Street Gangs of Melbourne

[youtube=] Interesting that these are mostly Whites. The gang members are apparently all Lebanese Muslims. They also rape women, often European White women, similar to the behavior of the Muslims of Europe who are from Iraq, North Africa and Somalia. Curiously, there are also many Lebanese Christians in Australia, but they cause almost zero problems. Once again, it looks like the main factor driving the gang crime is the presence of Muslims in a Western society. For some reason, young Muslims in the West are often angry at infidel society and lash out by engaging in crime and forming gangs. These gangs seem somewhat lightweight compared to our Black and Hispanic gangs, possibly due to strict gun control in Australia, but nevertheless, they don’t seem like very nice people. 15 gang stabbings in a weekend, even in a big city, is quite a few. Whose bright idea was it to bring these idiots into the West?

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0 thoughts on “Street Gangs of Melbourne”

  1. gun control has not kept guns out of the hands of gangs. even criminal in prison have found way to smugle or create their own guns. some gun control is reasonable such as criminal background checks but banning guns for law abiding citizens would be a terrible idea.

      1. Look at Switzerland with low crime and high gun ownership. DC’s crime went up while the rest of the Nation’s crime went down — during their hand gun ban. I have no problem with everyday citizen’s carrying guns, proven that they go through a course, have no felonies, and in general, are responsible people. I actually think the regulations most states have in place right now are about right (where you have to apply for a permit, etc. ). Having some degree of gun regulation is a good idea. Cops find you without your permit and a hand gun AND you are carrying it in a public place, you go to prison. If you have a permit but simply forgot it, you get a fine.

        1. Nope, John Stossel is a liar. Counties with successful gun control have low homicide rates because it is very hard to get a gun in those places.
          You can always have a shotgun or a hunting rifle, no one will stop you from having this. Nations that are flooded with guns, say after a Civil War, experience an explosion of violent crime.
          It’s hard to kill people without guns, so nations with good gun control and few guns have few homicides. Switzerland is full of hunting rifles, not handguns.
          The US is totally flooded with guns right now, so it’s uncertain how much good gun control could do. I surely don’t want a gun to protect myself. A gun is 30-40 times more likely to be used to commit homicide or suicide in the home as it is to prevent a crime.
          Our cities are flooded with guns. Consequently, they are flooded with gun crime, as might be expected.

        2. Stossel is a lying sack of shit on a lot of things. I always get him and Michael Medved confused. Same bullshit.

  2. I have a shotgun that I inherited from my G-PA. I have never been hunting (nor do I really have much of an interest) but I have shot clay pigeons, which is fun. It makes me feel marginally safer around my place, but I imagine I would feel a lot safer if I HAD to live in a bad area.

  3. Bob, what do you think of my comments?
    Full disclosure, I’ve been thinking about getting a handgun to have around the house. The only thing that is encumbering me is all the laws, which I think are reasonable, because I may move to another state.

    1. Your comments suck. The American obsession with guns is insane. It’s the reason for our sky high gun crime and gun homicide rate.
      I certainly do not want any gun anywhere near me. I hate those things and they scare the living shit out of me.

      1. Well hand gun control only increased killings in DC while crime went down for the nation overall. It’s really hard to predict how often a gun is used to prevent a crime. Sometimes just displaying a gun averts violence.
        Neighboring Austria, France, Germany, and Italy, all with stricter gun-control laws, had murder rates during 2000 that were 21 to 112 percent higher than Switzerland’s.
        The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual Uniform Crime Report ranking of cities over 40,000 in population by violent crime rates (per 100,000 population) finds that the ten cities with the highest violent crime rates for 2003 include three cities in the very strict state of New Jersey, one in the fairly restrictive state of Massachusetts.
        One huge problem here is that there are no known studies (as far as I am aware) that control for race, which is a very significant variable.
        What do think, Robert?

        1. Nope, gun control works. Compare nations that have no gun control period and are flooded with guns with nations with strict gun control where guns are hard to get.
          Washington DC is flooded with guns, so it’s uncertain how much good gun control will do.
          A nation flooded with handguns and assault weapons is a nation full of crime.
          Only long rifles are legal in Switzerland if I am not mistaken. It’s not like everyone is walking around packing a handgun.
          The debate on guns and handguns was settled long long ago. Good handgun control reduces violent crime, in particular homicide. There’s nothing to debate anymore. It’s just that American gun nuts don’t believe this because they want guns to keep them safe, but guns don’t keep you safe at all.
          As I said, the debate was ended long ago. There’ s nothing more to discuss.

