How Popular is Hezbollah in Lebanon?

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I would love to see your sources of some of these numbers you dishing out. Your “83

Yes, that figure came out during the war. 83 I believe that a large number of Lebanese have a positive opinion of Hezbollah, even those who support other parties like Amal, the SSNP, Sunnis and Christian supporters of Aoun. At a large Hezbollah rally in Lebanon recently, there were 1 million people in attendance, including many Christians and seculars. There were many pretty young women not exactly wearing Islamist attire. Hezbollah’s popularity is widespread across the board, not that those women wearing Western clothes would vote for them. Hezbollah are seen as the defenders of Lebanon, for what it’s worth. This whole “Lebanon hates Hezbollah” line is a lie perpetrated by the Phalangists. Hezbollah’s aim is not to create “The Islamic Republic of Lebanon.” This is another lie of the Phalangists. Nasrallah has been interviewed and he said that an Islamic republic with Islamic laws or some variation would only be possible if 80 I understand that women are not required to wear the hijab in South Lebanon, and I believe that alcohol is also allowed to be sold and consumed. Hezbollah are some of the most moderate Islamists around.

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    1. They always have been. In fact, there are a good number of Druze serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, as there is a rather large community of Druze that are Israeli citizens. They have the noted attribute of being particularly fierce soldiers, in the service of the IDF.
      The Druze are almost cult like, and stick together. Hence, the actions and alliances of the Druze living in Lebanon.

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