Stupid White Nationalist Tricks

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If you have a pet White Nationalist, you can actually teach him to do some silly tricks for you. Just ask him to open up his mouth and he will start saying silly things, just like that. He probably can’t help it.
I was over at American Renaissance the other day hanging out and trolling, and now and then venting spleen on illegal aliens. I am getting tired of these White racist websites, and I do not think it is healthy to go to them very often if you’re not a White racist. It seems like it’s not good for your soul, and it seems like after a while, the sites start turning you racist yourself. YMMV.
Anyway, there was a thread about high dropout rates at various US urban school districts. The highest rates seemed to coincide the having a high percentage of Blacks in the district and being back east. Indianapolis, Cleveland and Detroit were singled out.
The comments led to much thrashing of WN tongues about how stupid Black people are, and how it is impossible to educate Black kids because their IQ’s are so low. It is also quite common for WN’s to say that the frequently difficult behavior of many Black kids in schools is due to the fact that they are stupid.
Let us consider this, for perhaps they are correct.
First of all, IQ’s for US Black children are quite a bit higher than for Black adults. No one quite knows why this is, but I doubt if it is genetic.

Black Children
Age   Grade         IQ
5     Kindergarten  95
6     1st           94.4*
7     2nd           93.8*
8     3rd           93.2*
9     4th           92.6*
10    5th           91.9*
11    6th           91.2*
12    7th           90.5
13    8th           89.9*
14    9th           89.4*
15    10th          88.8
18    12th          87.5
24    ----          84.5

All scores are from here.
* means the scores are extrapolated, as only scores for 5 and 12 yr olds were given.
Now let us compare these IQ scores to various White groups. Let us note that no one has ever said that these White groups were impossible to educate due to their stupidity. Also, these White groups seem to be pretty well-behaved from all we can tell.

US Blacks 14 yrs 89.4      
US Blacks 13 yrs 89.9      
Croatia          90
Bosnia           90
Albania          90
US Blacks 12 yrs 90.5      
Serbia           91
US Blacks 11 yrs 91.2      
Cyprus           91.5
Chile            91.5
US Blacks 10 yrs 91.9      
Greece           92
Macedonia        92.5
US Blacks 9 yrs  92.6
Ireland          93
Bulgaria         93
US Blacks 8 yrs  93.2      
Armenia          93.5
Georgia          93.5
US Blacks 7 yrs  93.8     
Israel           94
Romania          94
US Blacks 6 yrs  94.4      
Argentina        94.5
Portugal         95
US Blacks 5 yrs  95      

As you can see from the above, US Black children are not deficient in IQ, at least as compared to many White groups around the globe who are not known for being stupid. Up to age 15, US Blacks are equivalent to many White groups around the world who seem to do well in school.
However, by age 15, US Blacks may begin to experience difficulties in school due to IQ, if it is true that an IQ below 89 makes for an individual that has a hard time for modern secondary school curricula. However, this remains to be demonstrated, as we will see in the Cuban example below.
It is true that in my opinion, Black children are very difficult to teach. I taught them for many years in Los Angeles, and I do not want to do it again. Many of them are rambunctious, wild, crazy, violent, loud, and have no interest in learning anything whatsoever. At the lower grades, the fighting is not so bad, and often involves boys versus girls.
Up to junior high school, things truly get horrible to the point where I simply refuse to teach Black students ever again. Maybe it’s my fault. Perhaps I just never figured out how to deal with them. Admittedly, the very worst ones of all are in the ghetto, but among middle class Blacks, it was not much better.
There is often a very serious problem keeping them in their chairs. They are always up, bouncing around, walking around the room, talking very loudly, chatting, this and that. You spend most of your time yelling at them to stay in their seats. I’m starting to think it might be better to educated Black kids standing up.
I actually liked quite a few of them, even some of the ones that acted bad. You got the impression that they just could not control themselves at all. One thing that seems to characterize Black kids at all grade levels is an utter indifference to learning.
By high school, some are interested, especially the girls. I once had a Chemistry class in Compton that was chock full of Black girls. My father taught in the ghetto, and said that the honor rolls used to be all girls and no boys. It is true that Black females do have IQ’s somewhat above Black males. BF = 87.5, BM = 83.5. I have no idea why that is, but I doubt it is genetic, as males outscore females in most other human groups.
The only logical conclusion we can draw here is that a “low IQ” is certainly not the reason for problems in educating Black kids, at least at the K-7 level.
Furthermore, the above chart seems to indicate that the behavioral problems in school that seem to be so vastly overrepresented have absolutely nothing to with “low IQ” either. There must be other reasons for these often-difficult behaviors. Those reasons may be some combination of genetics and culture, but being stupid doesn’t seem to have that much to do with it.
Even if Black students had IQ’s of 85 (which they do not, as it appears that the Black IQ even at age 18 is around ~87) that would not mean that they cannot be educated. Cuba educates all of its students and has one of the lowest dropout rates in the Hemisphere. With 2% of the population of Latin America, they have 10% of the scientists.
They are considered to be the best educated people in Latin America. They have more agronomists per capita anywhere on Earth. They also have the lowest doctor-patient ratio (fewest patients per doctor) anywhere on Earth. Somehow, I think that these are not characteristics of a society full of idiots.
The Cuban IQ is 85. Clearly, even an IQ of 85 should not be so low as to prevent one from creating a decent society in most ways and from educating your population to high levels. Furthermore, the obvious failures and problems of major Black-run cities in the US are attributed by WN’s to “an IQ of 85!”.
Judging by the Cuban example, an IQ of 85 should not prevent a group from doing a great job of running a society. There are obviously reasons why, as one prominent WN told me, “Blacks can’t even run Detroit!” However, I do not think that the Black IQ of 85 is high up on the list of those reasons. There must be something else going on; the problem is not one of stupidity.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid White Nationalist Tricks”

  1. “First of all, IQ’s for US Black children are quite a bit higher than for Black adults. No one quite knows why this is, but I doubt if it is genetic.”
    First, let me say you are extremely knowledgeable on a great many subjects, particularly when it comes to ethnography. I’m jealous.
    However, you need to bone up a little on genetics/human development, and I’m saying this as someone who is no more than a somewhat self-educated layman.
    It’s well known through twin studies that phenotypic IQ (i.e. scores on IQ tests) and genotypic IQ (i.e. the scores that your genes would code for) converge with age. In other words, among identical twins separated at birth, the twin raised in the better environment has the higher IQ in childhood, but as the two age, their scores converge. This is in keeping with a number of traits where the genetic effects increase as one ages. Think of the propensity of people to develop mental illnesses as they get older as a parallel.
    If you’re already aware of this and I’m misinterpreting what you’ve written, I apologize.

  2. The reason why black males score much lower than females is probably because these tests are government run and doesn’t contain so much “voluntary” data.
    Therefore the idiot males are included and are a more representative sample. This is untrue for whites where the dumbest white males are not submitted for testing. IMO the average score for both sexes should be roughly the same or come out with females scoring slightly higher, though the range in intelligence for men is much, much more variable.

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