Chairman Mao Revisionism

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All Westerners agree that Mao was even worse than Stalin, so it was time to do a particularly evil and hateful troll, the pro-Chairman Mao troll.
Mao never starved 23-35 million or whatever to death during the Great Leap Forward, though there were 15 million dead through overprocurement and mass stupidity. The 23-35 million figures are derived by Western scholars by outrageously adding in the “deaths” of people who never even got born in the first place!
Yes, during the GLF, many women were malnourished and did not give birth, and this effect lasted for a few years even after the famine. A decline in the birth rate due to eggs and sperms not participating in fertilization is incredibly called murder!
At the same time, there was a wildly declining death rate every year before the GLF, and then a few years after, the death rate started drastically plummeting once again, so all that happened in the GLF was a wildly declining death rate went up (in one year quite a bit) for a few years, then began plummeting again.
It is also said that during the GLF, Mao heard about the famine deaths and refused to do anything about them. I do not know enough about the episode to take a position on that one way or another. Clearly, there was a serious lack of democracy within the party, and this led to the problems.
The GLF disaster happened like this: First there was the China-Soviet split, which was actually a pretty stupid development, and was evidence of Mao’s excessive radicalism. Problems were based on Khrushchev’s notion of peaceful cooperation with the non-Communist world versus Mao’s idea that the non-Communist world was an enemy that had to be confronted.
As a result of this stupidity on Mao’s part, the USSR left China, taking all of their advisors and aid with them. The advisors and aid had been essential in building up China from 1949-1958, and now all of this was crashing to a halt. Now China would have to build herself up all by herself with no help from anyone.
As Stalin did in the 1930’s, Mao decided to industrialize the Chinese state on the backs of the peasants. There is no other way. You have to feed all those urban workers somehow or other. Mao set wildly unrealistic demands for the rural harvests, and the local party leaders bought into the nonsense. There were natural disasters, yet the local leaders reported harvests vastly in excess of what actually occurred. Hence, there was vast overprovisioning and famine resulted in the countryside.
There are some problems with the 15 million figure, but that is the figure that the Chinese census came up with. Most of the deaths were due to disease.
Travelers in China, even to the worst-hit regions, did not report any obvious signs of famine, however, they did report that rations were very tight. Interviews with Chinese later indicate that there was a famine in China during this period, even in the cities, that people were reduced to eating grass in the fields, and that people did indeed die, mostly of disease.
The anti-Mao types claim that Mao knew about the starvation but said basically, the Hell with them, let them starve. I do not know enough about the situation to comment on this, but due to the lack of democracy in the party, apparently there were delays in telling the top leadership what was really going on in the countryside, and instead they were told what they wanted to hear.
The West looks at this most complex series of events and sees only mass murder, but what do you see? 140 million minimum have been killed in India alone as a consequence of not following the Chinese model in 1949, and 4 million more die every single year, and no one even says a peep but Lindsay the evil Commie mass murder lover.
Chairman Mao broke Stalin’s record of doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time, from 32 in 1949 (which the US loved) to 65 in 1976, a mere 27 year period, whereas Stalin took 40 years. And this, the greatest humanitarian achievement of all time, was done by the worst murderer of all time, Chairman Mao.
It was 1949-1953 and 700,000 landlords were being tried all of China. They were dirty, horrible and awful criminals almost all guilty of theft, rape, extortion and murder.
They raped the girls and women and killed the men and the peasant was dead at 32, his life hovering between life and death the whole way, but the West just loved it that way, and the kind folks that enforced this evil went to Taiwan and swore to reinstall the system that always killed way more than Mao, to the terror of the Chinese people, who rallied around the man who saved their lives, Mao.
The people put the despicable criminals on trial, and the people killed the warlord mass murderers themselves. It was Chmielnicki and Desallines and Nat Turner all over again. The party was supposed to intervene but they never did, and for this they are now condemned. Even then, Mao rued the excesses while he praised the notion of revolutionary terror.
The GPCR (Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) came for 10 years and went and many great and wonderful things happened along with many horrible and insane things, and it was all mixed up. The UN said the Barefoot Doctor Campaign during the GPCR was one of the greatest public health campaigns ever undertaken.
The Western liars now say that 30 million people were killed during the GPCR! Unbelievable!
There were 1 million excess deaths in the GPCR, but it was also a time of wildly exploding life expectancy and a rapid decline in the death rate, so it was all mixed up. Most of the deaths were said to be suicides as people were nearly hounded to their deaths. I guess it’s better than a bullet in the head. There were also about 29,000 executed during the GPCR.
Keep in mind that during the GPCR China saw increases in life expectancy that were the greatest such achievements that mankind has ever achieved.
A new book by a fellow named Jung Chiang has stated that Mao killed 80 million people! Wow! How did he manage that? And at the same time, produce the quickest doubling of life expectancy in a nation in the history of mankind.
You don’t set records of doubling life expectancy by killing tens of millions of people. Forget it. This book has been panned by just about every single China scholar alive, but it’s still being quoted reverentially by the West.
No one knows how many Mao killed. Forgetting about the Leap, because there were no intentional deaths there, there were 1.7 million excess deaths in which the regime either persecuted people into taking their own lives or the regime actually executed people.
No one knows about any deaths beyond the 1.7 million. Surely there were executions from 1953-1965, but no one knows how many. There was a Gulag system from 1949-1976, and surely folks died there, but no one knows how many. Obviously the true number of deaths is over 1.7 million, but until the CCP opens its archives, we will never know the true numbers. The CCP has never opened its archives, and God knows if they ever will.

