Aborigine Youth Gangs in Australia

No Aborigine gangs in Australia? In a recent comments thread on this blog, two commenters, one a resident of Australia and another who just spent three months there, argued that there were no Aborigine gangs in Australia.
However, I had this photo in my files from a recent web story by an Australian paper about an Aborigine gang in Wadeye, in Northern Territory, in far north of Australia.
The gang in the photo is called the Evil Warriors, and they were warring with the Judas Priests. No one had been killed yet, and one of my Australian commenters said that the story is blown out of proportion. They are actually fighting each other with rocks and spears, because a gun is so hard to get in Australia.
Many of these young people do not even speak English as a first language, their native tongue being the Aboriginal lingua franca Murrinhpatha.
Though Aborigine gangs in Australia are apparently rare, it looks like they do exist.
I like that pic too. It reaches out and grabs you, huh?
Many, including Afrocentrists, think Aborigines are related to African Blacks. They do look like them. But no race on Earth is more divergent from Blacks than Aborigines. They were one of the first to split off after humans left Africa 70,000 years ago, and they have been evolving in situ in Australia with few to no inputs from outside ever since.
The result is something called genetic drift, where a population takes off on a tangent. The only reason races of a species stay related is due to population mixing. Without that mixing, populations take off on their own, like college kids after graduation. The result is often a new species or subspecies.
Aborigines have one of the most advanced skills in visual memory, especially for distant objects, of any race. Ask a class full of White 7 year olds to point towards their home and only 6% can do so. Give the same task to a class of Aborigines and almost all of them will do it successfully at the drop of a hat.
These people have more problems than you could imagine. In a nutshell, they are a defeated race. We Europeans invaded their land and stole it, taking away their Paleolithic but adaptive way of life. Now they are not able to adapt to a modern White culture for which they were not evolved to deal with.

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16 thoughts on “Aborigine Youth Gangs in Australia”

  1. ” and they were warring with the Judas Priests”
    Maybe it’s the influence of hyper-maculine US gang culture on me, but isn’t is kind of weird that a group trying to evoke fear would name themselves after a widely known homo who spent the 1980s wearing leather and spandex?
    Maybe instead of the Judas Priests they should name themselves the Catholic Priests. That would strike fear in hearts of people from a young age. (Get it, a young age…)

    1. HEHE 🙂
      Yeah, just imagine a gang called the “Harvey Milk Disciples.” That would really strike fear! 🙂

      1. “Yeah, just imagine a gang called the “Harvey Milk Disciples.” That would really strike fear! ”
        Especially if the other gang is a bunch of assholes.

        1. Especially if the other gang is a bunch of assholes.
          *snorts with laughter*
          Hehe, fag jokes are always funny.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that the guy in the yellow shirt looks 40 or 50 years old? Maybe aborigines just age differently, but if not that’s pitiful.

      1. “I think he’s an older guy. Maybe 35 or so at least.”
        You’d think that by that age he would be out of the entry level gang positions and would have moved on into management.
        I don’t know what to call these aborigines. The are like wiggers but they’re black skinned. What should I call them? Black niggers? Seems weird. Why won’t the world just change itself to confrom to my racial labeling needs?

        1. It’s retarded to call the niggers because they are the most distantly related people to Blacks. The same idiots call Negritos and Melanesians niggers too. Morons. Those people are also very distant from Blacks. On Chimpout they call Aborigines, Papuans, Melanesians and Negritos all niggers. That’s just shows how fucking stupid they are. None of those people are Black. Hell, Whites are a lot closer to Blacks than any of those people.
          They do call them Abos in Australia. It’s derogatory but popular. That’s as good as anything.

        2. Oh you mean they are imitating Blacks. Well, call them Abo niggers I guess then. Wiggers, Mexiniggers, Chiggers, on and on.
          Mexiniggers are Hispanics who imitate ghetto Blacks. Chiggers are Chinese or maybe Asians who do the same.

        3. “Mexiniggers are Hispanics who imitate ghetto Blacks. Chiggers are Chinese or maybe Asians who do the same.”
          I’ve always heard the terms ‘spiggers’ and ‘changstahs’ to describe those groups.
          The newest term I’ve heard is “Wapanese” to describe white try to act like japs (and sometimes asians in general).
          If whites ever start trying to act like hispanics I’m going to use the term “white-backs” to describe them.

  3. aborigines are way more primitive than african americans. They can’t organise well enough for what americans consider a gang. Police give them names like ”gang of 49”, but it’s not really accurate. Google it.

  4. There are so many errors in this story. For starters, the Northern Territory is not a state. It’s, well, a territory. I’ve lived in Australia for 35 years and have never seen an Aboriginal gang. Aboriginals tend to congregate by tribal background. As for calling them “street gangs”? We’re talking about very, very small communities (you couldn’t even call them towns). It’s not like you get Aboriginal street gangs in Sydney. Aboriginals make up about 3% of the total population (depending on how you measure this). There are many pure blood Aboriginals left in the NT and outback areas of other states.

  5. I’m Australian and I’ve never heard of aboriginal gang culture. What I have heard of is aboriginal crime largely from groups of a few teens and children, no surprise given the level of alcoholism in the aboriginal community.

  6. Yes, there are lots of Aboriginal gangs at Wadeye. They are real, and the news story is not particularly “blown out of proportion”. The Evil Warriors and Judas Priests, as well as many other gangs, cause regular disruption in the town.
    I suspect there are some kind of “gangs” in lots of other Aboriginal towns as well, but the phenomenon is not well documented, because it is out of sight of the mainstream media, as well as most of the people who post in places like this.
    They fight mostly with rocks, spears, and other projectiles. But this is not because guns are unavailable. On the contrary, rifle ownership (for hunting) is very common at Wadeye. But people usually don’t bring these to the fights, because they are not seeking fatal consequences.
    The original post claims that Aboriginal people are “not able to adapt to a modern White culture,” and I’d say that’s probably false, or at least an exaggeration. In any case it’s a pretty insulting claim to make with no evidence. I agree that Aboriginal people are pretty slow in taking on white culture, but I think a lot of that can be accounted for by lack of interest, rather than lack of capacity.

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