        2. “Washington DC is flooded with guns”
          Washington DC is also flooded with something else, which is the real reason why crime is so high.

        3. Washington DC is also flooded with something else, which is the real reason why crime is so high.
          Oakland, Detroit, Baltimore, and similar cities have also been flooded with similar water.

      2. Interesting point. I was in the UK a couple weeks ago on business (one of the people trapped in the travel nightmare too) and I have a couple observations. It would appear that England is a lot more big brotherish than the U.S., even with the Patriot Act. All the things that make libertarians scream: almost no private ownership of guns, CCTV on every street corner. Street crime is virtually non existent. Almost none of the fear based hysteria that permeates every corner of American life. They could create “1984” I guess, but so far they haven’t. And the comparative lack of fear makes for a population much less likely to be cowed into submission to an authoritarian government than the average American lemming horde. One of them there paradoxes, I guess.

  4. “As I said, the debate was ended long ago. There’ s nothing more to discuss.”
    I dunno man.
    I agree that if there are no guns there will be less gun crime. But criminals can get them easily on the black market still, from what I understand.

  5. Whose bright idea was it to bring these idiots into the West? –Robert L–
    heg: lt was the jews and their Useful diots, aka liberal-commie scumbag shit for brain white people. The whole idea is to destroy all white countries and create a civil war and make white people a minority in their own country. And as we can see in the video the plan is working.
    This immigrant gang wars can be found in any white country. And the jews most useful idiots, who the jews calls “journalists” are doing their best to lie and cover up this. How many americans knows that white women are raped by niggers in America – EVERY YEAR! Guess how many black women are raped by white people? Zero, nada, as in Don’t exist.
    But what l don’t get Robert Lindsay is WTF you complain about. You have promoted unlimited mass-immigration into America. Enjoy your jew-run shithole Kikifonia.
    “Horrible Jewish woman moves to Europe to destroy western culture ”
    Soros is top jewish fund manager for leftist lobby

      1. I have not promoted unlimited mass immigration to the US. –RL–
        heg: You Robert is a selfproclaimed communist and ALL communists promotes unlimited 3 world mass immigration. No exceptions – that would be “RAAAZZZZIIISST”. Redneck hillbilly rightwing extremist bigot reactionary …you know.
        Are you communist you are pro unlímited mass immigration.

    1. ls or is NOT the jews behind every single bill in senate and congress on gun ban written by the jews? Yes or no?
      ln Kikistan (the so called israel) all non-jews are gun banned. The ONLY ones that have guns in “israel” are the jews. lf you want a tast of what the jews did in Soviet where the jews had all the guns and all non-jews was gun banned, you only have to look at what the jews are doing in “israel” to all non-jews.
      “… why was it “highly likely that anyone unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of the Cheka would go before a Jewish interrogator or be shot by a Jew.” (46)?

      1. No way! Heg loves the Jews!
        He could be an insane philo-Semite at heart trying to repress it. LOL!

  6. Recent Medical Warning!
    Number of physicians in the US: 700,000.
    Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year: 120,000.
    Accidental deaths per physician… 0.171 (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)
    Number of gun owners in the US: 80,000,000.
    Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups) 1,500.
    Accidental deaths per gun owner: 0.0000188
    Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.
    “FACT: Not everyone has a gun, but everyone has at least one Doctor.”

  7. “Interesting that these are mostly whites.”
    Are you talking about the Lebanese gang members? In Australia, even Southern European Christians aren’t considered white, they’re viewed as “wogs”. Aussies effectively push a non-white identity on Southern European and Middle Eastern immigrants. Naturally they’re pissed off at Aussie society. Anglo-Australians are some of the biggest racist assholes in the Western world.
    Have you ever heard of an Arab street gang in the US? I know of only two in the entire US: TAP in Chicago and Chaldean Folks in Detroit. Both are minor gangs and neither are known for racist attacks on “white people” Wht the lack of gang activity amonf US Arabs?.. Arabs in the US are allowed a level of assimiliation that those in Australia are not allowed.
    Clearly the Lebanese guys in the video are pissed off at Aussie society. In the US, even th most downtrodden Central American MS13 gang member isn’t that pissed off at the US or “white people”. Australian society is doing something wrong.

  8. yous got nothn i mean i come from melbourne aus and most gangs ova there have mainly whites like me in em and they all do the same stuff

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