Take Your Diversity and Shove It

Repost from the old site. This blog is getting accused of racism a lot these days, which isn’t abnormal, after all, the goal of this blog is to anger and offend as many readers as possible. But I am not as upset as maybe I ought to be. I admit I get upset when Leftists and Jews call me racist, but not when Blacks, Turks, Hispanics, Arabs, Kurds, Greeks or East Indians do. Now why is that? “You hate Black people.” Oh man, that’s so typical. Can’t you guys get more creative than that? “You hate Maoris and Micronesians.” Whoa! That’s way more creative. Say that to most people, and they will do a double-take. “What’s a Maori? What’s a Micronesian? Are they contagious?” From the Left, the usual crap, this time from the Marxism Mailing List, which I am preemptively banned from, although I never meant to join. The instigator is some White Marxist college professor in New Zealand, Scott Hamilton, who probably lives in a all-White gated community while he defends a sick Maori underclass diving headfirst into the US sewer of US Black gang culture. He gets the usual help from the execrable Richard Seymour of Lenin’s Tomb.  

Leftwing Cultural Marxist fools Richard Seymour and Scott Hamilton, aping Herbert Marcuse down the dead end of Identity Politics Lane, cheer for lumpenproletariat garbage like this guy. If this guy were to be in prison where he belongs, Hamilton would say he “suffers from incarceration“. That’s the general idea, Scott. Make them suffer some incarceration. Never mind this punk would kick both of their White intellectual butts at once with his hands tied. Marx condemned the lumpen as worthless for revolutionary fodder, or even counterrevolutionary. Lenin pointed that if anything, they tended to become armies for fascism. But of course. But Richard and Scott are determined to “organize” this guy and his scum of the earth buddies for the big revolution. Stalin would have given this creep a bullet or a trip to the gulag. Uncle Joe knew how do deal with these lumpens. What’s the Loony Left doing when they are not defending criminals? Nothing, that’s all they ever do. Oh, by the way, Richard, regarding your buddy Leon, never was an icepick put to better use. And not a minute too soon.

