Is the "White" IQ So Superior?

Repost from the old site. I confess that I love to beat up White nationalists, or for that matter ethnic nationalists of any sort (this is why I verbally eviscerate Zionists – they are nothing but the Jewish equivalent of White Nationalists). There is nothing like nationalism, not to mention the super brain-killer of ethnic nationalism, to turn a smart person’s brain to useless mush. The problem is that beating up on WN’s is cruel. It’s like slapping a retarded person and ridiculing them in public. So I feel kind of guilty when I do it. For a look at what a nightmare the White Nationalist movement is, and what a racist horror it represents, check out the sanest, most moderate outlier of the movement, American Renaissance. I hang out there a lot, and post lots of comments, when they do not get deleted, which is 75 I post mostly on illegal aliens, which is all I care about race-wise, as I am utterly indifferent to the “Black problem”, anti-immigration xenophobia, Islamophobia, and all their other crazy obsessions. This is a good, frightening post to get you started. It is a common, and fairly disgusting, White Nationalist argument that Whites are superior to all other groups in IQ, with the exception of NE Asians. WN’s typically define Whites as Europeans, but no one quite knows where to draw the line there. For instance, many White Nationalists are so insane that they say Southern Europeans such as Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians and Greeks, and Balkans such as Macedonians, Serbians, Albanians, Croats and Bosnians, and West Eurasians such as Armenians, Ashkenazi Jews, Georgians, Caucasians and Turks, and Middle Easterners such as Iranians, Kurds and Assyrians, are not White. Most of these groups are clearly White. There is a bit of a question when it comes to Iranians, Kurds, Turks and Assyrians, but most of these groups are White by any sane definition. So WN’s like to crow about how they are smarter than just about everyone else on the Earth. It follows that letting in anyone from any of the stupid races or ethnic groups to a White country is going to pollute the gene pool, result in growing stupidity, an inability to think and compete and a declining standard of living. I do think that they have a point, and I am not opposed to IQ tests for prospective immigrants other than spouses of Americans. Where I object is to the typical WN insanity of labeling entire races and ethnic groups as idiots who should not be allowed to set one foot on our soil. First of all, Western culture is good for IQ, independent of genes. This alone should throw a serious monkey wrench into WN crap about intellectually inferior races being banned from immigrating to White countries. Look: Everyone knows that the East Indian IQ in Europe is 96 (Lynn 2005), and it’s 81.5-83 in India and Pakistan. Merely living in an improved Western environment raised it 14 pts. Jamaicans raise their IQ’s from 71 to 85 within one generation of living in the UK – 14 points. Most sane people think selective immigration could have only raised either of those scores only a few points. Even if we grant 3 IQ points for selective immigration, we still get an 11 rise for both E. Indians and Jamaicans just for a Western environment. Even Moroccans raise their IQs from 84-89 (5 points) within a generation of living in Holland, and there was probably no selective immigration there at all, as the Europeans were just looking for manual labor. 73 IQ US Negro Blacks (taking a base African Black IQ of 67, adding in 17.5 Much of the Black raise has occurred since 1920. Everyone except WN lunatics Richard Lynn, except as noted.

US Hispanics   89
Croatia        90
Bosnia         90
Albania        90
Maori          90
Serbia         91
Cyprus         91.5
Chile          91.5 1
Greece         92
Macedonia      92.5
Ireland        93
Bulgaria       93
Armenia        93.5
Georgia        93.5
Israel         94
Romania        94
Argentina      94.5 2
Portugal       95
Slovenia       95.5
Moldova        95.5
Uruguay        96 3
Slovakia       96
Malta          96
Russia         96.5
Belarus        96.5
Ukraine        96.5
Spain          97.5
Czech Republic 97.5
US             98
Australia      98
Finland        98
Canada         98
France         98
Denmark        98
Andorra        98
Estonia        98
Hungary        98.5
Norway         99
Poland         99
Belgium        99.5
Iceland        99.5
Vietnam        99.5 4
Sweden         100
UK             100
Germany        100
Luxembourg     100.5
Netherlands    101
Austria        101
Switzerland    101
Italy          102


1. “Inferior” Chilean Mestizos beat four White groups, tie one. 2. “Inferior” Argentine Mestizos beat 13 White groups. 3. “Inferior” Uruguayan Mestizos beat 16 White groups, tie two. 4. “Inferior” Vietnamese beat 34 White groups, lose to eight, tie two.


Lynn, Richard. (January 2005). Business Today. Smith, Douglas K., Wessels, Richard A., Riebel, Emily M. August 1997. Use of the WISC-III and K-BIT with Hmong Students. School Psychology Training Program University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.
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263 thoughts on “Is the "White" IQ So Superior?”

  1. If IQs rising so much within one generation. Doesn´t this prove the weight environment plays: ex. Serbia vs. Poland, very similar gene stock, 99 vs. 90 IQs, Poland a rising economy in central Europe, ever since the communist system fell, with a very prosperous future, Serbia, the current economic conditions result of many wars, one of them with the USA. Poland´s GDP per capita, 18800 US and rising, Serbia, 10900 US. I think there´s more at play in the world than genes, and the big gaps will slowly close down as the world develops, if it develops.

  2. Wow…. Author of this blog for sure has anger issues and self esteem problems… You cannot raise chinese IQ from 100 to 105 just with a blog. Smart people in an age of technology, science and information do not die of hunger… If you are poor and dumb it simply means you cannot take care of yourself. IQ is a test.. But the real test is life.. China is poor and people die of hunger….they creativity.. That is their survival and today stand on simply cheap labour..facts, facts and just facts… Please give internet a break.. Most of all chinese.. Stop wanting to portray your race as superior.. You are not.. It is simple life style standards and social culture that does… And yes I know China. i lived there for 6 long years with shoving, shouting, spitting, pushing and ect ect. There is no culture.. And yes I can answer fluently even in mandarin along with another 6 languages

  3. One of the more coherent AmRenners explained their views in an interesting way, I’m paraphrasing;
    ‘When we talk about culture, we are of course talking about the culture Americans have their roots in; mainly Germany and the U.K., with a little Greek and Italian influence. That does not mean others are not White, it’s actually scarce to tell a European apart from an Armenian, so everyone in mainland Europe is definitely White’
    Alt-Right ‘darling’ Dan Coulter put a list of ‘non-White immigrant mass murderers’ out in response to some White committing a mass shooting. She casually refers to a Bosnian immigrant as ‘non-White’.
    The truth is, ANYONE can be dubbed non-White, when the WNs are hysterical. They are stupid, and susceptible.
    i.e. Robert Lindsay is a ‘commie anti-racist’, with curly hair, must be a Jew. GET HIM!

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