Support For the Uighurs

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Since it seems like virtually no one outside Muslims supports the Uighur battle for independence, I will support it. I realize that this is a tough time for China and that imperialism, particularly US imperialism, would love to use a new Uighur state to plant bases in it and surround China, but still I believe that something can be worked out.
A major stumbling block for the self-determination of nations, long a Left hallmark for which we Leftists can all be proud, is the cynical abuse of this right by hypocritical imperialist and Realpolitik-dealing large states.
Imperialist states, as I argued in a previous post, have no consistent values at all. They will support secessionism to further imperial goals or weaken enemies and oppose it everywhere else. An imperialist nation has the morals of a hardened criminal -> no legitimate morals at all.
If you follow this article, it seems like the vast majority Uighurs support the armed groups, which is how they are able to function at all in the locked-down police state of China. China has seeded East Turkestan with settler-colonists, as it has despicably done in Tibet. It treats the Uighurs like shit.
Almost no one seems to support Uighur secessionism. I’m sure that Muslims do, but Muslims do not have a very consistent basis for supporting secessionism. Most Muslims I have run into only support secessionism when it involves Muslims separating from non-Muslim states.
In all other cases, I guess they don’t support it! In particular, most oppose the liberation struggle of the Kurds, who have as good a case for a state of their own as anyone does.
In the comments section, Dragon Horse, a very smart commenter, made the case for the territorial integrity of borders.
He made several arguments: First, why should we be creating brand new mono-ethnic states?
Second , that what I was arguing for was radical devolution.
Third, that when the OAS was formed, the member states agreed on the territorial integrity of even colonial borders that made little sense in order to avoid endless secessionist wars. Hence, that in Africa, the principle of territorial integrity had a good record.
Fourth, that I was arguing for a world full of 100’s to 1000’s of Luxemborgs or Leichtensteins.
Fifth, that in an integrating globalized world, the last thing we needed was to move in the opposite direction.
My response is as follows:
The truth is that most nations on Earth simply do not wish to break away from the states of which they are a part of.
Legitimate secessionist movements are actual nations embedded with states that have a valid case for secession. I may evaluate that case in a later post.
In Latin America, I can think of no legitimate secessionist movement.
There are not many secessionist movements even in Africa, which you mention as the horrorshow of secessionist theory. The rebels in Darfur and South Sudan can leave Sudan for all I care. Sudan has forfeited its right to exist as a state. They can break it up into pieces for all I care. Somalia has no right to exist either. When a state is so failed that it cannot even govern its own citizens, it’s time to say goodbye.
In the Arab World, we have only the Kurds and that is all. Who have a most powerful case for independence.
I do not think that independence movements are trying to make monoethnic states, but even if they were, it would be more logical than multicultural states, which do not seem to work very well in praxis.
Your logic, in opposing all secessionist movements, leads to endless bloody wars for the bullshit cause of “territorial integrity of states”.
Tell me, why did Georgia, instantly birthed as a state in 1991, suddenly have any territorial integrity at all? Let us note that this territorial integrity became immediately sacrosanct the very hour that Georgia became a new state! Brand new states with no history behind them at least have to ask their citizens if they want to be part of this baby state. Those who wish to leave are certainly entitled to do so.
The world is not going to break up into hundreds or thousands of Luxembourgs because tiny states are not viable in the modern era either economically or militarily. There are advantages to being part of a large state in terms of both economics and military.
Even a world of small states could function well. Europe has an increasingly integrated military and economy in the OECD and NATO despite being made up of numerous mostly not very large states. Self-determination and regional integration are not contradictions.

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46 thoughts on “Support For the Uighurs”

  1. “Brand new states with no history behind them at least have to ask their citizens if they want to be part of this baby state. Those who wish to leave are certainly entitled to do so.”
    What cdo you think of nazi irredentism? Should Alsace and West Prussia have been seperated from Germany after WWI? What about the Sudentenland? I suppose most of the inter-war states could have had such problems.

      1. “It’s not right to chop up countries just because they lose a war. It’s ridiculous.”
        I completely agree with the idea that chopping up countries that lose wars is wrong on the principle that they lost. However, chopping a country up for anti-imperial reasons is okay to me. Personally, I would not have given sudetenland to the czechs as it was occupied by germans. Also, I think Poland deserved to be reconsistuted. Hungary is the country that got screwed the most. It lost over 70 percent of its territory and a large proportion of ethnic hungarians. The most tragic part occured in the ottoman areas though. Turkey should have been cut down to a small area of Anatolia and the Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, and Arabs should have gotten their lands back. Instead that cunt Wilson let them die on the vine.

