0 thoughts on “No Way Is That Real”

  1. Ugh, Robert, you just had to, didn’t you? 🙂
    Yeah, that’s pretty fucking disgusting. If that’s what BBC (big black cock) entails, I’ll keep my white dick! 🙂

  2. That’s the famous Long Dong Silver, right? According to “The Big Penis Book” his wang was fake:
    The hefty hardback is bookended by two industry legends, known both in the gay and straight outré oeuvre: long gone but not forgotten 11-inched John Holmes (1944-1988) and “Long Dong Silver,” an entirely fabricated character created by photographer Jay Myrdal and the very much still alive Daniel Mead.
    Although much has been written of the dick-obsessed Holmes and his coked-out adventures in both straight and gay porn—before he died of AIDS—it was news to me that the “thing” attached to the 18-inched Long Dong was nothing more than a prosthetic created by the makeup dude who worked on the movie The Elephant Man. During photo shoots a light and flexible foam latex sleeve was placed over Mead’s penis, glued down to his pubes, and voilà, the “legend” would then “perform.”

    1. That’s the famous Long Dong Silver
      Wait a minute, isn’t he the porn star Clarence Thomas showed to Anita Hill?

  3. LOL, I’m surprised you could think that is real. There are whole sites dedicated to “monster cocks,” which are basically rubber penises.

    1. I am gullible when it comes to dicks. My own is so huge, I just figure that most other guys are giants too. Sadly, most of them are just little tiny peewees. It’s really tragic.

      1. Sadly, most of them are just little tiny peewees. It’s really tragic.
        Dare I ask how do you know that?
        What bars and clubs do you frequent?

  4. Robert I thought that was the latest publication of that jihadist magazine you have posted here twice:
    Jihadist instructions on how the gets bombs passed the TSA scanner put in explosives in your dick.
    Chertoff introduces new TSA penise scanner.

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