How Not to Spend Your Holidays

Don’t spend them reading Ronald Reagan’s biography. But if you’re Republican President Morocco Bama, that’s exactly how you will spend your holidays. In Hawaii, reading the biography of the man who Barack Obanksta virtually worships, his hero of all heroes, Ronald Reagan. Let’s get real here for second. Obama enacts conservative policies why? Because he’s forced to? No, because Obama is a conservative. The guy’s basically a Republican, like all New Democrats. We liberals really need to start figuring that out. He’s not one of us. He’s the enemy. In order to understand Obama, you need to understand New Democrats. New Democrats regard liberals as being just as bad as conservatives. They explicitly reject any and all liberal policies. They reject FDR, the New Deal and the Great Society. And if you read their papers carefully, it’s clear that they want to get rid of the New Deal and the Great Society. Supposedly they are going to do it in a nicer way than the Republicans are. Before we get into a debate about whether Obama and New Democrats are stupid or evil or both, we need to consider that they may well just be ideologues. I’ve read many of their papers. They’ve been flushing out reams of the same dreck for 20 years now and they haven’t changed one bit. Obama’s policies come right out of the DLC, the Progressive (sic) Policy Institute and other fetid New Demorat sumps. I think it’s possible that the New Democrats are ideologues in thrall to a spectacularly bad and failed ideology. Like neocons, they can’t admit that they are wrong. Take the recent tax cut bill. It was no compromise. New Democrat ideology says that you can’t cut taxes enough. New Democrats say that liberals want to raise taxes on the rich and corporations, and the DLC explicitly rejects this approach. So the amendment which began the destruction of the estate tax in the US, which raised the exemption from $1 million to $5 million and lowered the tax to 35

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15 thoughts on “How Not to Spend Your Holidays”

  1. I admire Ronald Reagan too. He saved mankind from the Sandinistas. I also admire George W. Bush, who saved mankind from Al Qaeda. The whole world owes an immense debt of gratitude to these two extraordinary Republican statesmen.
    Regards. James

    1. I would have a Sandanesta government anyday which would not effect us in the least over an international Islamic terrorist movement that he help vastly expand.
      Blum did a good post on Reagan although he should included Yugoslavia planning for destabilisation started under his administration.
      Bush did not save us from the phoney Al Qaeda threat he help support it even helping them to establish a state in Europe and destroy the only anti-Islamic secular regime in the Mid East.

    2. How could Reagan have “saved us” from “Sandinista!”, an underrated album by The Clash?
      George W. saved no one from Al Qaeda. He didn’t save anyone in the three buildings and four aircraft they have thus far managed to destroy over here. You are truly mad. They have meds for that, you know!

    3. So, if those two a-holes saved us, then we don’t need a War on Terror, and we can proceed to cut the military by 50%. I have some of what J.S. is smoking!

    1. Don’t forger overseas imperialism.
      Euphemistically known as “globalism.”
      Also, don’t forget outsourcing, insourcing, and unconditional support for IsraHELL.

  2. What do you make of this Robert Marx was the first person to advocate mass genocide and had racist views against people.

    1. This sounded inaccurate to me and a little research turns up almost nothing to back up these claims about. Apparently Engels (not Marx) made some stupid comments about this subject, once.
      As far as attributing ideas of genocide as originating w/Marx- that’s laughable. As is the idea that Marx (who lived in London) would advocate exterminating Scots Highlanders. It’s just ludicrous!
      Marx was a philosopher, primarily, though, so maybe there is passage somewhere, taken out of context, that addresses this subject.

  3. Sorry, my remarks about Reagan and Bush were totally sarcastic. Reagan presented the Sandinistas as a huge threat and Bush did the same with Al Qaeda. Neither group could do much damage and it was ridiculous to regard them as planetary dangers. That was my point. James

    1. @James Schipper
      Although it was under Clinton we supported the Islamic regime in Bosnia and so called Al Qaeda including giving Bin Ladin a Bosnian passport in 93 it continued under Bush were even the foreign minister of the Bosnia government set up a terrorist training camp in Pennsylvania.
      “On August 2001, Safet Catovic organized the summer Jihad Camp at the place where one of the planes which targeted the twin towers was downed, together with imam Sirai Fahai, suspect in the first attack on New York Trade Center, in 1993″, Trifunovic explained.
      Links between 9/11 and the Al-Qaeda network in Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Officials of the Muslim-Croat Federation in B-H never released any information to the US investigators or lawyers representing the families of 9/11 victims, because such information would cast a new light on the entire B-H conflict. They would have made it obvious that the war was a jihad, a religious war waged against Bosnia’s Christians by the Islamic extremists.
      The Interpol office in Wiesbaden, Germany sent a request to the Bosnian authorities on 18 September 2001 to verify the identity of a certain Mr. Atta, who according to their information used to reside in the hamlet of Bakotic, 8 km outside Maglaj, in 1999. Attached to the request was the photo of Mohamed Atta, and a note to verify it through a certain Mehmed Hasanic, a resident of Bakotic. This means Mohamed Atta was trained in B-H; it is known that he left B-H for Hamburg, from where he proceeded to the United States and his ultimate mission – to destroy the Twin Towers.
      Sheikh Omar abd-al Rahman (convicted of the 1993 attack on the WTC) was connected with the so-called humanitarian organization TWRA, which was a cover for terrorists. Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic made personal guarantees for TWRA’s general director and personal friend Elfatih Hassanein, so he could open an account with Die Erste Osterreich Bank in Vienna, Austria in 1993.
      Mohammed Haydar Zammar, who recruited Mohamed Atta into Al-Qaeda, had a terrorist base in Bosnia. Zammar is also responsible for recruiting two of Atta’s lieutenants, Ramzi Binalsahib and Said Bahaji.
      Osama bin Laden received a Bosnian passport from the Embassy in Vienna, Austria. Many other Al-Qaeda members were issued B-H passports, which enabled them to continue their terrorist activities.
      Abu al-Ma’ali (Abdelkader Mokhtari), a senior Al-Qaeda operative, was stationed in Bosnia until recently. Just a few years ago, US officials used to call him “Osama Bin Laden, Jr.”
      Bensayah Belkacem was arrested in Bosnia in October 2001. Numbers saved in his cell phone connected him with at least one top-rank associate of Bin Laden.
      Al-Qaeda’s role in radical Islamic activities and events in Bosnia has been frequently mentioned in US media and official government reports since the 9/11 tragedy.

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