I See Race-Denying Idiots

Repost from the old site. I see idiots. I see race-denying idiots. I see them everywhere. I see them on the Egyptology Forum, in particular, linking to one of my posts, The Major and Minor Races of Mankind. That post is a massive work undergoing continuous revision that is based largely on Cavalli-Sforza’s groundbreaking work in genetics. It divides humanity into 3 macro races, 8 major races and 90 minor races. Hey! There is a race for everyone! Don’t despair, folks, there is probably a race out there waiting just for you, lonesome you. It seems that post is upsetting everyone. White Nationalists hate it, and now, over on the Egyptology Forum, Black Nationalists or Afrocentrists or whatever those morons are called hate it too. If White Nationalism is dumb, Black Nationalism is dumber still. Many of the things supposedly invented by Blacks have turned out on analysis to not to have been invented by Blacks. I don’t blame Blacks for reacting this way in the face of incessant propaganda from White Supremacists and various other racists, backed up by “science”, that repeats with hammer-like insistence that Blacks are idiots, evil sociopaths and losers who have never amounted to a thing and never will, as is the destiny of their genes. Hence the pitiful migration of Blacks into Egyptology, in a sad and sorry effort to claim the heritage of ancient Egypt for themselves. It’s bizarre that Black Nationalists, while promoting the Black race, also love to claim that race does not exist. They somehow hold both of these opinions simultaneously. Don’t ask me how. In that forum, I am described as a racialist (!) misrepresenting Cavalli-Sforza’s findings. But I did no such thing. I just used his data (and others) to divide humanity into races, based, almost exclusively, on genetic distance. In a few cases, I had to go outside genetics. In North Africa, there were two cases where mostly-White folks were clustering with mostly-Black folks into single races. Instead of lumping Whites and Blacks together into single subraces, which seemed too weird, I had to (arbitrarily) send Whiter folks to Caucasian and darker ones to Black. The cases involved Algerians and the Beja in one case and Nubians and Berbers in the other. Curiously, these cases do add weight to the race-denier’s arguments that race is a slippery concept. When you have Blacks and Whites lumping with each other genetically into singular small groups, what does it all mean? For the record, Berbers are about 12 Photos of Berbers of various types, North African Arabs and dark-skinned Egyptians from the Aswan Dam area (possibly Nubians) are found on this blog in a recent post here. Later on on the Egyptology thread I get called a racist (!) and White Supremacist (!). But my post makes no such claims at all to White Supremacy. It merely chops up humanity into groups based on genetic distance – nothing more, nothing less. These guys are serious idiots. The reason I am called a White Supremacist racist is because I am supposedly saying that their precious Black Nubians were actually White Berbers. But I said no such thing. I merely noted that two disparate groups, one mostly-White (Berbers – though Black Berbers exist) and another 50-50 Black-White (Nubians) cannot be distinguished racially, on even a minor level, in terms of genetics. Berbers are actually somewhat variable – the Moroccan Berbers are 5 That’s it. The reason Black Egyptology idiots hate the notion of race in Egypt so much is because the ancient Egyptians were about 9 On an anarchist blog recently, I was thrown off and banned for making a simple proposal: that Whites should be free to feel pride. I hedged that White pride is ok, as long as you can feel that way without becoming a racist asshole. I base this on my experience with people from various different races, ethnic groups and nations all over the world. Virtually all of them were ethnocentric about their ethnic group or race, and that clearly went beyond mere patriotism for their state and flag in almost all cases. It is only Whites in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand who are ordered to take no pride in themselves whatsoever, and worse, who are ordered to abase themselves as some sort of racial criminals for all of our nefarious acts down through the ages. At the same time, White countries only are ordered to open their borders to anyone and everyone from the rest of the world (in particular, the non-White world) who wishes to flood