The Problem with Moral Superiority

The problem with moral superiority from a race realist perspective is that in my opinion, probably 80 So morals are not a good variable to use when deciding if some race is inherently superior to another race or not, and I’m not really interested in doing that anyway. Let’s take Mexican Indians. Second generation ones here act downright horrible. They’ve settled into a “culture” that is only somewhat above that of ghetto Blacks. However, if you go back to a small village in Mexico or Guatemala and find folks with more or less the same genes, they probably act very, very good. Small Mexican villages often have excellent morality and almost zero crime. Blacks in general in the US are morally inferior to Whites, but if you to Africa and find small villages, you may well still find cultures that work very well, have little or no crime and have excellent morals. Those Africans probably have genes that look a lot like the genes of US Blacks. If anything, the US Blacks are a lot Whiter, yet their behavior is orders of magnitude worse. So I would consider those African and Mexican Indian villagers to be morally on a par with Whites. They’re not a lower race at all. You can see now where I have a hard time seeing morality as coded into the genes. My point though is, “Who cares!” Who cares why US Blacks and Hispanics have low morals relative to my great, morally superior White people? Is it in the genes? Is it in the culture? Is it a combination? Who cares, and why does it matter. All that matters is that they have low morals, and that’s all we need to know, right?

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0 thoughts on “The Problem with Moral Superiority”

  1. While I wouldn’t use exactly the terms Robert uses, I do (in discussions with others) adamantly refuse to “define culture downwards” to be multi-cultural.
    Blasting rap music from rolled-down car windows is part of an INFERIOR culture, not a merely DIFFERENT one. It enriches no one’s life but the perpetrator.

  2. Let’s take Mexican Indians. Second generation ones here act downright horrible. They’ve settled into a “culture” that is only somewhat above that of ghetto Blacks.
    Why do you think they do this? Is it because they have their asses kissed by guilty white liberals from day one, and are told that they are an oppressed group that deserves handouts? The Mexicans I know who came here before la inundacion don’t have this attitude at all, but they live spread out in mostly white areas, not concentrated in barrios.

    1. I don’t really want to get into theories about why. Frankly, I do not think that these folks belong in a First World culture. Placed in a First World culture, they may well fail and far behind, and then all the Underclass shit just flows from that.
      Problem is when you get into the whys, you start heading into the terrain of ugly racist theory.
      The older more assimilated Mexican Americans do all right. There is something horribly wrong with the newer ones. Sociology is the land of dead theory and PC poison.
      One thing I will say though is “the children of low wage immigrants are criminals.” This is so clear to me. We had a horrific time with Irish and Italian low wage immigrants and their criminal spawn for decades. It’s nearly a century later that we have finally civilized them.
      The big question is, “Are the Mexicans Italians or are the Mexicans not Italians?” The Mexicans are Italians argument says that at some future time they will assimilate. I’m actually rather dubious!

      1. You’re generalizing here, I think. It was just a small percentage of east coast urban Irish and Italians who were criminal though, weren’t they? Irish, Italians, Poles and Germans filled the solid, safe blue collar neighborhoods in cities like Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit before the 60s. I remember reading an article about the 1986 murder of a black man by Italians in Howard Beach, Queens. One guy said the neighborhood then was generally so safe that his mother could walk down the street with $100 in her purse and not worry.
        I used to live in an immigrant Polish neighborhood. They were docile, hard workers, and it was very safe.

        1. Italian neighborhoods have been safe for a long time now, but we had a terrible problem with Irish and Italian street gangs and organized crime for decades in this country. Do some research on the Irish in big US cities in the 1800’s and you would think you were reading about inner city Blacks. Seriously!
          There were Italian street gangs for many, many years in the US, and Italian Organized Crime was horrible. A good part of the police load in big cities used to be taken up with Italian crime of various crimes.
          Italians and of course Irish have been very well assimilated for at least 50 years now, maybe even longer. Thing is it was a long ugly haul to get there.

      2. It’s silly to compare the recent Messican and Black gang/crime culture to the Irish or Italians. Re: 20s-30s era Italians… Old -style gangsters shied away from involving “civilians”, and the police in their dealings.
        They were really just into black-market capitalism, and their ultimate goal was (for their families) to assimilate, to be respectable. They always had real, actual “cover” businesses, were family men, disapproved of their own being druggies or scumbags, etc.
        The Irish were rough, but mostly just because they were dumped into horrible ghettoes at first, and in no time they had a monopoly on the police, fire dept. and the political machine.
        Ghetto-poor Blacks have had how long to assimilate? And they haven’t, really. Can you see (mestizo) Messicans becoming “white”, just like the Irish and Italians (and Poles)? Nope. Why? That their culture isn’t really European might be guess #1…too much Aztec/Mayan blood guess #2.

        1. ” Why? That their culture isn’t really European might be guess #1…too much Aztec/Mayan blood guess #2.”
          Too much to be gained by the group elites from Affirmative Action and other minority handouts might be guess #3

  3. Dear Robert
    A large number of Italian immigrants arrived in Canada between 1945 and 1965. Most of them were poorly educated and had blue-collar jobs, but the one thing that you can’t say about Italians in Canada is that they are a crime-prone minority. Not at all.
    In a recent issue of the German weekly Der Spiegel, there were some statistics about murder in the EU. It turns out that the Baltic countries are the unsafest, with murder rates of around 8/100,000, while Germany and Austria are the safest, with murder rates under 1/100,000. For comparison, the US murder rate is about 5/100,000 and Canada’s about 2/100,000.
    The Baltic countries are of course lily-white, while Germany and Austria have a fair number of non-whites. Such statistics show the limits of racial explanations.
    Regards. James

  4. Bob,
    It’s all very simple and psychological.At home, the Indians, Africans etc are respectful because they ‘respect’ Whites, insofar as the residual power and technological prowess of Whites still packs some clout.
    Bu in the good ol’ USA Blacks and Mexicans have the upper hand – and they know it – hence the REAL character (shorn of obsequieness), comes out.Basically they hold Whites in barely concealed contempt.

  5. 80% of morals is culture? really? nature vs nurture is basically settled, and nature wins. even something as complex as personality is at least slightly tipped to nature.

    1. “80% of morals is culture” might be better stated as “80% of morals is subjective.”
      i especially thought of that when you started to talk about “organized” vs. “disorganized”, and i made the connection in my mind to organized crime…and how a lot of power (in the anthropological sense) is really a matter of organization and does not necessarily come from a moral place.

  6. your comparison of American blacks to Africans is probably not fair. if nearly everybody living in your city/town is also living in a mud & straw hut, you’re just not that motivated to fuck shit up. if you’re black and American, you probably live in a big city where you see first-hand really crazy wealth disparity.
    i’d even go so far as to say that American whites are becoming more coarse due to this wealth disparity.

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