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0 thoughts on “Chairman Mao Revisionism”

  1. Has no-one tried calling the one-child rule a genocide yet? Surely they could get a few hundred million out of that?

  2. “Chairman Mao broke Stalin’s record of doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time, from 32 in 1949 (which the US loved) to 65 in 1976, a mere 27 year period, whereas Stalin took 40 years”
    So they increased the life expectancy by 33 years within a 27 year period?
    I’m sure it makes sense, but it 2:30 am here and I don’t feel like pondering.
    I wonder what it is like when you go from no grandparents to great grand parents in a mere generation.
    I don’t mean to sound like a PC leftist, but why don’t these anti-communists ever take into account what it took to build US capitalism. Tons of dead indians and enslaved blacks are constatnly talked about in the US but no one seems to credit those deaths to capitalism. Even more tragically, no one mentions white “indentured servants”, factory workers, and poor people in general who were literally worked to death or extreme injury. It frustrates me that TYPICALLY the people who support the “left” in the US are some of the same types that Mao or Stalin would have wiped out in their day. The New Left is a capitalist trojan horse that has bee extremely effective. Now these people can shit on poor people (especially poor whites) and feel like they’re revolutionaries. The typical mindset is: “Hey, let’s wear out Che t-shirts to Starbucks.” The New Left is the parent of SWPL liberals.

    1. Wade, that video creeped me the fuck out. Now I realize why some Chinese are a bit strange looking, like Sun Yat-Sen. I’ve seen small numbers of Chinese with slightly Semitic features, such as large beady eyes and slight hook noses. They may have kike contamination in their genes. If you watch old kung fu movies, it’s funny how the bad guys are sometimes Semitic looking with beaky noses while the heroes are Aryan looking.

      1. LaRouche did a good video although dealing the recent Asia crisis that Wall Street banking interests financed Marxist universities and political thought in British occupied China over a truly nationalist leader.
        Unfortunately it seems to have been removed from both his LaRouchePac website and YouTube channel.
        Damn! It was a good video to.
        Anyway I like the Chinese people after suffering the genocidal occupation of Britain and constant interference, state sponsored terrorism and separatism since WW2.
        Now that China has removed the shackles of a foreign ideology of Communism and adopted market economics while maintaining state sovereignty achieved under Mao it has achieved amazing feats recently.
        With their high speed maglev rail system arguably the best in the world, to creating the world fastest super computer and now new advancements in nuclear processing technology.

  3. ” Two old-world civilisations: the jews and the Chinese” LOL Well, you wouldn’t expect the jews to appreciate the difference between a civilisation and a mafia.
    I didn’t know there were so many ‘yellow jews’. Is that accurate? Are they really accepted as jews by the rest of jewry – like could they migrate to Israel no questions asked? I’d like to know more about them. I’d been going on the assumption that China was advantaged in that at least the jews can’t pass themselves off as Chinese. Next thing we know the praesidium (or whatever you call it) of the Chinese CP will be all jews, but no-one will feel free to mention it. Maybe.
    I think that’s the million dollar question on which might hang the future of the human race: can the Chinese elites be corrupted even further, into looking to the US military (or the new ZOG world-military, NATO) to protect their investments, and turn over their nation to ZOG? Suppose that it IS the case that ZOG is deliberately de-skilling the US in computer programming, and having all the high end research work outsourced to Israel; that the USA is to become nothing more than a weapons manufacturer, the US military to be replaced by a multi-national standing NATO force with no national loyalties – i.e. ready to move against any rebellion anywhere, including the USA – that ZOG will have its loyal jews-only republican guard with the advanced technologies and access to the command and control and communications software of everyone else, in case of rebellion – what’s the fly in the ointment? That China has about 100,000 times as many specialists working on cyber-warfare as Israel ( and hundreds of times more than the USA). China will inevitably become unassailable; it may be already. There was a really good piece on VT recently that envisaged the 3rd world war, an assault on China – ending as soon as it started because the communications satellites and command and control all went offline (like Battlestar Galactica). This might sound like science fiction, but it’s not. The USA can’t nuke enough of China to stop this without making the planet uninhabitable. So ZOG has already lost – one day they’ll be called to account, if they don’t take down Western civilisation or the whole world with them. Or alternatively they might surreptitiously replace the Chinese CP with jews. I like to think that the difference between a 3,000 year old civilisation and a mafia will tell out in the end.

  4. I meant “Aryan” in the sense of having a straight nose and looking somewhat Persian, which is what happens when these Chinese actors get their eyes and noses altered.

  5. For example Mr. Han in Enter the Dragon, although he was a bad guy, obviously got a nose job to make it look more European. On the other hand, I’ve seen many hook-nosed villains in 1970s Hong Kong flicks.

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