Crazy Women Ahoy, Pull Up the Anchor and Leave

Repost from the old site. Ah, crazy women! I suppose if I were really nuts, I would not mind a crazy woman. After all, I would probably deserve her, right? Sad thing is, I am hopelessly prejudiced against crazy women. I don’t like em. I discriminate. I also require that all females be no more than 10 Women find out I am fat-prejudiced, and they go nuts, I mean ballistic. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Hey, look, I have to have sex with this creature, so I have to be able to tolerate your unclothed appearance enough to be able to do that, and at 50, it ain’t a walk in the park anymore, baby. I have enough problems of my own to deal with without crazy women on top of everything else. I remember this one crazy woman, I broke up with her, and she goes and punches a hole in the wall! Whoa, baby, hold onto your horses! I broke up with you? Hell, you should be happy! She used to swallow handfuls of acid tabs (like five hits at once) when we went out on dates. She drank like a fish. She would smoke any kind of weed you gave her and probably take any kind of drug too. All her friends were fags, and she specialized in the sickest fags of them all, the ones in Hollywood who loved masochism. She regaled me with their tales of how these guys require welts raised two or three inches before they were satisfied. Her idea of a good time was going to an LA fag bar. That was what she did most of the time, as she was almost a full-time fag hag. She also had straight boyfriends, apparently, as she did like men and sex. Going to an LA gay bar is not my idea of a good time. One night she was drinking like a maniac, and she grabbed four or five tricyclic antidepressants and tossed them down. I protested, and she cried out that this was all of the misery that she was in. So she was deeply psychiatrically ill, as you can see. Diagnosis: borderline schizophrenia, which nowadays goes to Borderline Personality Disorder for the most part. She had a weird way of talking, and when we would go out, it seemed that she would act so crazy and weird in public that I would be embarrassed to even be seen with her. She spoke in weird metaphors, and it really started annoying me. I’m kind of like neurotic, staring off into space like a weirdo nuts, but I’m not stark raving acting out bats like that. Forget it. I told her, “Hey, look, you are just too nuts for me,” and she freaks. I wonder if she is still alive. She was also quite a masochist as far as sex went, but I could not really get into that too much. Anyway, most females are like that to some degree or another, let’s face it. It goes hand in hand with being female. She was always telling me about stories where she was meeting guys who would pull knives on her, rape her, threaten to kill her, torture her, etc. One time it was a whole group of guys and she gangbanged them all. Whopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Except they were all pulling knives on her and trying to torture her and threatening to kill her at the time. She was quite proud of her gangbanging experience, but my best friends heard about it and were totally freaked out and appalled, saying she was a disgusting slut pig whore. That was true, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in a female. In fact, one could knock on my door right now and even at age 50, I might not even mind too much. She also liked women a little bit, but only a little. She really loved young boys, as she called them, and delighted in having sex with teenage boys, especially around 13 years old. Her Mom was schizophrenic and had tried to stab her to death in her sleep when she was a little girl, and I guess it was all downhill from then on. She had all these weird seemingly different personalities that she would fade in and out of all the time. Now, I’m into channeling myself, but this sort of thing really ought to be controlled in order to work best, otherwise you just seem like a street person or a potential maniac. Later she accused my best friend of hitting a baby in the EEG lab where he worked. According to everyone else, it never even happened, but she insisted and insisted. I think maybe they fired her, but I forget. I saw her once later, she came over to my house in the daytime, and you know how that goes. I was 27 years old, graduated USC with post-BA degree, teaching school full-time, smoking lots of dope, going nuts. The culmination of the sex act on my end left her all pissed off, but I thought it was funny that when I kissed her goodbye at the car, I swear some of the middle aged neighbor ladies were laughing and smiling and giving me the thumbs up? One housewife even sneaked outside and gave me a great big beaming smile. Who says women don’t like guys who score? Women ain’t all bad.

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10 thoughts on “Crazy Women Ahoy, Pull Up the Anchor and Leave”

  1. “I also require that all females be no more than 10% overweight and in my age bracket”
    What is your definition of overweight? I understand in your age bracket that things sag more, but that does not mean that all girls who do not fit into the AMA defined weight classes are fat. I much prefer a women with meat on her in the right places than a twig. Guys are supposed to stick girls with their bones, not get stuck by hers.

    1. 25 BMI is maximum normal weight. No more than 10% above 25 BMI.
      A 5’8 woman can weigh no more than 175 lbs.
      A 5’6 woman can weigh no more than 165 lbs.
      A 5’4 woman can weigh no more than 160 lbs.
      A 5’2 woman can weigh no more than 150 lbs.
      Etc etc.

      1. Wow, that’s scientific. I usually use this metric:
        Does she make my pecker hard? Yes or No
        Would you turn down a woman with large nicely shaped real breasts if they placed across the line into the “fat zone”?

  2. “I’m just not into fat chicks bro.”
    Once again, what are you considering fat? I don’t care about some scientific scale. I care about the shape of a woman’s body. If it’s proportioned well I really wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about what some scale said.
    for example (not using regular women, but oh well) I would find women like this attractive:,r:19,s:70&biw=1259&bih=556
    Frankly, if you would call those women fat then I would say that you’re disturbed.
    Granted, those certainly aren’t your everyday women (unfortunately). I just don’t find stick women to be that attractive. Why do some guys like women who have the bodies like 10 year old boys? Guys who are turned on by things like this disturb me: And don’t fool yourself. She has a huge following of perverts on youtube.
    “Why are you fat, Wade? LOL.”
    Now, yes. College has not been good to me. Before colloge? No. I was pretty skinny back in the day. I thought that back in the 1990s that Jennifer Lopez was much better looking that Britiney Spears. I don’t know too much about who’s popular today other than the retard who wears dresses made of meat (not the type of meaty that I like) so I can’t give any current examples.

      1. ” I am ~8% overweight myself. Sucks!”
        Yeah, these last few years I’ve really put some weight on which I haven’t lost yet. I’m probably signinfigantly higher than 8% overweight, but I wouldn’t say I’ve reached fat ass level. I’m kind of in the upper end of the “fat, but withing striking distance of fit” level.

      1. “LOL, that Youtube chick looks like a little girl, but she is 24 years old”
        A pedo’s (wet) dream cum true. Girls of age with bodies of those who aren’t.

  3. I have to agree with you on that Robert. I’ m in your age bracket and close to 5’8 in height, I have ballooned ( peri-menopause and medication induced weight gain ) in the past year and it isn’t funny. I think you’re a bit generous as I feel at might height I should weight no more than 150lbs.
    I look disgusting now and am not afraid to voice it, btw I am on a diet and it’s working slowly, lost 5 lbs in a month, still have …to lose …. I just want my old self back. But until then, I just can’t stand the sight of me in a full length mirror, yuk and double yuk!

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