Somali Girls Vs. Ethiopian Girls

[youtube=] I say the Somalis look better in this video, but Ethiopian women are very very beautiful. There are many of them in Fresno. However, they are pretty much untouchable, as I think they only go for Ethiopian guys. One of the Ethiopian women in this video (2:16) looks like a White woman (an Arab)! Some of the Somali pics are duplicates of the model Iman, but I don’t think they all are. I don’t think Iman is the only Somali big name model out there. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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50 thoughts on “Somali Girls Vs. Ethiopian Girls”

  1. “I say the Somalis look better”
    Good news Robert. Based on what we know about Somalis we can say with some certainty that a Somali woman might try to rape you. ( Not sure how, but…)

  2. That’s not true at all. I am an ethiopian girl and my boyfriend is slavic(bosnian). I think all African women are beautiful but as a proud Ethiopian I’m always more inclined to say Ethiopians are the most beautiful people in the world.
    If you like an Ethiopian girl, ask her out. Its in our culture to be distant towards men, i dont know why, when I was younger I used to unintentionally give a “mean mug” as many people called it to boys who approched me. Habesha or not, lol. So, be bold talk to an Ethiopian girl and she’ll eventually warm up to you….but some inside advice do not talk about her being ethiopian thats how every person hits on me and my habesha friends and we haatteeeeeee it. We’re more than our culture, my boyfriend just said I was pretty and didn’t ask what I was and we’ve been together for 6 months!

    1. You are dating a fucking albino (a shasho) and you talk about it here like it will make your parents happy. You are a shame to your society, Oh wait you don’t want to be called Ethiopian, I get it. So roll over and suck on that tumor looking dick of your boyfriends. No one will call you Ethiopian.

      1. And you Zolba are a racist. It is unfortunate that you are unable to see pass the color of someones skin. You may date whoever you want to date, no matter the race and it doesn’t make you any less proud Ethiopian. I am ashamed of your conservative thought of mind.

        1. You are very proud cause you are dating a white man, remember east European are the most raciest people on earth.Once I was attacked by them and admitted in the hospital for 18 months… Please do not call yourself Ethiopian cause you do not have what we have…fucken what am i doing here…

  3. why do black people always out marry to white men or women, whats so good about that bosnian guy. people from the balkans are just primitive violent peoples who hate arabs, african blacks and other people of colour. the history of that region shows that its a history of violence and lagging compared with the rest of Europe and the middle east.

    1. you fucker, middle easterns that you are running after are the most violent.
      more violent then those bosnians.
      Anyway, what is it to you who she goes out with? instead she should be with you? m

  4. i think somali looke beter cose the have softer haer and whiter theet than ethopia but there all prety but somalia looke 10000000 prosent beter sory i dont wanna be roode and ethopian has big eys

  5. somalis are extremly beautiful but coz of their culture u wont find many who will expose their beauty To the puplic nd the few who do make a big hit models like iman.

    1. Obviously whoever’s country the person belongs to is going to say they have the best looking women then show pictures of actresses, athletes or models from that country although Sweden is always ranked as having the best looking women.

  6. To argue over such a subjecive, trivial matter shows how easily people fall in the trap of being seduced into pointless discussions about nothing.
    De gustibus non est disputandum. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To argue that women , men, or whatever else from this country is more beautiful than from different country is an absurd.

  7. youre jales cose somaila have softer haire and whiter skin an whiter theeft and smelling good and lookind good and taller somalia are not ethopia there short sorry gril somalia is the best and hotyyy

  8. I’ve skimmed through a couple of these “Ethiopian v.s. Somalian” videos on youtube and I’m pretty sure most of them are biased in favoring Somalian women. Personally I’m going to say that more often I witness Ethiopian beauty in everyday life, over Somalian beauty. This may be just where I’m coming from, or not. Either way, both countries have their attractive and unattractive traits. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes, Ethiopian women have a uniqueness that is quite original. Most Somalians have similar face and nose structure, whereas Ethiopians come in all different shades, frames, noses, eyes, and colour. (not disqualifying Somalians in this) Just my personal opinion from experience.

  9. First of all beauty is subjective. Somalis have even skin tone bc their dark skin hides bruises and things that might make the skin color look uneven. Ethiopians are shorter (men) women are lighter and have dark circles on their eyes not all but usually. They have a dark chin and look sun burnt. no offence ..this is usually bc of the hot weather. Somalis are taller and have a pronounced forehead. We look different but all the human race is one.

  10. The most beautiful women in the world are always found at genetic crossroads. Ethiopian/Somalian at the genetic crossroad between blacks and Arabs. Latin American women(mestizas/mulattas) can be very beautiful for the same reason. Ukrainian and Russian women are by the best looking white women, they sit the crossroad between east and west. And then you look at genetically isolated(more pure) groups like British(ugliest white women of all) or Australian Aborigines and the women are not very attractive. I think it goes back to that nation that the most attractive people are those that are closest to the human mean. The more isolated, the more their features are likely to deviate from that mean.

