Why Would Anyone Do This?

What the Hell is wrong with this chick, Veronica Moser, the famous Austrian scat star? She’s been eating shit on camera for a good 18 years now. Why? And why doesn’t she get sick? She’s eaten the shit of a lot of people over her career. And she really eats it too, no fakery. She also puts it in her pussy, and that has to be a terrible idea. How does she get away with doing that?
I don’t think this is something I want to try, to be honest.
Why do people eat shit? I don’t get it.

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0 thoughts on “Why Would Anyone Do This?”

  1. That’s fucking nasty.
    There must be an industry for this if she can make a career out of it at least in Germany.
    That’s worse than those people that have sex with animals.

      1. That was the nickname for the Germans when I was in the Army, and serving in Germany. “Shit Eaters” they were called.
        Now I see why…

        1. That was the nickname for the Germans when I was in the Army, and serving in Germany. “Shit Eaters” they were called.
          Is that were the Brown shirts got there name from. lol!

    1. “This chick would make for a very interesting date. I don’t imagine she’s the type to send food back at restaurants.”
      I bet she has a very discerning palette. You’d better not eat Mexican before your date.

  2. This is not evidence of “German” perversion. It is a result of Judaization and “Americanization” of post-war Germany.

    1. “This is not evidence of “German” perversion. It is a result of Judaization and “Americanization” of post-war Germany.”
      I don;t think so. Germans have been known for that kind of thing for a long time. The name masochism actually comes from a german language author.(Incidentally the word sadism come from a french writer.) I even reading a few years ago that during the war, in the areas that the allies occupied, the German women would willingly lick the assholes of occupying soldiers. The judeo-american occupation of Germany has done much damage, but this kind of stuff was around before. (Of course there were a lot of jews around before, so…..)

      1. The fact that most all Sheisse porn is exported proves the Germans themselves are not into such filth. It’s Jewish pornographers degrading poor German girls.

      2. First of all “Masochismus” has nothing to do with eating shit….that germans would be known for that for a long time is not true…someone made that up and you pick up on that…its just not a fact and not true…in fact the most germans are pretty prudish…..and the woman up there in the video is not even german…german language is spoken in more countries than just germany

  3. I wonder if she ever considered cooking the shit? Maybe battering it and deep-frying? If the turds had alot of corn in it, she could make corn fritters.
    Or she cound saute the turds in a sauce of olive oil, dry mustard, a dash of worcestire sause, tarragon, minced garlic, shallots and lemon zest. Turds scampi. Garnish with dingleberries.

  4. I don’t believe it. No way, even if she was on regular antibiotics (and they stop working if you overdo them) could she get away with that for 20 years. E. Coli? Amongst other things. It’s a business. Why risk death, prosecution for the directors and producers, and the possibility that it ‘just won’t come’ on the day, when you can achieve the same effect by preparing the actors with enemas the day before, and then pumping them full of some sort of peanut butter and cholocate mix?
    I think she’s quite cute, but I wouldn’t eat her shit.

    1. Apparently it’s true. She really eats it. WTF man. I don’t get it. Her films are said to be not fake by many sources.
      E. Coli is nothing really. It’s the travellers’ diarrhea you get in the 3rd World. That E. Coli is in the water of those countries and it’s on the food too, from the water. It’s there because there is E. Coli from people’s shit in the water and consequently on the food. The people who live there eat and drink local shit all the time from the food and water, and they’re built up immunity to the E. Coli in the water and food.
      The E. Coli that is killing people comes from cows, not people.

    1. You know how these Catholic girls are? They pretend to be so shy an all..but behind that bashful demeanor they love to eat shit! 😛

  5. Lafayette I’m certain the human digestive tract can become immune to e. Coli. In fact, I have a theory about kids from poor families–they tend to get sick less and heal quicker than affluent kids, and my belief is that is because they’re exposed to bacteria and virus’ more often than the coddled soft kids.
    Eat food that’s borderline bad, meat that’s close to spoiling, drink milk that’s going sour, eat food that’s prepared in less than pristine conditions and you will develop an immunity to most common bacteria. A poor kid gets a gash on his arm or sprains an ankle and doesn’t go to the doctor yet heals fine with home remedies, a well-off kids gets a cut and it gets infected, or eats a chicken breast that sat on the cutting board for an hour and he throws up.
    Same principle with Ms. pecan log. She’s apparently found an unexploited niche in porn and is establishing herself as a professional. So to speak. Capitalism in it’s most distilled form, both literally and metaphorically.

