in America. Most of this if for excitement and financial gain.
      In terms of robbing Goras, this never happens in the U.S. simply because Baniya and dorky South Indian techies are the only ones to meet the Immigration bar.
      Sikhs are too stupid for the U.S. to get into the U.S. in the sort of numbers they have in Canada and these Sikhs in the U.S. more likely to be Jat Sikhs who trace their ancestry to Russians from the Volga river and be whites, for all practical purposes.
      America gets merchant castes and Brahmins.
      The low caste Indians got to Europe or London or to a lesser extent Canada and become petty criminals because low-caste Indians tend-though not always-to be less intelligent, more prone to addiction, more prone to bad decisions.

  8. A-MAN
    Disagree, you will be robbed if you are white in Canada or Bradford UK by Indians and not New Jersey or LA.
    Canadian and British jails are full of Indians and New Jersey Penitentiary is not.
    This is pure caste: Low-caste Indians, particularly in the North, have pathology of blacks and it is easier for them to enter Canada or UK than America.
    Sikhs are dull, large and aggressive-this might be white blood ironically from Russia or Central Asia but more likely Arab.

  9. I think whites are starting to catch on to gang-banging. I mean, the white supremacist groups are pretty much bullying gangs. In fact, if WNs are in town – time to get out – just like with non-white gangs.

    Myself, I’m having to move my family out – simply cause we don’t have zip to do with racist gangs – first, cause the danger, second cause we hate the ideology.

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