Juice Fasting

Repost from the old site. Juice fasting is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to try it. I just live off coffee, juice, wine and water for a few days. After about four days, things start getting kind of weird. You will start to get a lot more energy, but you will feel strange, like you are on LSD. The increased energy is because your body is not wasting energy digesting food all the time. You may also find that aches and pains may also go away during the fast. I also found radical diminishment of anxiety and much clearer thinking. But that seems to go away as you start eating again. Water fasts are dangerous, but are ok for a day or two. Juice fasts work great. Just drink around 32 oz of juice per day for 1-4 days. You can go up to 64 ounces or so. It’s completely harmless. Your body odor will start to stink after a well and so will your breath and your farts. This is probably because you are leaking out toxins. You can exercise, but be careful as you may faint. Just go real easy. You may find yourself tired a lot. Just lie down and sleep. You can also lose weight this way, and I have lost 12 pounds doing juice fasting lately. Make sure to drink 40 ounces of water per day. You can continue to drink coffee and alcohol. After all, what does a man need but coffee, wine, water, juice and sex? And maybe a steak once in a while? In fact, alcohol will get you very intoxicated when you fast. Break the fast after 1-4 days. I don’t really care how I break it, but some say it is important.

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  1. Research suggests we spend over 20 hours per day, on average, in a “fed” state. That’s a ridiculous state of unnatural affairs.
    I do intermittent fasting about once or twice a week. I only fast for 24 hours and I just have water and maybe 8 ounces of coffee or tea. There is definitely a strange euphoric sense of “emptiness.” I’ve never broken a fast with booze…I think that would be crazy!!

  2. Yeah man don’t drink alchohol on a fast man… I don’t think coffee is recommended as well, but that’s what I used too… after a few days the coffee seems disgusting and you will just want juice. It’s amazing the mental focus you get on the juice fast, even though the body feels weak.

  3. This is pretty inaccurate information on fasting. In reality, you can water or juice fast for much longer than just a few days (weeks or months even), there is little risk of fainting during exercise, and it is terrible for you to have caffeine or alcohol during fasting. If you stretched your fasts out longer, you would get out of the “crisis” stage, and you wouldn’t feel weird or tired after the first couple days. Be careful breaking a longer fast though.

  4. Hahaha, I agree with this way of fasting .. It is very down to earth , and I’m down with that. The crisis stage is very easy to avoid with a simple few glasses of red wine. And if in the mornings you feel a little tired, no problem, have a coffee, back on the juice , water and then once again the wine.. Boom.

  5. Try meat fasting, where you only eat red meat for about a week, 5 times a day, and drinking nothing but meat blood and oils. Guaranteed to give your face a rosy ass complexion and have your veins popping out by the end, I do this whenever I want to look tough with my bulging veins and red face.

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