in here. It interesting that China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are not also ordered to open their borders. Nor are the Gulf Arabs. In fact, many, or even all, of these states have ferociously racist immigration policies, but the Western Cultural Left has nothing to say about this. It is almost as if only Whites can be racist. I realize that unfortunately this sounds like a White Nationalist rant, but it is sad that only the WN’s are making this perfectly reasonable argument, and on this argument, the WN’s at least are right on the mark. There are some negative effects from this. I had a light-skinned Black girlfriend once for about a year. Once I told her I was not attracted to darker Black women, and she got all upset. I was racist! A White guy dating a Black woman, of all things, and he still can’t escape the racism charge . White men have told me that they told people, when asked, that they were not interested in dating Black women because they were not attracted to them, and they were immediately denounced as racists. As might be expected, hyperaggressive young Black males are mass-targeting White females for sex in mixed-race high schools across our land. I don’t really mind, but it is a bit sickening, let’s face it. Are Black women really so horrible or ugly that these guys must mass-pester White girls? In many cases, the White girls say no, and when they do, they are immediately hammered with the racism charge, which typically leads to White guilt, which I guess in some cases leads to the Black kid getting some White pussy. I really need to say something here. Your house, your state, your attractions and your sex life are yours and yours alone. You don’t have to let anyone into your home. You don’t have to make friends with anyone. You don’t have to let any immigrants into your country, or you can let any immigrants in that you want to. You can be attracted to anyone you want to. And certainly, you can have sex with anyone you want to. You may be racist about who you let into your home, who you make friends with, and who you let immigrate into your land. After all, your borders are like the locked door on your home – you’re not really obligated to let a soul in. You can be attracted to anyone you want to – your own race or any combination of others. You can obviously date, have sex with, and marry anyone you want to and you can limit your partners to your own race or any others. There’s nothing racist about these intensely personal decisions, and the implicit demand that Whites are racist unless they are turned on Black booty or big Black guys, invite whole blocks of Black folks into their homes, invite 2 billion mostly Third World people to flood into their lands, or, most offensive of all, have sex with non-Whites, is utterly outrageous. The demand that Whites self-abnegate all positive feelings about themselves and their heritage has had some nasty side effects. 12-20 million illegal Hispanic immigrants have flooded into the US, many into my home state. Immigration are like seasoning on a dish. A little bit of it is nice, but in California it feels like someone dumped the salt shaker and some spice jars into the pan and ruined the casserole. There is a very real and creepy feeling of living in a foreign land here, or of having been invaded, even invaded by a foreign army. Parts of California have reverted, in all intents and purposes, to provinces of Mexico. This is jarring to Native Californians. Our cities and streets have Mexican names. I was taking Spanish lessons at age six, as my mother, in 1963, had already seen the writing on the wall. Growing up, our friends, best friends and girlfriends were Mexican-Americans. We didn’t hate Mexican-Americans then and we don’t hate them now. We went on wild trips to Mexico to fish, chase women or just rampage around blasted out of minds on alcohol, marijuana and LSD. We always returned stunned at the horrible and cruel poverty we saw, and were always glad to drive through the border back to the US. The illegal alien millions are essentially re-creating Mexico here in the US. If you have ever been to Mexico, you won’t think that is a good idea. My point is that the destruction of White ethnic identity in even its most mild form is what allowed this lunatic invasion and de facto annexation of my state to a foreign Third World country to take place. Whites were neutered, so they sat by passively while this outrage occurred, or, even more perversely, cheered it on.

