Anal is the New Oral?

Repost from the old site. The anal sex fad, fed largely by pornography, continues. This is an interesting article on the fad as it plays out amongst upper middle class and upper class White yuppies, the only people most magazine journalists ever interview for any story, because these are the only people they ever know. Ever noticed how every Time or Newsweek Magazine article interviewing “ordinary Americans” always interviews doctors and lawyers? Same with most other magazines. Same with way too many movies. Highly-paid journalists don’t know any working class people, so the vast majority of our media tells the tales of the upper middle class and upper class. Anyway, back to the article. The article deals with some not very good acting young males who are having sex with women and more or less acting like pigs about it. I thought that their comments were out of line, though truth be told, ladies, a lot of us guys are basically just pigs (actually, I’m more of a dog than a pig, but you get the picture) and a lot of us do talk this way about you all when you’re not around. The comments at the end are great, especially the furious comments of the women. I was actually cheering these women on when they were laying it into these guys. I don’t like feminazis, but I like a woman who stands up for herself and her gender. It’s complicated.

They described the men in this article with the following words:
Boys; horrible; asshats; mindless brutal and unfeeling animals; immature; sociopathic; rapists; pigs; closet cases; disgusting; assholes; frat boy mentality; awful; misogynists; objectifiers of women; sadists; disrespectful; dickblisters; rape apologists; horrific; pro-rape; low-lifes; disgusting excuses for human beings; loathsome, tools.

A number of the women said basically, hey, if you guys like it so much, let us to it you, and see how you like it! Some samples that I thought were humorous:

If men are so enamoured with anal sex I say buy your female partner a strap-on and experience it for yourselves.I tell my husband if he is willing to let me do him with a dildo, then I will let him try anal sex. Same with a blow job, no big thrill for me there either, and it is a little demeaning. I tell my husband, when he shows me he can ram a banana down his throat 10 or 20 times without throwing up, then I can too! So, you big strong men, put up or shut up! The only man who has the right to “demand” anal sex is the one who just took a large dildo up the anus by the woman whose anus he is “demanding” to screw.

I asked Sexmaniacman about the article and this is what he said:

Thanks, Bob, my good friend, for letting me comment on this subject. To tell the embarrassing truth, I’ve jerked to countless fantasies and porn videos featuring anal sex (That’s men doing it to women, thank you very much!). On the other hand, I’ve hardly done it much in my life.I did it to this one woman once. With the same woman, I also used to stick my finger up her ass while we fucked. She used to do the same to me while I fucked her, and I really did not mind it. I never even asked, I just started sticking my finger up her ass, and she started doing it to me during our endless sex sessions. One time I was with this beautiful Korean woman I picked up in Koreatown. We went back to my place and she was giving me a great blowjob. Just as I was about to cum, she stuck her finger up my ass, fingernail and all, and massaged my prostate gland! That was one great orgasm, I tell ya! I later told some guys about it at work and they acted like it was sort of gay or something of me to do that. My attitude was fuck you guys. I’m screwing a beautiful woman, and there’s something gay about that? At one point, when I was feeling really sick and perverted, I bought a dildo and used to stick it up my ass. It’s a weird feeling, and it causes some bleeding. I still like to stick my finger up my ass from time to time, and I have a girlfriend now who makes me do it so she can watch. She really gets off on it! I haven’t tried anal with her yet though. I have my doubts about it, and I’m worried it loosens the sphincter muscle so you can anal leakage. I don’t want that for myself, and I’m worried about causing it in women. I think there are a lot of medical issues with this kind of sex that are pretty dubious. Straight sex and oral are a million times safer.

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  1. It is interesting how sheeplike people are. Porn movies show bald pussy, straight guys on the internet and drive time radio insist they can only be turned on by bald pussy. Porn movies show a lot of anal, suddenly everyone is into anal.
    It’s just weird for something as personal as sex to be dictated as easily as a hemline. Then again since I only have friends in low places, I don’t encounter many of the people written about in Details.
    Shall we make a field trip to piss on the grave of Bernays?

    1. Fuck that shit. I am tired off all these bitches in pornoz with their shaven cunts. when were chicks intented to look that way. pussies have had hair throughout centries and some porn producer wants to fuck up the human female attatomy for decades to come just to make a quik buck cause he thinks some guys like shaven cunts but they look like just a bunch of skin. what about a nice triangle shaped bush not the full 70 hippy bush but the 80’s and 90’s playboy look was just fine a nice shaped bush waxed along the bikini line to make a nice triange shape to dine into.

      1. As a kid when first came across porn and saw women had bushes, I was shocked. Shocked. Struck me as a crime against nature. But then I figured the bush is a kind of natural clothing. Clothing before clothes were invented. Possibly to prevent 24/7 fuck sessions and orgies. It’s a way of calming the drive. A naked slit is lever, automatic turn on. Like turning on a lightbulb. There has to be an off switch. GOT to be able to turn off the electricity.

        1. La Fleur: Same deal with lesbianism. Suddenly all straight guys are supposed to be turned on by two women going at it. When I growing up in the 80s no one was into it. Well, almost no one. I remember once sneaking into the porn section of the local newsstand and seeing a magazine with the title “Dykey Dorm Mates.” That was all. Now, every red blooded straight guy has to enjoy seeing two or more girls kiss or make out. I still don’t get it, but most guys my age or younger will at least claim to be into it. They must be very confident, because where they hear “You want to watch and maybe join in?” I hear “Your services are no longer required.”

  2. All that is solid melts into air – now it’s your sphincter muscles. Capitalism breaks down every door, enters every opening. Every unpenetrated asshole in the world is unaccumulated capital, an investment opportunity, a possible asset to be bundle into a credit default swap. Think of all those 6 billion assholes in the world. How much of each day do they spend passing out shit – half an hour ? That leaves what? Well nearly guess 16 hours x 6 billion – that’s a LOT of hours that could be turned to a profit. Get with the program, learn to live with it – capitalism WILL have your ass!

      1. Really? They’re hard and just don’t look right. I can understand if a woman has implants after a mastectomy, but to take a perfectly healthy breast and stuff a bag of silicone into it is a desecration in my eyes. Long live soft, pliant, natural breasts!

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