Update on the Net Neutrality Rules

It may actually be more complex than I portrayed it here previously. First of all, there’s never been any Net Neutrality rules, or at least there have been none since the Bush Administration decided against all reason that broadband carriers were not “common carriers.” So this is a step up. There is now some Net Neutrality regulation of the Net, which is an improvement over before. However, I feel that these are typical Obama “fake rules,” that really don’t regulate much of anything. The Republicans, the cable companies and the phone companies are supposedly screaming bloody murder and claiming that they are going to appeal the rules or try to overturn them in the new Congress From Hell. The Wall Street Journal had some angry articles about the “government takeover of the Internet.” On the other hand, it appears that agents of the Corporate Enemy, Google and Verizon, actually wrote these regulations, and that these regulations are watered down even from what they wanted. So, as with financial reform, written by Congressman bought and paid for bankster criminals, as with health care reform, substantially written by health insurance companies, the companies help write the laws, then scream bloody murder when they get passed and vow to overturn them. It’s all Kabuki Theater, fake politics. None of it seems to be real. The corporate fascists claim that the Net Neutrality people got 9 On the other hand, the Net Neutrality folks claim that the corporations got 9 So it’s yet another case of it depends on who you want to believe. It also looks like another outrageous Obama compromise with sociopathic reactionary thugs that leaves all sides furious. It also looks like Julius (Judas) Genachowski (Genacomcast) was leaning towards more substantial regulation after receiving 2 million signatures from little people like me in favor of Net Neutrality. The Net Corporate Enemy then waged a huge lobbying campaign. The kicker was apparently when Genachowski received by ~70 Democratic Congressional corporate whores who had taken much money from Internet corporations. It’s been all downhill ever since. Money talks and folks like you and me walk. Why do I even bother signing all of these petitions, sending all these mails, making all these phone calls. I’m just a little worm. The rich and the corporations control the US government lock, stock and barrel. Little people like me and you don’t stand a chance. We are ants, as important as grains of sand on the beach. We, the people, are nothing.  

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5 thoughts on “Update on the Net Neutrality Rules”

  1. On the contrary, I view this as positive because it will awake a sleeping giant. This affects almost all Americans in a negative way and puts Obama in an indefensible position. People of all different ideologies will unite against Obama now.

  2. Maybe net neutrality will be the straw that broke the monkey’s back in regards to internet capitalism because it affects almost everyone in a negative form.

    1. I see it as moving the net’s center of gravity overseas, in the long run. By that, I mean notions of U.S control over it. The U.S can regulate the internet all to hell, within the confines of it’s own domain. How it can tell a service provider in say Germany how to regulate and route IP/TCP traffic through it’s own switches, is beyond me.

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