  2. Rob, the Uighurs are completely unable to make use of their own territory. They are complete Central Asian savages. China has every right to use their territory for their own interests.

    1. “Rob, the Uighurs are completely unable to make use of their own territory. They are complete Central Asian savages. China has every right to use their territory for their own interests.”
      Oh no fpy3p!!! Spoken like a true jew. Next you can tell how those incompetant arabs can’t really make use the West Bank effectively.

  3. Wade, I’m a firm believer in geopolitics. Which is why I might seem inconsistent on this but not really. The world ain’t such a nice place.

  4. “Wade, I’m a firm believer in geopolitics”
    Whatever you say Mr. Kissenger. Since you’re an esteemed member of the korean jewish community, could you tell me if dog is a kosher meat?

  5. Wade, what’s your beef? You do realize don’t you that if China broke up like the USSR, the world is headed for 110% total domination by the you-know-whos, through their proxy empire? Kissinger is one of the less rancid jews around. He believed in balance of power and sphere of influence, not neocon total domination over the globe.

    1. “You do realize don’t you that if China broke up like the USSR, the world is headed for 110% total domination by the you-know-whos, through their proxy empire? ”
      Yes, I realize that. It’s really a shitty situation overall.
      “Kissinger is one of the less rancid jews around.”
      Which really says something…
      ” He believed in balance of power and sphere of influence, not neocon total domination over the globe.”
      Yes, but his time had more constraints. If he had been in charge after the fall of the Soviet Union he might have been a little different. The ravenous jews were over joyed when their largest obstacle to mudering gentiles fell apart.

    2. Please stop oppressing my Yellow Brother fpy3p. He is just acting out his oppression by the bearers of White Privilege like yourselves. I hope to raise him up from his False Consciousness.

      1. Hey Timmy, you realize that FPY hates Jews, right?
        Oh, that’s right, you’re a fake Jew. Sorry to blow your cover!

        1. He only *thinks* he hates Jews. The White Man made him think that because of white privilege. And the Holocaust.

        2. Your Tim Wise act is humorous, but your forgot one thing: Tim Wise is an asshole towards EVERYBODY, even “people of color” who don’t agree with him.
          Therefore, you also have to be a dick towards FPY and Hacienda.

        3. That’s also why he eats dogs. Do you think he likes it? It’s because the White Man told him that Koreans should eat dogs that he eats them.

        4. Also, you have to be even more of a prick on a personal level.
          Calling people nazi pieces of shit, racist assholes, and fascists is a good idea!

        5. I am Tim Wise. When you question my identity as Tim Wise, it hurts me just like the Holocaust. Your attempt to erase my Tim Wise Identity is an act of genocide stemming from your sense of White Privilege.

        6. And it’s just like a White Man to think he knows how to be Tim Wise better than me. You’re a nazi piece of s**t.

        7. And it’s just like a White Man to think he knows how to be Tim Wise better than me. You’re a nazi piece of s**t.
          Hey! Now you’re sounding like Tim Wise!
          Although Timmy wouldn’t bother censoring profanity, especially when he wants to call you a nazi piece of shit.

  6. “Wade, what’s your beef?”
    I’m only half serious, but I really don’t like the idea of dominating groups of people and destroying their cultures. This is a large part of the core of my hatred for jews and nazis. Jews destroy and distort cultures while trying to control the populace. The nazis did the same. It’s odd that a lot of the parasitic jews are ashkenazis who came out of germany or russia/poland. And the nazis origianted in the same area. Maybe its something in the water.

  7. Actually Sephardics were behind British imperialism and the Opium Wars. Especially that kike David Sassoon. I much prefer continental imperialism to maritime imperialism. What do you think of Kissinger vis-a-vis the neocon fucks dominating today?

    1. “Actually Sephardics were behind British imperialism and the Opium Wars”
      Sure, but ashkenazis are a large part of american imperealism. I don’t put this squarely on the jews though. Upper class anglo saxons were also involved in both and they can be quite a group of bloodsuckers too.
      ” I much prefer continental imperialism to maritime imperialism”
      What do you mean by continental? If you mean that Hitler and Napoleaon style crap then no, I hate it. If you mean “pre-modern” imperialism (which has nothing to do with “modernist” garbage) like the Holy Roman Empire or the Byzantine Empire, then I would answer with a resounding yes. Also. France was a continental country involved with imperalism and so were Spain and Portugal. Holland was to, but, to a degree, they were jew-fucked like Britain.
      “What do you think of Kissinger vis-a-vis the neocon fucks dominating today?”
      He seems better, but he had to deal with the Soviets during his time. The neo-cons went crazy partly because they didn’t have to deal with the soviets anymore.

