PUA/Game Theory: Don't Assume Too Much from a Look

This is going to be quite disappointing to most males, since it means that females are even less to be trusted than usual. But after a while, you should be able to figure out even this part of the game. The rule is this: Just because she looks at you or checks you out, doesn’t mean she really wants you. What does it mean then? It means maybe she wants you, maybe she doesn’t. It took me forever to figure this out, but I’m really running into it a lot these days now that I’m older. I’m mostly getting it from young women. They seem to be about 18-20 years old, but I’m guessing on age. What happens is when they first meet me, I get a feeling of really strong attraction. I’ve dated hundreds of females, so I know what look means what. They actually sort of lunge their bodies forwards a bit at me. It’s a totally primal, primitive, cavewoman type reaction. It’s her cavewoman primal sex drive saying, “Jump on him.” They proceed to be quite friendly, but then when I go back later, they were a bit coldish. Another was in an establishment I went to. She was always checking me out. Then when it came my turn to be served, if she was going to serve me, she made an excuse and walked away and gave me to someone else. This nonsense went on for a while. Sometimes I would get her to wait on me, but then she would be sort of coldish. Another time, a young woman was waiting on me. My shirt was unbuttoned a bit, and she was staring at my chest like it was prime rib. Upon further investigation, I think this chick not only is not interested in me, she may even hate me. It took me a lot of thinking, but then I hit on it. I’m in early 50’s. Of course, I’m sexier than 95 On the other hand, think about it. How many 18-20 year old women really want to go out with me? Basically zero. I’m like something in the store that you admire but aren’t going to buy. I’m nice to look at, but a relationship is out of the question, probably for age reasons more than anything else. Anyway, that’s my theory. I treat all these chicks as “not interested” until proven otherwise. I set off too many Creep-meters as it is. No use setting off more than necessary. Bottom line: Just because she looks at you with unbridled lust, doesn’t mean she actually wants to do anything about it. Maybe she’s just fantasizing. Women fantasize too you know. So how can you tell if she’s just looking or wants to buy? You need to wait for some more signals, more evidence. Sorry to pop your bubbles.

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  1. “How many 18-20 year old women really want to go out with me? Basically zero”
    Well, if you were about 20 years older and a few million dollars richer then you might attract some dumb blonde whore with fake titties to bang you before she overdoses on drugs.

  2. There is a lot of seduction disinformation ouit there claiming that a woman checking you out/ giving you EC means that she “definitely” wants you to open her or that she’s throwing out an AI. Yet, it may mean she wants you to do it or she may not. It’s not something I rely on anymore since several years now. What I’ve noticed about women in Guatemala and latinamerica is that they are sometimes very blatant about them checking you out(still doesn’t mean they really want something). Women in US, they don’t really tend to check you out very much and if they do, they’re so subtle and stealth about it that you will hardly notice they’re doing it. Sometimes, yes, they’ve spotted me driving on my car or sth and start playing or ogling blatantly or even shouting stuff, but it’s maybe when they’re on the prowl or it could happen when they have the support of a wingwoman.

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