Sex Pistols, "Here We Go Again"

[youtube=] Ultrarare track from 1977. Steve Jones on vocals! He’s also on Lonely Boy, Black Leather and Silly Thing. It’s written by Steve Jones and Paul Cook. It’s included on a couple of obscure albums like We Have Cum for Your Children and Sex Pack. Listen to the anthem-like quality. This is truly music for a revolution! This is sort of a typical British anthem-type song. The British have been making anthem-type music for a long time now. Ultimately, these anthems probably go back to British Dance Hall Music, which also goes back to French Dance Hall Music. Both nation’s Dance Hall music developed in tandem at around the same time and influenced each other. In addition, the very early roots music from Appalachia also has partial roots in Dance Hall music from France and the UK. Punk for life! I’m 53 years old, and I’m as punk as I was in 1978. I’ll be a punk when I’m 80! Punk for life! Punk for life!

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