      1. What I meant by “continental” was Tsarist Russia, USSR, Third Reich, Prussia, that type of thing. I hate Napoleon becuz he “emancipated” the kikes. Also France, Holland were essentially maritime although they weren’t islands because most of their colonies were removed by vast oceans. In that sense, Imperial Japan can also be seen somewhat as “continental” because they went after nearby and culturally similar territory, rather than far away like Britain, France, etc. And of course China and Iran/Persia kicked ass for long stretches of time.

        1. ” Imperial Japan can also be seen somewhat as “continental” because they went after nearby and culturally similar territory”
          I don’t know how culturally similar they were though. Even with respect to east asia, the japanese have always seen themselves not just as a unique culture, but also as a unique civilization. Outside of east asia they went after Austrailia, New Guinea, and much of the south pacific. They even had designs on the US.
          This whole modernist/militarist impereal turn the world took has ruined it to a large degree. People need to become more peaceful and rooted to the land. That’s another thing that makes jews so poisonous. They are rootless cosmopolitans who run roughshod over civilization in search of money.

  8. Isn’t it funny how the kikes turned on a dime to become anti-Soviet after 1945, when Comrade Stalin turned on them? They used to be the biggest commies out there before WWII, especially because the Fuhrer was kicking ass in Europe.

    1. “They used to be the biggest commies out there before WWII”
      They didn’t totally change. They just started supporting things like “the New Left” which were much less overt and much more insidious and damaging.
      Read aobut this kike or any of his shylock friends in the frankfurt school:

    2. @fpy3p
      Actually they went against Stalin in the 20’s because he wanted to create a progressive national Communist state and the international Jewish Communist lead by Trotsky wanted their version of the Taliban Afghanistan as a base for international terrorism and try to stop them genociding the Russians bring in a court system and centralising the government.
      Treasonous scumbags like Khoderkovsky and the other Jewish oligarchs decades later tried to sabotage the government prior to WW2 and overthrow the government which has falsely been called show trials although this has never actually been proven and foreign observers including the a representative of FDR observed the trials and the defendants were allowed to speak in open court.
      After WW2 most of these Trotskyite Communist joined the CIA to wage war on the Soviet Union and continue there pre-Stalinist Bolshevik policies in the US.

    1. “Wade, what do you think of Francis Parker Yockey?”
      Don’t know much about him, but I do know he liked Nazis. That’s a turn off for me, but I won’t pass a definitive judgement becasue I haven’t read him.

  9. Does it matter that these separatist states are fascist Robert which the Uighers are part supported by foreign terrorist and trained in camps in Afghanistan under the CIA/MI6 backed Islamic Taliban regime and part of this fascist Pan-Turkish nationalist movement.
    The riots against the Han Chinese in Xinjing in 2009 happened when German-Turkish terrorists where brought in to attack Chinese businesses in the region and spread a rumour that an ethnic Uigher was killed by a Han.,-Madrassas,-HeroinTerrorism
    Although they have been given substantial foreign backing, World Ugher Congress is financed by NED the major CIA front NGO, even the US admits that support for independence is minimal.
    There not really independence they are pushing for as these would essentially be a foreign colony of the US and Britain.
    Anybody notice how these Islamic separatist movements are supported by pro-Zionist Jewish supremacists.
    How can you support western backed Islamic fascist regimes yet deny the Serb Republic in Bosnia the only state I do support for independence?

  10. Tim, could you demonstrate some code switching for us? I hear you’re real good at that. Because of my white privilege, I remain shamefully monolingual. Damn I suck. So I’m thinking of learning AAVE as a second language, and I could use some tips.
    What say you, old chap?

      1. Oh my God, you’re a master. Thank you for responding to me! What an honor!
        Since I’ve got your attention, Tim, I’d like to ask you for some advice. I’m unemployed, and I’m thinking about going back to school. It seems the only decent paying work in America that hasn’t been outsourced by the folks who pay your speaking fees is in academia. I hear you can’t get anywhere there without being down with the Abolition of Whiteness. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m willing to get with it to land some of that sweet, sweet tenure. Could you give a white sista some advice? Even though I am an evil white settler living on stolen land, whose problems as an unemployed person are as naught compared to even Oprah, a gal’s gotta eat. I’m not a POC or marginally Jewish, but I am female, so that should count for something, right?
        Like you, I don’t have much time for that “community organizer” shit. It doesn’t pay well, and you have to talk to poor people. I can see by the way you left that scene like your ass was on fire that the sooner one hits the corporate diversity training circuit, the better. Please tell me how I can both relieve my white guilt while simultaneously confessing and exploiting my white privilege like you did, or I am gonna drown in my white woman’s tears.