    1. I definitely see your point…up to a point. Many health issues seem to stem from “under-stimulation” of the immune system. I believe allergies have some basis in this. Personally I hate to read that so-and-so food company destroyed 10 tons of beef because they found a trace of e. coli in a sample. Oh brother. We are such wusses. I would gladly buy that “tainted” beef at a discount. Just cook it correctly and you’ll be fine. That said, you can only build up so much of an immunity to microbes and e. coli is only one of many that live in feces.
      I’m frankly astounded this Veronica Shiteater chick hasn’t picked up more serious viral infections like Hepatitis.

      1. She would have to eat the shit of someone who has Hepatitis A. Not many people have that. If she is smart, she would get vaccinated against Hepatitis A. There are shots you can get for it. She could also get Hepatitis E, but that’s not around much in the First World. It’s a Third World disease.

        1. Although Joan Jett is well known as a lesbian into BDSM, I can’t see her doing this. I like to think she’d kill someone before she’d eat their shit.
          Joan also looks much better for her age than this woman. I thought Moser was a tranny when I saw this post.

  6. That sounds like a good slogan for the ruling-class’s ‘austerity’ drive: ” Eat shit! It’s good for you!” Or just plain old ” the people have no bread? Well, let them eat shit!”

    1. Lafayette’s comment reminds me of the saying–“Life is a shit sandwich. The more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat.”
      However, in Veronica Moser’s case, the more shit she eats, the more bread she gets to have….
      (I’m laughing so hard I have to retype every other word…love & shit-eating kisses, all!!)

  7. This is a sick women why the fuck would she eat all this shit I mean its probably about the sickest thing saomeone could do sexually. I cannot think about any worsr but there are so many fetishes out there that men and women engage in there is bukakke which is really big in Japan and Orashi which bassciially is a lot like Bukkake involving pissing.
    Than there are all these people having cunninlingus there is site were like getting dominatinmg having women sit on them to perform cunnilingus but what i donm’t get is all fat women involved in that shit but the men seem to love it.
    but I still don’t get why the fuck all these people are eating shit they don’t understand hpw the digestive system works we mighty as well start shoving food up our asses and crapping out of our mouths!

  8. Only on Robert’s blog would everyone exchange Happy New Years on a thread about scat.
    Happy New Year to you all, and thank you Robert for providing a forum that helped make 2010 more bearable for many of us.

    1. And why not, right? Sociopolitically, last year was what? Shitty? This year will be what? Hopefully less shitty, right? Shit and New Years celebrations were meant for each other.
      And you’re welcome dear.

  9. guess i’ll leave this as anonymous considering the tone here *smile … veronica moser makes my cock hard … i want to fuck her after we eat our shit together … first i want to stuff her nasty cunt full of our turds for a nice, greasy shit fuck … i’d love to kiss her when she has a mouth full of shit … i love her tattooed tit aureole, her huge saggy tits, and her tattooed cunt lips … her labia full of piercings is so nasty and hot … i want her in my bed so we can shit all over the bed and sleep in our shit all night after we fuck in our stinky shit … when we wake up in the morning, i’ll be sizzling horny to piss, shit, and fuck some more … mmmmm, imagining her raunchy shit smell in the morning … yep, guess i’m against the tide here … veronica moser is my dream date and fuck!!!

  10. Some of people in ancient times eat there poops and they believe that eating thereown shit will prevent them from disease.

  11. Nothing wrong with shit. This woman is a gem. She shows how natural shit is. I would love to meet her and congratulate her. What a great gal! However, it is obvious how she does it.
    The disgust circuit in her mind is not functional and so it is easy to do when that is the case. It is a purely a physiological brain condition which she has exploited for the purpose of notoriety.

  12. She should stop this and throw up on the streets.. Shitting on the street out in the open is so much better than eating shit. That’s for sure.

    1. LOL this Ganesh gets upset at the truth!
      Can’t you Hindus research ‘how to build toilets’ online instead of trying to research how ‘advanced’ Indiass was in its ‘golden’ (holden?) age ?

      1. How co0me you an untouchable did not invent the Toilet? What the fuck where you backward castes doing? waiting for the upper castes to take care of you yet again?

  13. Don’t all Germans eat feces? I was led to understand that it is a tradition in Germany to add trace amounts of feces to holiday meals. I’m sure that anyone who has tried sauerkraut can attest to that. Aside from their shitty demeanor…which is legendary and could only come from a regular diet of fecal matter….they also treat each other and most foreigners like shit on a cold plate. I say, let them have their poop. Let them eat, sleep and fuck in piles of festering poop if they want. Theyre already a disgusting bunch, why should a little poop in their diet matter?

  14. I don’t believe that she never hadn’t gotten sick, personally I think it’s disgusting but who am I to judge. for some strange reason I find her to be enthralling however, I still cannot understand what would possess someone to consume fecal matter

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