Professor Targeted by Glenn Beck Gets Death Threats

Glenn Beck targeted one of my heroes, Francis Fox Piven, accusing her of plotting to bring down the US capitalist system. Afterward, she was error3

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3 thoughts on “Professor Targeted by Glenn Beck Gets Death Threats”

  1. Excellent article.
    That’s why we are being attacked so much. We can’t even defend ourselves, and that just encourages bullies.
    Sadly, all too true…
    For one, Americans are way to fat to get off their asses and protest a thing.
    For two, Americans will never protest or riot for any progressive cause, no matter how economically immiserated they are. This is because Moronicans are garbage rightwing people.

    We are moving towards fascism. A weird, half-ass lazy American take on it, for sure. Still, people like ourselves are faced with an increasingly bad situation to face, me thinks. The brown shirts are already out there, as I am sure you are plenty aware from experience.

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