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  1. I agree. I don’t see how we can help Haiti, Detroit or No Child Left Behind without taking differential abilities into account.
    The subprime crisis should have convinced everyone that you can’t assume everybody has the ability to make their own best decisions all the time. And business WILL take advantage of the lesser intelligent.

    1. You are promoting the “niggers and beaners caused the housing collapse” lie. It’s simply not true. It’s one of the nastiest and ugliest rightwing racist lies out there. Shame on everyone who is promoting this tripe.

      1. Right. Everyone was in on the subprime game. Jews, Whites, Asians, blacks, Hispanics. That’s part of the problem. If you can blame anyone, you can’t fix it.

        1. Couple things.
          “If you can’t blame…”
          Right on Bob’s point that not only blacks and hispanics were involved.
          But that may not be Frank’s original meaning.

      2. Every stat I’ve see on subprimes shows they were much more common in minority neighborhoods, as are the subsequent foreclosures. Anyone might have taken exotic teaser products as a part of a flipping strategy; but the people who took exploding-rate loans on homes in which they intended to live for years were concentrated among minorities.
        This has to represent a mismatch between the financial understanding one needs to get involved with products like that, and the skill set of the borrowers.

        1. They deliberately targeted these poor people, these Blacks and Hispanics, with these toxic, crooked loans which were designed so you could not pay them back. It’s not the fault of the borrowers. If I have no business buying a home, you should not be so stupid as to sell me one. Blacks and Hispanics were deliberately targeted with predatory and frankly criminal loans by con artists. The contracts were so convoluted that no one could understand them.
          I’m warning you that you are repeating a Republican Party talking point, Frank. If you don’t stop, I will ban you.

        2. “They deliberately targeted these poor people, these Blacks and Hispanics, with these toxic, crooked loans which were designed so you could not pay them back”
          True. The older white nationalist habit of blaming the blacks constantly is stupid. When blacks have done wrong blame them, but recognie that there might be others at fault. More likely that not some upper class bankster asshole is just as much if not more to blame for something like this. It’s just ridiculous that if you oppose black misconduct then you must automatically become some capitalist schill. Fuck that.

  2. The reason Black Egyptology idiots hate the notion of race in Egypt so much is because the ancient Egyptians were about 9% Black, just like the Egyptians of today.
    I pointed this stat out once to a certain ultra-bitchy anti-racist blogger who shall not be named, who claimed that all the ancient Egyptians are belong to her black ass. Miss Afrocuntrist replied to my comment without approving it:
    Btw, I believe it was a commenter named sam on Abagond’s blog who once said that once people start bringing percents into conversations like these, they sound like eugenics scientists from the Third Reich.
    I found that hilarious, and typical of her intellectual shortcomings. She’s obsessed with how black the ancient Egyptians were, until presented with DNA evidence. Then it’s racist to discuss the actual science regarding how black they were.

  3. Robert, do you think that if a more positive (if only mildly) were more widespread then forums like Stormfront might lose a lot of steam? It’s been my thinking that the ban on certain topics in american society has giving openings for extremist. White identity is banned and stormfront pops up. Honest discussions about race are banned and Stromfront pops up. By marginalizing people and opinions they are just making people more mad and extreme.

    1. I’ve been saying this for a long tome now.
      White identity and race talk scares the shit out of liberals, so they just ban it. And the only people to talk about it are the crazies. Plus all reasonable discussion of such is banned, so the only discussion is extremist.

    2. I agree as well. I’ve always been a lefty, but when I see people like Robert Jensen claim “white people can either choose to be white or to be human” it angers me. That crap only works on people who have been dumbed down enough by our lousy educational system that they know nothing about world history. Or who have been guilt tripped into believing they don’t even have the right to study independently and form their own opinions.
      The idea that white Americans can somehow go back to identifying as German-American or Italian-American or whatever is ridiculous. Most white Americans are a mixture of several European nationalities. Like it or not, white people became a new ethnic group in the US. Of course POC would love it if white Americans were split back into smaller ethnic groups, while POC retain their current racial identity, but they’re dreaming.
      The cultural left is making things too easy for the right. Sites like DailyKos are an echo chamber, where conformity on race and other cultural issues is ruthlessly enforced. The last time that I looked at that site some black guy said:
      I’m not saying don’t use ANY invective toward the President. Only that I shouldn’t be personally offended by the invective.
      When a white poster objected, he was chastised for daring to offend a black person’s sensibilities:
      Hmph. How mighty white of you. That you can say what you want, when you want, how you want and it’s the other person’s problem if their sensibilities are offended.
      and that:
      addressing a white man or woman in what was considered to be a disrespectful manner could get you killed or maybe even lynched in some parts of the country (north and south).
      So now it’s whitey’s turn? Few Kosniks dared to dissent.
      I cannot be bothered with this sorry level of political discourse, and I also cannot abide the reactionary clowns on WN and HBD sites. What’s a gal to do? I guess this site is a start.
      Plus all reasonable discussion of such is banned, so the only discussion is extremist.
      Sure, you have people like Timmeh basically daring all white people who disagree with him to go “all in” on white nationalism. He’s saying you’re with us or you’re with them. Sometimes I wonder if the tinfoilers are right in claiming TPTB want the racial cold war to go hot.

