Suicide Club Strangler

Weird story of the day. (Link NSFW).
There are suicide clubs all over Japan. Idiots who want to kill themselves but don’t have the guts form clubs to meet up with other suicidals. They talk about their favorite subject for a while, then meet up and get up the nerve to kill themselves. Finally, they do it, often as a group effort.
Of course clubs like this could only attract a serial killer! Haha! Serial killer infiltrates suicide clubs, meets up with suicidals, pretends he wants to kill himself too, then uses the opportunity to strangle the suicidals to death, doing the job for them so to speak.
There is a lot of talk about the perpetrator, who was just hanged in Japan. It’s said that he could not get off unless he was strangling someone. They are all talking about how weird this is. It’s an extreme case, but it’s not that weird.
The killer is a sexual sadist, as most serial killers are. The condition begins in adolescence. The sexual sadism of all serial killers dates back to the teen years and the beginning of sexuality.
Sexual sadism is quite common, especially in the gay male community, where maybe 15-20% of gay males engage in this behavior. I’m not an expert on the condition. I imagine in most cases, it’s not a requirement to get off. They just like it that way. They typically meet up with masochists who enjoy sexual pain as a way of getting off.
Sexual pain is not a requirement for masochists either. They just like it that way. This thing is quite common among females, and I keep running into female masochists of various types for some reason, though I’m not wild about fulfilling their fantasies. A lot of them don’t want pain so much as playing an extremely submissive role.
Most sexual sadists of both sexes (yes there are dominatrix type women out there) go through their lives without harming a soul.
In severe cases, that’s another matter. A typical severe case is a gay man who is engaging in S/M sex with gay masochists. He urinates on them, beats them, abuses them, etc. Then he starts escalating, and he’s burning them with cigarettes. As he’s doing this, he gets an extreme rush and urge to go even further and maybe even kill them, but he catches himself. He shows up in therapy feeling like he’s out of control, like a gambling addict. He loves to inflict pain, but he worries he’s going to go out of control and seriously hurt or even kill someone.
It’s quite common for male serial killers to have strange sex with girlfriends. Often they like to pretend to strangle the girlfriend during sex. In extreme cases, this is the only way they can get off. All these guys have been this way since the teen years, and it’s not something you can catch against your will like the flu. They love it this way. It is when the consensual sex starts escalating like this that he’s typically either already killing or beginning to kill.
A serial killer cannot be treated, as he doesn’t think he has a problem. Consequently, of course they feel no guilt. Nor can the sexual sadism be treated. He loves it like this. It’s not an obsession. He doesn’t try to stop thinking this way, and it doesn’t bother him.
These guys commonly are fantasizing all the time, all day and all night. When they are out in public, they are always dreaming. Every nice woman they see, they dream about raping and killing her. How will they do it? How will they get away with it? On and on. Dream, dream, dream, all day, everywhere they go. They simply don’t care.

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