Survey on Support for Barack Obama

On Daily Kos, they had a survey that asked about Support for Obama.
I support Barack Obama
I do not support Barack Obama
Ask me in a few months
I wanted another category called:
WTF is with Obama?
Incidentally, the survey results were that only 21% on Daily Kos supported Obama. The rest were divided between Oppose and Ask me in a few months.
It’s true that Obama continues to have the support of about ~78% of Democrats and ~67% of all liberals. However, his support is eroding in both groups. He’s lost 10 points from each group just since November. I predict continuing losses in support for Obama among both Democrats and liberals in the next nine months. Keep in mind that Kosniks are like first responders. They are probably about nine months ahead of the rest of the progressive community because they are so tuned in.
The big question is if Obama loses his base, can he still win re-election?
Incidentally, there is a huge war going on on Daily Kos now between Obama supporters and the Obama-haters. It’s ugly as Hell too.

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0 thoughts on “Survey on Support for Barack Obama”

  1. I think what Obama has waiting for him is a fat offshore bank account with his name on it. He’s doing what he was paid to do. He stands for himself and nothing more.
    I feel sorry for regular African Americans (not the opportunistic Ishmael Reed types) who wound up with such a creep for the first black president.
    We voters didn’t have much of a choice, what with the possibility of Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency.
    Would it have been better, worse, or the same with President McCain?

    1. “I feel sorry for regular African Americans (not the opportunistic Ishmael Reed types) who wound up with such a creep for the first black president”
      He’s certainly no Jackie Robinson….

  2. This is laughable:
    This guy writes in a portentous pseudo-Tim Wise style (starting with the title, continuing with the TL;DR text), claiming that those of us white people who dare to call Obama a sellout and a traitor are expressing “entitlement and unconscious white privilege”.
    He makes some unjustified assumptions:
    I will posit this: black Americans tend not to feel “betrayed” by Obama’s failures to live up to his campaign promises, because black Americans did not expect all that much from him in the first place. Lower expectations, lower likelihood of feeling betrayed. For the black community, Obama was never any kind of saviour.
    Firstly, wouldn’t it show a lack of respect for Obama if we had expected nothing from him? Oh, I get it, we were just chumps for taking him at his word on any issue at all! Secondly, the “savior” bit is a straw man. He was never any kind of savior to me either, buddy. Actually, I call bullshit on this paragraph, because the article’s premise is that you’re not allowed to call Obama’s fealty to the corporations “groveling” or say anything else that might be construed by some black person somewhere as an insult to Obama’s race. So the poster does regard Obama as some untouchable one who cannot be subject to the same expectations as Bush or Clinton were.
    I can guarantee you that my expectations of Obama were pretty low. As soon as I heard him say the words “We admire Ronald Reagan” I knew he wasn’t my guy, no way no how. I voted for him solely because he was slightly more acceptable than the Republican ticket. I didn’t expect much from Obama, but I was utterly shocked at how quickly he began fellating the corporate overlords. Right from his appointment of the first of a long line of Monsanto lobbyists and executives, he’s done nothing but piss me off. His contempt for working class Americans is palpable.
    Few people dare to dissent on this dkos thread. Look at this exchange:
    Guinho: For my part, Obama is very much Clinton II, and he has garnered a lot the same reaction. I resent the notion that I should check my values at the door because of the color of his skin. What I expressed about Bill Clinton, I also say about Barack Obama.
    Chitown Kev: Then there’s no problem here. But you do need to be mindful of the invective that you do use.
    I’m not saying don’t use ANY invective toward the President. Only that I shouldn’t be personally offended by the invective.
    And you may not know how black people are interpret certain invectives unless you are around them enough, you have black friends, and they’ve trusted you enough to have that type of conversation with you.

    Guinho: I am not going to make your sensibilities the yardstick for my defense of the principles of equality before the law, equality of opportunity, and the rule of law.
    If you choose to be offended, i am sorry for you. But I will not be quiet and I will not sit down.

    Chitown Kev: Hmph. How mighty white of you. That you can say what you want, when you want, how you want and it’s the other person’s problem if their sensibilities are offended.
    If that’s not dripping with white privilege than I don’t know what is.

    So to this guy, a white person making any statement a black person considers offensive equals white privilege. Well if that is so, it’s a privilege I intend to keep. I just love how he considers himself the language police. I also think he’s an idiot because he’d prefer to be lied to by some self-censoring dkos bullshit artist.
    I need a snappy comeback for the “mighty white” thing.
    What the poster is saying is that the feelings of African Americans who identify with the president are more important than anything Obama does, even though Obama is screwing black people as badly as anyone. It’s just as pitiful as the white people who thought Bush was a regular guy who gave a shit about them.
    Excuse me if I think I’m “entitled” to be treated better than dogshit. Then again don’t bother, because your bullshit rhetoric means absolutely nothing to me.

  3. hey flauer 🙂
    black Americans tend not to feel “betrayed” by Obama’s failures to live up to his campaign promises, because black Americans did not expect all that much from him in the first place.
    I believe this is true. Most blk people didn’t see him as the second coming of Moses. I have no idea why any adult would believe that one person can do everything.

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