    1. I don’t know if that explains Eastern European women. They have very little East Asian in them, although I agree that they are probably the best looking white women.
      Also, phonetically, Ethiopians and Somalis look too neotenous to be simply a cross between blacks and Arabs, arguably the least neotenous groups out there. Although they might have some Arab and “black” admixture, they seem to come from a predominantly different source. Didn’t Robert have an article on this?
      There is something else at work here, especially in regards to those Slavic women. It might be something in their food.

      1. Right, but by Asia I also mean Asia minor. As you go south from Russia, people gradually get darker. You have Turkey(which has a lot of beautiful women), Iran(Persian women are some of the hottest women on earth), Armenia which also has a lot of hotties(Kim Kardashian). That region of the world is just home to a lot of beautiful women.

        1. Oh, ok. I see what you mean. Don’t forget Georgia — some very good looking women from there also.
          Almost every single woman I’ve seen from Serbia is attractive.

        2. I don’t know too much about Serbia myself, but one brotha I’m friends with goes there all the time. And let’s just say he’s not going for the food. I’ve also heard about black dudes in the military stationed in Italy taking trips to Croatia and being treated like rock stars by the women. Not sure if it’s still like that though.

        3. I don’t know too much about Serbia myself, but one brotha I’m friends with goes there all the time. And let’s just say he’s not going for the food. I’ve also heard about black dudes in the military stationed in Italy taking trips to Croatia and being treated like rock stars by the women. Not sure if it’s still like that though.
          Too bad Russia and Ukraine aren’t like that.

        4. Interestingly none of the women of the aforementioned regions find or ever have taken an interest in East Asian guys, from talking & dating them, I wonder what Haux has to say about that. Tulio I find the Roosh forums to be sometimes full of unbelievable shit & exaggerated lied or made up crap. There is no way top caliber girls in any other region in the world besides East Asia would find 5.9 plain looking East Asian guys attractive, one of the least attractive lower echelon race of men out there, let alone treat them like rockstars anywhere else in the world; THAT Is laughably unbelievable & way too implausible given how weird ugly looking they are, isn’t that right Huax? Besides that, I have a hard time taking some of those stories posted on their seriously, especially some of the EE, and Russia region ones, they seem way too exaggerated.

        5. Not sure if this has been posted in this thread but I read somewhere that China may look to Ehtiopia for its shortage of women.

    2. You are wrong because Britain is a Mongrel country, it’s a country that has had different groups coming throughout the centuries for a while so they are actually mixed.
      All those examples you provided involve one person being white or a Caucasoid, do you have any other examples besides that Tulio?

  11. Wow, one of my best friend is Somali and she looks soo pretty. This totally blew my mind, somali women are gorgeous. They’re tall, have nice tanned skin. GORGEOUS <3
    Best wishes to Somalia

  12. They look similar, you cant really say one is better than the other.. e.g: in southern somalia, they are darker, thicker hair ( not very kinky but not soft) in the northern part( also known as somaliland) they have very soft hair, light skin, in eithiopia its similar it depends on what area your from, i think they are both beautiful. My mum is light skined ( extreamly extreamly light skined, and has the thinest softt hair, Not volumised at all :/ and my dad is a darkish chocolate, but has soft hair.. ) Somalians are diffirent. Me? as a baby i was white ( im not joking, people thought i was arab… but during the years i became more tanned, a beige brown, but my twin sister, is a milk chocolate colour… it just depends.) i think as neighbouring countries its very stupid to compare.

  13. as I’m a Ethiopian i think Somalian women look more beautiful than us and you can only tell that bye looking at their eye color or their nose and they cover them self up because they don’t want to show their beauty of their skin and i have seen allot of Somalian girl and they look sexy

  14. youre rghit gril i am a somalia gril and i think that ethiopia grils are not ugly but ansly somalia grils are nucht beutyfull than ethipia grils

  15. I admire Somalis because most cover their beauty and rebel against mainstream pressures. They realize that beauty is not the essence of a person, but that character is what defines a person. I love my fellow Muslims.

  16. No way…i’d Say Ethiopian girls are more beautiful. if you’d look at these countries population they are closely related , i’d say a country of 84 million people is sure to have more beautiful girls than a country with a population of not even 15 mil.

  17. soory but frist of alll i have to say somthing that somali grils are mucht way prityer then ethiopian gril but just becose somali grils dont show there beuty desont mean that ethiopian are better wel let me say somthing somali grils are taller and they have softer hair and ethiopian grils are shorter

  18. I just can’t believe wt u gays are arguing about , i thought we gotover color when we kicked white man from Africa …
    Some of u talk without even knowing wt they’re talking about when talk about Africa u should be openminded and we have to redefine wt African people look like , since ur from certain country it’s doesn’t mean u should judge others by how ur people look like and make it a standard that all African should pass to called beutifull

  19. I’m Somali girl and u gays should know we have all color tones start from darkest chocolate u can imgin to light white color free and have all types of hair, nose, body type and body frame. The only things we have in common are language, religion and country , and we are losing those too…being somali doesn’t mean i should look certain way…
    Some of u talk about having relationship with non-african gays as disloyalty to Africa … Where Africa teach us with all our variations in shapes, color, tries, language and religion to except each other and rise above the hate . beside love and relationships are all managed by God
    –long life Africa–

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