Obama Just Killed the Internet

BREAKING: Minutes ago, the FCC passed new rules – written by corporations – that will end Net Neutrality. For the first time in history, the U.S. government approved corporate censorship of the Internet, putting the future of online free speech at risk. Unbelievably, the person leading the charge was Obama appointee Julius Genachowski.
This violates President Obama’s campaign promise to protect Net Neutrality, but some media are reporting the corporate spin that this is a “Net Neutrality compromise.” It’s not – there’s no such thing as half a First Amendment. We need to set the record straight.
The top 3 reasons the rules passed today are a giveaway to big corporations and break Obama’s promise:
1. They enshrine different rules for wired and wireless Internet – allowing big corporations to censor content on your mobile phone.
2. They allow corporations to set up tollbooths online, stifling new innovators like the next YouTube who can’t pay the fees the old, crusty corporations can pay.
3. For the first time, they embrace a “public Internet” for regular people vs. a “private Internet” with all the new innovations for corporations who pay more — ending the Internet as we know it. The public Internet will be the slow, slow lane, and the private Internet will be the fast, fast lane.
Just to be fair, the Republican Party supports corporate fascism in destroying the Internet by getting rid of Net Neutrality. The Tea Parties are also completely committed to get rid of the Net by junking Net Neutrality.
Commenter Shawn gives a real world example of the consequences of getting rid of Net Neutrality:

I just changed my mind regarding net neutrality. I am a strong supporter of it. Let’s say you get your Internet service through Verizon, yet you really like Google’s Google Map service. Verizon could essentially block Google Maps by slowing down traffic to their servers, and also to any other servers which may provide mapping services, with the exception of a mapping service offered by Verizon. Worse, Verizon may start charging for their mapping service.
Libertarian principles do not work here. You can’t easily just switch to another ISP. First off, there are not many broadband services to choose from in many areas. Further, there is no way of knowing, as a consumer, which site’s traffic the ISP is slowing down or if the destination server itself is faulty.

Exactly. Thank you Shawn. The Corporate Enemy just ended the Internet. Yet another dark day.

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0 thoughts on “Obama Just Killed the Internet”

  1. “2. They allow corporations to set up tollbooths online, stifling new innovators like the next YouTube who can’t pay the fees the old, crusty corporations can pay.”
    Capitalism in action. I never trusted that bullshit about capitalism and freedom going hand and hand. Large corporations are the biggest authoritarians out there, way more so than the government. Libertarians are so full of shit. The always talk about capitalism promoting competition between firms, but they never take into account that it is within the interest of such firms to stifle competition once they get on top. They’re really just a buch of corporate shills.

    1. “I can’t help but thinking this will move the Internet’s “center of gravity” overseas, if you know what I mean.”
      No, time-bomb, I have no clue what you mean. Please explain.

    1. “Rob, what you forgot to mention is that Julius Genachowski is a kike. ”
      I suspected as much.
      “The kikes are trying to destroy free speech.”
      Yes, they are but it seems more and more are begining to fight against them and their blood sucking ways.

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