Why doesn’t Scott Hamilton go live with some of the lumpen proletariat that he loves so much? Because they will see him as the soft, weak White intellectual that he is and victimize his lily ass in a New York minute, that’s why. Scott Hamilton’s life and property are not in danger, so he can cheer on the lumpens to his heart’s content. Scott is invited to come live in my underclass neighborhood and see how long it takes him before he gets ripped off. You see, Scott, while I’m not poor, I’m barely above the poverty line. I live with poor and lower-income people, right in the heart of their mess. Scott, it’s not a pretty picture. I befriended some local Hispanic kids and let them use the computer, since they are too poor to have one. Over a 36-hour period, an 8-year old Hispanic boy stole $240 from my wallet. That is the first time anyone has stolen money from me in my life, Scott, and that means I am going to have a hard time eating for the rest of the month, while you live your lavish bourgeois life. You talk about poverty, Scott, Hell, I live it. Hard to believe I’ve never been ripped? Nope. I’ve been living around White people my whole life, that’s why. They are much less likely to steal than Blacks or Browns, even poor Whites. Just my observation and experience. Call it racist if you wish. I recently moved from a town, Oakhurst, California, that has many poor Whites and some poor Indians, to this multicultural diversity-disaster area called Madera. While many of the poor Whites in Oakhurst are not model citizens, few are thieves. I was never ripped off in 16 years. In fact, we often did not lock the doors of our cars or houses. When I visit my parents in a nearby, mostly-White (with many poor Whites) town called Coarsegold, I rarely lock my car door or even roll up the windows. The house door is often left unlocked. People aged 16-20 are usually pretty bad anywhere, and Oakhurst is no exception. The bad ones in Oakhurst are limited to dirty looks, glaring, talking behind your back and spreading rumors. They usually do not steal, there are few fights, no serious assaults and no rapes. No one carries weapons and there are no gun shootings, woundings, or killings. There are few burglaries or vehicle thefts. There is almost no graffiti and there are no gangs at all. The kids rarely go to jail or juvey. Here in Madera, the bad 16-20 yr old Hispanic and Black kids are in gangs, when they are not in juvenile hall or jail. They are overtly menacing and their eyes look predatory. They offer to sell you brand-new electronics for a steep discount. They always try to borrow money and never pay it back. They offer to sell you drugs and the young girl prostitutes they gladly pimp out. You can buy a girl of any race, imagine that! I suppose the “diversity”-lovers think that is just grand! A diversity of whores! I come back to my apartment late at night and there are two black prostitutes standing by the gate making cell calls. Charming! I drive by a local store at 6 PM and see three Hispanic teenage girls openly tagging the store wall, in broad daylight, for all to see. No one calls the cops (except me), no one does anything. There is disgusting graffiti everywhere and there are lots of broken windows. The guy who fixes my car says he gets burglarized constantly. A few miles away, there have been three shootings in the past few months. Two women were wounded and a boy is dead. This is the diversity that Wayne Hicks says I am scared of. Yeah, I’m scared of it, Wayne. If this is the wonderful diversity they want us to experience, I’d rather be on dialysis. Hicks says I am afraid of harmonious race relations. Sounds fine by me, Wayne! In this neck of the woods, in the middle of the hood yet, there is almost zero racial strife. Unless you count the Hispanics who call me “Gringo!”, which I guess you don’t. Racial strife is not a problem here. Hispanics rule the place, Blacks are few and ally with the Hispanics who idolize their style anyway, and Whites are few, keep their heads down, or hide on the “other sides of town”. I just invested in a security door for $150. I now have wooden sticks in all of my windows. I also put a lock on my bedroom door. All thanks to diversity! Diversity costs money, Wayne. Money I don’t have. I really do not know why the poor Hispanics of Madera behave so much worse than the equally poor Whites of Oakhurst. Is it genetics or culture, or both? At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what the reasons are for the behavior, all that matters is its reality. A very successful, bright and well-written Black woman named Carmen, accuses me of racism for calling the Jena Six “animals”. If that makes me racist, I will say it again and be a double-racist. Call me up on my cell and I will call them animals for 10 minutes while you get out your calculator and figure out how much of a multiple-racist that makes me. She tells stories about how some White folks spent the money they got from 9-11 rather quickly. My complaint about Bell and Bailey’s poor Black mothers is simple: It looks right tacky. Donations were requested to pay for the boys’ defense. $400,000 poured in from wealthier Blacks. The lawyers decided to take the case pro-bono. So instead all that money for the boys’ defense gets blown on fancy new cars, which the mothers promptly tool around town in showing off. Buying those cars almost instantly, as soon as the money pours in, with the spotlight on Jena, is low class. This shows lack of judgment and poor character. The money was not donated in order to buy fancy new cars. I don’t know what should have been done with the money, but this move was poorly informed. Yes, Carmen, White folks blow money too. But I have noticed that poor people, especially poor Blacks, Hispanics and Indians, seem to do it a lot more. They burn through every nickel they acquire as soon as it hits their palms and then there isn’t one dime left and they are poor all over again. Personally, I think that is moronic. You are entitled to your opinion. There will be no comments about my dating the women of the rainbow. Nor will I discuss my friends and I being the only Whites to befriend the only Black guy in our high school, or being the only Whites to befriend the “Motown” Chicanos at our high school. I like to think I haven’t changed. Matttbastard , a biracial blogger, says I am racist for saying White racism only exists in the South. Well, Matt, we don’t see much of it here in California, and I don’t hear about it much outside the South. Maybe I am blind and deaf? There really is no response to many of these charges. Criticize Blacks? Racist. Compliment Blacks like Bill O’Reilly? Racist. Refuse to date non-Whites? Racist. Can’t get enough of non-White ladies? Racist. Avoid Blacks like the plague? Racist. Make friends with every Black in town? Racist. We all decide whether to act like human beings or animals. Bourgeois Blacks like dNa, Carmen, Matt and Wayne Hicks, and bourgeois Whites like Scott Hamilton, who have spent their lives acting like humans, are defending the Black, Maori and Micronesian lumpenproletariat who are acting like a bunch of animals. Would they let these animals in their front door? Please. Invite them to their nice bourgeois dinner parties? You jest.

