An Interesting NE Asian Phenotype

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White Nationalists like to go on and on and on about the glorious color of their skin: white. For some odd reason, this white skin is superior to darker-colored skins of folks who evolved in hotter zones. Truth is, darker skin color is a perfectly rational evolutionary response to high rates of UV radiation in areas where it is very hot.
And in some areas of the globe, people can have fairly light skins if they stay out of the sun, but they get dark quite easily if they go out in the sun. Italians and Greeks come to mind. Here are photos of Italians, Greeks and Spaniards who have stayed out of sun, and then the same folks after they got tanned.
The same page also shows identical phenotypes commonly seen as European-only, like Nordics, Mediterraneans and Alpines, in both their European and extra-European forms from Arabia, North Africa and Central Asia. Often the darker skin you see in a lot of Southern Europeans is nothing but a tan.
On the other hand, Northern Europeans, and possibly other Northern types, don’t tan very well (they often burn) and even when they do, they don’t get all that dark. The very dark skin of Blacks, Papuans, Melanesians, some Aborigines and some South Indians is simply a result of evolving in those parts of the Earth where the sun shines brightest of all.
But Whites ought to give up the fantasy of about their white skin being best of all – because other races have some very white skin too. See the Korean woman in the photo below for example.

A Korean woman. She has a shade of White on her skin that is lacking in almost all Caucasians – it is probably only seen in Ireland and Scotland and it’s probably even lacking in Sweden and Norway. But this very White phenotype seen in some Koreans and Northern Chinese differs from that of European Whites in that it is more glossy. European White skin looks more chalky or powdery.
This phenotype also has skin that looks more like porcelain and is reflective of light. The very light European skin tends to be less light-reflective.

Here’s a pretty cool chart showing degrees of skin lightness versus darkness around the world.

UV radiation chart along with zones of skin color. Zone 1 has the darkest skin of all . Zone 2, which includes Italians and Spaniards, has skin that tans easily. Zone 3 contains light skin that enables residents to absorb as much Vitamin D as possible from the sun due to lack of sunlight at higher latitudes.
Note that there is also pretty high UV radiation in parts of South America (Peru), in the heart of Mexico, in Southwest Arabia (especially Yemen), in Southern India and Sri Lanka and in Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern Philippines and New Guinea. Indonesians and Malaysians are known for being darker than many other SE Asian groups.
According to this chart, the darkest people of all are Blacks from Mozambique and Cameroon in Africa and Aborigines from Darwin in North Australia. A look at the same chart, much expanded, in the original paper, shows that the next darkest are Blacks, the Okavango in Namibia and the Sara in Chad (Table 6, p. 19). The chart shows that the lightest people are in Netherlands, followed by Germany and then the northern parts of the UK.
Note on the map that Tibet and parts of the Amazon should have some very dark-skinned people, but those who live there are lighter than you would expect based on UV. The paper suggests that the Tibetans are lighter because it is so cold there that most of their body is covered up all the time and only the face is uncovered.
The face is lighter to collect what Vitamin D it can as so much of the body cannot collect Vitamin D due to clothing. The Amazonian Indians are known to be shade-seeking and the paper suggests that this may account for their lighter skin.

Most Whites don’t really have White skin anyway. I am looking at my own skin here as I type, and it looks more pink than White.


Jablonski, N. and Chaplin, G. (2000) The Evolution of Human Skin Coloration. Journal of Human Evolution. Available on this blog here.
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3 thoughts on “An Interesting NE Asian Phenotype”

  1. “The Amazonian Indians are known to be shade-seeking and the paper suggests that this may account for their lighter skin.”
    Why then are blacks who live around the dense forest of the Congo darker than the desert walkers of Arabia? One could say that they cover up, but I wonder what they would cover up with before they developed technology like sewing. I can’t see anyone wearing a hairy animal hide in a blazing hot sun soaked desert.

  2. i have seen both light and tan asians in the same proportions so many variety in shades, blacks unless they are mixed are always black, northern whites with their sensitive skin cant tan and they are always pale, here in mexico i dont know asians but i guess many east asians are born white, but their skin is easy to tan so they turn yellow (the ones who exposes themselves more to the sun)
    how i deduce it? cause actually many mexicans are born yellow (in mexico they are called the APERLADOS) and their skin is easy to tan so they turn brown; i’ve seen it, i dont know about the rest of mexico, but honestly ALMOST ALL the browns mestizos i know here (in northern mexico ) werent born with that color, they acquired it with the sun, i myself am white mediterranean but we whites mediterraneans also tan easily so actually my skin turned into a type of yellow in the visible parts

  3. I see one Asian pearl at work, and she’s glossy. Two Jews at work are ghost-White and powdery, like Sarah Silverman. I believe Lebanese can also have extremely White powdery skin.

    Scottish and Irish White with freckles like Robin Tunney. Where do Europeans and Middle Easterners diverge? More pink skin in Europe. The common White in the Middle East is a bit tan. I’ve seen Afghans that look European. I’m not saying there’s not overlap.

    But there are more pinkies in Europe, tans in Middle East, and yellows in Asia. Some White Europeans seem cut from pure White marble or stone. I believe the redhead on Mad Men has this going on. Arabs thought White Europeans were red, I believe. Europeans are sort of like ripe fruit.

    All three groups make a banana split: strawberry, chocolate, and french vanilla ice cream with a bit of white whipped cream on top. The White marble statues of Europe. The White sands of the Levant. The shiny White porcelains of Asia.

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