Judging Dangerousnous: Total Fail!

One of the things that I think is quite humorous is that people always insist that they can figure out who the dangerous people are.
One thing I think most reasonable folks are good at are judging actually dangerous people to be dangerous. That is, there are not many false negatives in terms of dangerousness.
Criminals, violent, bad and dangerous people look like criminals, violent, bad or dangerous people. At least the ones that victimize or prey on other human beings do. I’ve known many people like this in my life, and almost none of them looked like nice, harmless, sweet, kind, friendly people. Bad people look bad. Period. People who prey on others are predators. They tend to have a predatory look in their eyes.
Their eyes and faces look hard and violent. In many cases, their eyes look completely empty and dead. In very few cases does a dangerous, violent, predatory criminal look like a nice, sweet, kind, harmless guy. Forget it.
Now, in the case of nonviolent criminals or victimless crimes, many of them can seem like pretty nice people. That’s because all they are doing is selling dope or whatever. That doesn’t hurt anyone, so they don’t have to be cold or mean. They just have to break the law.
However, one thing I have noticed is that people hopelessly fail in terms of false positives. I can’t tell how many people I have met who are the most harmless people you will ever meet, yet vast numbers of idiots think they are horribly dangerous.
People are so afraid of them that they don’t want to allow them into stores, they shoo their kids inside when the guy comes outside, they refuse to talk to the person, cutting off any conversation soon after it starts, etc. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but it goes on all the time. People seem to continuously make false positives in terms of dangerousness.
In other words, they correctly judge most dangerous people as dangerous, which is good, but they incorrectly judge many harmless people as also dangerous. In other words, they judge many more persons as dangerous than actually are. There’s nothing wrong with being on the safe side.
People are so terrible about this that in general I think that humans’ ability to judge dangerousness in other humans is virtually worthless.

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