People Are Getting High on Bath Salts

Here. Actually it is some kind of designer drug being sold over the counter as a bath salts or plant food. Apparently you can use them for those purposes and they work just fine and don’t get you high. You sniff it inject it or smoke it. The drugs in question are mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also known as MDPV. Apparently these are stimulants something like methamphetamine, but I don’t know much about them. Looks like a pretty crappy and evil drug, I would say. It’s mostly in Louisiana right now for some reason, and the state has banned the sale of the drugs. But the Feds have not banned them yet since they are not marketed for human consumption. Banning them will take some time. Most users are apparently meth users looking for a new high. I increasingly agree with the Neurosoup girl on Youtube. She hates meth, cocaine, PCP and heroin. She comes right out and says that they are crappy and evil drugs.She doesn’t like alcohol either. She’s up on marijuana and what she calls entheogens, which is something like hallucinogens. If a lot of the people using coke, meth, alcohol and heroin started using pot and entheogens instead, our society would look a lot different. I would say that the damage from drugs would go way down. The hallucinogens are somewhat self-limiting in use. They are so strong, and people are so afraid and paranoid of them that people tend to only use them for a short period of time. People want a drug they can get high on regularly. My generation promoted the use of coke and to some extent speed. I would say we screwed up bad on that one. Those drugs are just crap. One thing I always hated about drugs were the anti-drug morons. They’re still everywhere; in fact, they’re the majority. Instead of being sensible like the Neurosoup Girl and dividing recreational drugs into different classes, the anti-drug morons just lump them all into one great big mess. They’re all the same. They’re all dope, and they’re all evil. Weed is meth is heroin is coke is LSD is mushrooms. It’s nuts. I had to deal with this all the time while growing up as a pothead. As a pothead, I was said to be “into drugs” and was lumped in with PCP users, cokeheads, meth freaks and heroin addicts. It was all the same. To some extent, this was true of drug users too. They weren’t so stupid as to think all drugs are the same – no user is that stupid – but since pot was illegal, and you had to deal with illegal drug users to get it, a lot of pot users were also using and promoting the use of other stuff, often along the lines that the other drug was as easy and safe as pot. Pure pot users were quite rare. Legalizing pot would put it in the class as alcohol. How many people have you met who drink, often a lot, but won’t touch any “drugs” (LOL)? Lots. Making weed legal would increase the number of pure pot users who don’t mess with other stuff. One thing I noticed that is people, often the older generation, will talk about someone who ruined their life on drugs, often the son or daughter of a friend. Often I will ask, “What kind of drugs?” A legitimate question, right? After all, I’m an old drug fiend, so I’m very interested in details like that! I always get this frustrated response, “I don’t know!” as if it doesn’t matter. Ok, so they got into weed, is that right? Is that how they ruined their lives? This is more of the, “All drugs are the same,” BS. Very frustrating dealing with this moronitude.

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9 thoughts on “People Are Getting High on Bath Salts”

  1. The trouble with the nice drugs is that they make you too nice – receptive, creative, imaginative, postive – in a world where most people are doing the bad shit that makes them violent, aggressive, sneaky, manipulative… I don’t think it’s just me, or it’s just age – some sort of trust seems to have gone out of the world. There’s just too many evil perverts around now to get stoned or trip without getting paranoid.

    1. ” There’s just too many evil perverts around now to get stoned or trip without getting paranoid.”
      I guess the glory days where you could take opium and lie around around in a basement all day are over.

  2. “My generation promoted the use of coke and to some extent speed. I would say we screwed up bad on that one. Those drugs are just crap.”
    I’m not a drug user (other than alcohol) not have I ever been so maybe my comments are naive, but I don’t really ge why people use cocaine of speed either. I can under stand marijuana, alcohol, and MAYBE LSD because the either relax you or, in the case of LSD, do things to your mind that make you not think about reality. Cocaine and speed just seems to make you feel extremely negative things like aggression. I feel enough of that already. They also seems to have negative body affects like heightened heart rate. It just sounds like a shitty experience.
    However, after hearing about some stimulants I think I am begining to understand. My dad tells be about working in a factory in the 1970s. A large part of the workforce drank at work if they weren’t doing anything dangrous. (It was mostly very repetitive work that didn’t need too much thought or dexterity.) However, one day a woman gave him a pill called a Black Betty. He said that he got more work done in the next few hours than he ever had before. He was so zoned in that when people yelled at him a few feet away from his ears to go to lunch he didn’t even notice. The had to come up and physically stop him from working. It seems that many of these stimulants aren’t “fun drugs”. They’re more like “capitalist drugs”. They just make you do a lot of stuff fast and if a boss can harnass it it can be useful to him. I think if they could get past the problems of junkies then we may all be on stimulants now.

    1. Yow…That’s a hell of a thing to do a work.
      Black Bettys = Black Bueties = Amphetamines
      Basically speed. They give a prescription variant to pilots and what not in the military.

      1. “Yow…That’s a hell of a thing to do a work.”
        Yeah, as he tells me, the seventies was a different world. There used to be parties everywhere and saloons would be filled every night. Now there are almost no parties and the saloons are mostly filled with drunks on weeknights.
        Also, that’s the only time he says he did it, and he wasn’t actually sure what it was until his coworker told him it was a black betty. I thought it was pretty stupid. He says he did drink,but most people did. When he started off he did real menial stuff like mopping floors and pushing soap powder into large mounds so it did not exactly require and Einstein to do the work.

  3. I’ve known alot of people who have died or ruined their lives and I am pretty sure that their families knew exactly what type of drugs they were using, the way they died or ruined their life usually makes it obvious as hell.
    Its just not something that people want to discuss. They say “drugs” so that you dont know. People generally feel alot of guilt in these situations and some drugs carry far more stigmas then others.

  4. I’m almost positive the Neurosoup girl is a psychopath. She doesn’t seem like it at first but if you read her story and what she did to a young male she was manipulating she’s horrible. She was torturing him and while everyone else got big jail time she played little sweet girl and got off. Yet she was involved from the beginning in a major drug supply deal.

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