        1. I can see by the way you left that scene like your ass was on fire that the sooner one hits the corporate diversity training circuit, the better.
          He claims to have worked with poor black people as a community organizer.
          Although as you hinted, I’m sure he went for the corporate diversity training circuit as soon as he could.
          Speaking of “community organizer.” For someone who claims to have such an expertise on white people, he is clueless as fuck with regards to how to reach out to them. The only whites who listen to him are those who:
          1. Hate him
          2. Already agree with him in the first place.
          3. Were forced to listen by bosses or professors.
          If he were truly interested in reaching the white masses, he’d alter his rhetoric and strategy.
          For a self-described radical, he really ought to read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.
          (which I’m now reading)

        2. Thank you, BAG. You should do a review of Rules when you’re done with it. I want to read it too sometime.
          I’m curious as to whether there is anyone who actually uses his rules.

        3. I’ll finish reading it and do a review later.
          But what I’ve learned so far is that Alinsky wrote Rules as a cautionary book designed to give alienated leftist/counterculture radicals advice on how to succeed.
          He distinguishes between real radicals and “rhetorical radicals.” Real radicals seek to practically advance their agenda and bring about real change.
          False rhetorical radicals, on the other hand, think that screaming tired/overused slogans, withdrawing from “the system,” and alienating themselves from mainstream society is the way to go.
          Thad once remarked that ever since the mid 70s, the left has abandoned a pragmatic course designed to bridge gaps, and instead has become increasingly rhetorically radicalized. Rules came out in 1971, and it was the likes of radical CRT bloggers/other leftist rhetorical kooks that Alinsky was critiquing.
          He recognized that unless the left started focusing more on pragmatics and on working within broader society, they would become increasingly estranged from the mainstream and allow the right to seize the initiative.
          Alinsky even points out that what these radicals believe isn’t necessarily wrong, but that they ought to temper their rhetoric and figure out how to successfully package their message.
          In a nutshell, Salinsky is about pragmatics, not rhetoric. He’s not interested in ideological purity, but is instead interested in the means used to achieve the end.
          Timmy Wise follows the advice to some extent. I’ve watched some of his lectures on youtube, where he speaks in front of white audiences. While he’s still very clueless as to how to reach the white masses, he at least tempers his radical rhetoric to some extent, and tries to put on a more respectable face.
          Ank Mie, on the other hand, for all her extreme radicalism and uncompromising attitude, sorely needs to read Rules, especially if she wants to have an impact among the white masses who comprise 96% of West Virginia (where she lives).
          (not that I’d want her to succeed anyway)

        4. What’s interesting is that I originally learned about Rules from moderate/pragmatic white nationalist Hunter Wallace, who had mentioned the book several times on his site.
          While the book was meant as a critique of/advice for the far left, any radical, regardless of ideology, could make use of Alinsky’s tips.

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    1. As a chinese patriot, I love every words u said. Being hated is stimulating and it means we’re doing something rite to arose the deep hatred of the enemies. In case u forgot, china at the moment is the outcome of decades living under the threat of at least one superpower or the end product of big power Darwinism. Hardtime welcome!! Pls keep it up and blow youself to pieces on the way to Jannah to meet your 72 houris

      1. Yeah but China is DEVELOPING country. You filthy Han niggers oppress the beautiful Caucasian Uyghurs. No I am not Caucasian fully, I am mostly Asian (Mongolian) with maybe 5 percent Aryan blood in me. I think White man is most superior, then Korean and Japanese, then Mongol, Turks, then Hispanics, and last CHINESE and BLACK NIGGERS. INFERIOR MONKEY SCUM

        1. Lol you got it wrong. Europeans, East Asian, West, Central and South Asians, South East Asians and Micro/Polyneasians, South Americans and Hispanics, Australian Aborigine and Blacks and then you Mongolian.

        2. You are a White man so i worship you and would hate to sue you, but if you violate my freedom of speech rights I will bring this case to civil court.

        3. Also if you show support for the Uyghurs (ur fellow honorary Aryan), WHY you must take nigger and Chinamin side and not mine. Mongolian have Aryan blood in us and we are VERY proud of being part Honorary White.

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