So How Do I Get Me a North Korean Chick?

Repost from the old site.

A gorgeous yet deadly North Korean babe surveys the landscape for feral capitalist lowlifes, male and female, trying to infringe on her territory. She’ll bite your head off guys, and soon you will die smiling, but you will be so in love you will keep on fucking her headless-chicken style, then when she has her last of her many Asian female orgasms, she will devour you whole, as Commies are known to be cannibals, just read accounts of the Cultural Revolution.
There is something about a Suzie Wong type Commie cannibal chick who could kill me at any time that I find irresistibly hot.
Yeah, I got yellow fever, what about it? And if that makes anyone mad, go drown yourself in a bowl of sharkskin soup already. Older American women are furious at Asian women for stealing all the older guys. Too bad. Asian chicks are nice, and with you ladies it’s the new Bitches Gone Wild DVD on endless replay. Try being nice and we won’t eat the fortune cookies.
Woman!? Do you understand me!? You are talking to a man, woman! You will lower your voice when you talk to a man! There, now I don’t feel so wimpy.
Now excuse me while I go write a check to NOW and NARAL. God I love cognitive dissonance.

Dang they are hot. Oh baby! Come to papa. I’m even a Stalinist, come on, don’t be shy.
Notice that as anti-Communist propaganda, excuse me, the whole US media, tells us, this babe is obviously malnourished, diseased and starving to death. Soon she will be dead, no doubt, like all of her countrywomen. And we shall not shed a tear, as they were all Commie biatches, and your usual capitalist “What’s your net worth, baby?” female, who is obviously not any kind of whore at all, is oh so superior.
She look like a Confederate concentration camp victim to you? Come on, man, quit reading that New York Times crap already.

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2 thoughts on “So How Do I Get Me a North Korean Chick?”

  1. There are babes in SOUTH Korea, too.
    Communism tends to make women ugly.
    You notice how hot East Europeans have gotten in the last 20 years.

    1. “Communism tends to make women ugly.”
      Looks like someone has been watching too many James Bond type flicks. East European women always looked good. You just didn’t see it before 20 years, because you got brainwashed by the corporate media propaganda that America is the land of milk and honey while the communist world is filled with villianous uglies.
      South Korean women are so fickle, fake and materialistic that a barbie doll would seem real and lifelike in comparison. On par with Japanese women. You just have to experience them to develop a strong revolting distaste for them, no matter what they look like.

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