      1. Speaking of Kosniks, Lafleur, I’m reminded of that little stunt by Nezua that you posted, where he goes to a Kosnik convention and makes a bunch of white Kosniks go through a mock immigration checkpoint. He then proceeds to put on a “stay unapologetic” act.
        As you pointed out, yeah, way to be unapologetic with a bunch of white Kosniks who have already been neutered.
        The cultural left is making things too easy for the right.
        Indeed they are. Timmy Wise and Daily Kos do far more to turn implicit whites racially conscious than any Alex Linder ever could.
        In fact, that’s why radical WN’s should just SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. Rather than throw a bunch of idiotic neo-nazi rallies or spew empty rhetoric about “the Jews,” they should just sit back, observe, and let the cultural left shoot itself in the foot.

        1. And yes, like it or not, white identity is here to stay. The hope among the anti-racist left that whites will go back to being Italian, Irish, Polish, or Greek American is silly.
          In fact, the assimilation of these groups into whiteness is a normal part of human history. Lesser tribes assimilate into the more dominant tribe, and eventually come to embrace one identity. In fact, without whiteness, Italians, Germans, and other groups would still be fighting one another. I’ll take white unity over an ethnic mosaic any day.
          And yes, or course non-whites would love to see whites divided by ethnicity. That would increase their own power.

        2. Only that I shouldn’t be personally offended by the invective.
          Wow, just wow.
          I guess some people have a god given right to never be offended. I used to be offended by CRT blogs, and in the past pout that they shouldn’t be able to say what they say.
          But now, I simply exercise my distaste by not reading them. I also try to ignore the delusional rants of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann (who I think has actually left MSNBC).
          Sooner or later, the cultural left will have to learn that it cannot ensure that each protected class has a sacred right to never have their sensibilities offended.

  4. I share this article with everyone. I’m a native Califonian and you’d get grounded for 2 weeks if you said nigger in my home. Everything you say is unquestionably true, I grew up in that very same culture. Mexicans (i include all the other central americanos in that) are colonizing and converting vast area of California into the the same third world shithole they fled.

  5. RE: black nationalism. I currently have an Afro-centrist in my harem and he insists I’m African because of some sort of imagined “afro-dalit” genetic/cultural legacy or something. I’m like, um no. I’ll continue dating him though because aside from that he’s a great guy.

  6. Hello. I have a question. Rao’s distance is used in statistics to measure distance between statistical populations. Rao was working in India on data from various casts and tribes. Do you know if Rao’s distance is used in genetics?

  7. Wow. Well said Robert! That is exactly how I feel in Los Angeles. I’m living in a 3rd world, and all these so called liberals act neutered and allow it to happen. At what point do we try to do something? Mexicans left their own country because it is a toilet. Literally. They don’t know how to run their own country, so they come to any White country and bring their 3rd World behavior with them. You can’t tell Van Nuys from Tijuana. They arrogantly wave the Mexican flag with no respect for the people who gave them a better life. All non-Whites are flocking to White countries and then tearing them down when they get there.
    There is no way we can ever have a socialist society with so many freeloaders. We really need a huge change.
    San Francisco is now 90% pure white, but it’s so expensive to live there.
    I’ve spent too much time here today, but I’m really enjoying the reading & happy to see a site with the freedom to not worry about Political Correctness flames. I hate your slamming of gay people, but other than that, I really appreciate your website, Robert.

    1. Hey Jessica, glad to have you aboard! If you want to stick around and become a regular, just read the Comments Rules and try to follow them the best you can. If you’re unsure about any of them, just ask. As long as you follow the Comments Rules, you can post here as long as you like!
      Anyway, it was a pleasure seeing you here today and I hope you stick around for more.

    2. Socialism’s probability of failure not only increases as IQ decreases (as you hinted •at•) it fails when groups resent each other. Both are partly why, and although many lies are told about it-Latin American socialism hasn’t had the successes of the Scandinavians.

      1. Latin American socialism is under massive attack. Cuba has been under embargo and right wing groups sabatoge socialism in other parts of the hemisphere. No wonder it won’t work as well as in Scandanavia.

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