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0 thoughts on “Take Your Diversity and Shove It”

  1. But Richard and Scott are determined to “organize” this guy and his scum of the earth buddies for the big revolution.
    It’s beyond belief. Or rather they’re acting out of a religious belief. Cultural leftism cannot fail, it can only be failed. They’ve done nothing but fail in organizing the working class who are already here. How does opening up the borders help? With 1000 people for every job, you have no leverage. Without enough of a tax base, you crash the welfare system. Idiots.
    Is Seymour in the Respect Party? Have you seen that twit Yvonne Ridley, the washed up journalist who saved her career by getting kidnapped by the Taliban and then becoming a raving Islamist loony?
    She denounces music as haram, and praised the scumbag behind the Beslan siege as a martyr.
    I’ve never been to England, but from here it looks like the English left has been turned into a big psyops to discredit leftism forever. What the hell is going on over there?

    1. Yvonne Ridley’s a piece of work, and has never met a Muslim she didn’t like.
      I can’t believe counterpunch publishes her articles. I can’t believe they publish Ishamel Reed and other people either.
      As much as I may loathe Republicans and Tea Party types, I could never throw my lot in with the left.

  2. Rob, what the hell are you talking about? Lumpens are NOT part of the fascist project. Fascists would probably be the same as Stalin in dealing with these subhuman savages.

  3. As the psychologis Laing said “schizophrenia is a sane response to an insane world”.
    Basically the oppressed and marginalized of the world, oppressed by a vicious evil capitalist system are fighting back.

  4. The south is pretty racist against anyone not white, and the locals justify it with this “good ole boy” thing, hiding behind the Republican party and country music.
    I do think quite a bit of racism exists outside the south, especially in New York City (check out any Lee Spike movie). For instance, if your Italian, then imagine the reaction when you bring your non-white date home.
    As far as blacks and browns being thieves. While it’s easy to blame race, we still cannot ignore the bad environment.

    1. Perhaps the black and brown culture frowns less on thievery than the white one, but you can’t correlate race and thievery, just like you can’t correlate Asian math superiority with race. For instance, one reason Asians do better at math, is because they weed out those bad at math before they reach high school and college (maybe even earlier).
      Some differences are due to culture, but necessarily race.

    2. One reason the south has a racist rep, is because they aren’t ashamed to be racist, and this is heavily frowned upon by the PC establishment. However, ironically, the PC establishment ignores non-white racism, claiming a lot of it is justified.

    3. There was a black man, white woman, and their family who moved up my rural valley (in Appalachia) last year. A few people were kind to them, and I was shocked by that. However, there were cross burnings up the road (none on their lawn though) and all the usual stuff including someone putting a white pride flag in front of their home).
      All this, simply verified the negative opinion I already had of many here. Even my brother, whom I lost respect for, claimed I was being the PC police when I simply commented that I didn’t like the people’s hate.

    1. Yes, I’m well aware black and brown areas are full of crime (I’ve been to Charleston SC.). Nonetheless, that doesn’t justify the hate against one mixed couple moving in, as though they had AIDS or something.

    2. The racist logic is that if one mixed couple (no matter how gentle they seem) moves in a white area, then the whole place goes down.

      1. Why do Mexicans refer to themselves as Brown? Quite confusing if you ask me. Shouldn’t they be referred to as Bronze or Orange-ish? Brown is pretty dark and most Mexicans I’ve encountered are quite light.

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