Julian Assange, Date Rapist

Here. The guy is an absolute, complete, total fool. With all the intelligence agencies in the world after him, he date rapes two women in two days. Let’s get this straight. Date rape happens all the time. A female friend of mine, age 19, was recently date raped. She passed out drunk, and he was having sex with her while she was unconscious. Her vagina was dry too – because she was unconscious, so there was pain and minor bleeding. She really doesn’t have a case, as the last thing she remembers was she was on her knees giving him head in a bedroom. Apparently afterwards she passed out, but she was technically a virgin, and she would not have consented to intercourse. She passed out at some point. She was on the bed, passed out and dry, and the guy had sex with her, necrophiliac-like. She woke up and pushed him off her. She lost her virginity in a case of date rape, and she had not wanted to lose her virginity that way. For months afterward, she was angry, and she could not figure why. I think it’s clear why she was so angry. I felt very sorry for this woman. This stuff happens all the time in the US. It’s one form of rape that is quite common even among Whites, who have a lower rape rate than Blacks or Hispanics. I think Blacks and Hispanics do tons of date rape too, but it’s probably regarded as almost normal in those cultures. My point is that Whites don’t shy away from this stuff, mostly because a lot of White guys think “it’s not rape.” Assange ended up at the home of Woman A, at her place after dinner. She had invited him to stay there. A makeout session got aggressive and Assange started tearing off her clothes. He ripped a necklace off her neck, possibly breaking it in the process. She tried to halt the whole mess, as things were just going too far, but then decided to give in. They ended up in the bedroom. He insisted on not using a condom, and she said no condom, no sex buddy. He then produced a condom, which happened to be torn. It looks like he may have torn it himself. She still said no sex. At that point he pinned her down to the bed, holding her down as he had sex with her. Date rape all the way. After that, she had had enough, but she still let him stay there, though he had to sleep in the living room. She said after, “Not only was it the worst sex I’ve ever had, but it was violent.” He repeatedly tried to have sex with her every day he stayed there after that, and she turned him down every time. One time, bottomless, he pressed himself against her, and she pushed him away. Finally, she told him to leave. Two days later, he was over at Woman B’s place. He had sex with her with a condom, and then they both went to sleep. She insisted no condom, no sex. She woke up in the morning to discover him having sex with her without a condom. She said, “You better not have HIV!” He said he didn’t and finished his business. She insisted that he get STD testing, but he refused. She got a morning after pill because she was afraid of pregnancy and got STD testing. She happened to run into Woman A and recounted her story to Woman A. She discovered that Woman A had been date raped too. They both went to the police to talk to them about what happened. Later, both women decided that they did not wish to press charges. That should have ended it right there, but after that, it was nothing but political BS. The Swedes issued all APB for the guy via Interpol, he was arrested and charges are still being figured out. The charges are complete nonsense, as the women refuse to cooperate with police. Therefore, they need to be dropped. The women were not working for intelligence agencies and there was no honey trap. Julian Assange is a date rapist and a first class prick. Not only that, but he’s a reckless moron. With every other intelligence agency on Earth after him, he acts this recklessly. Idiot.

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9 thoughts on “Julian Assange, Date Rapist”

  1. Provacateur. BTW many months ago, but only a few proportionately in his life, Bob was regretting young girls did NOT look fondly upon him but rather tended to frown or such if he so much as looked as if he was considering a verbal flirtation. His luck seemingly has changed.

  2. there’s a site which predates wikileaks which also dumps the type of documents wikileaks does. the guy who runs that site (cryptome.org) was supposed to have said somewhere (sry no link) that assange is CIA patsy.
    i haven’t thought much about the material released in relation to how it might damage or control situations the CIA would like to target. but i do think an guy like someone such as Assange would be pretty easy to harness for your own purposes.
    on the other hand, i don’t think that there’s much in these documents which wasn’t already assumed by many people to be true. and i admit that i like conspiracy theory, i think some are true. Kennedy assassination is the best example. but who knows with this wikileaks stuff?

    1. tired, can’t put together a sentence or bother to type it out on this shitty keyboard. need a crisp new clicky keyboard.

  3. @Robert Lindsay
    Assange and Wikileaks is a psych-op BS operation created to attack Eurasian states with the lame revelation which is nothing that has not been said publically or in the news and a dose of propaganda.
    The obvious and lame fake rape charges are part of creating the legend around him and Wikileaks as an authentic non-government/intelligence source to pump out propaganda just like they did with Atta creating a fake history and background for him.
    If the CIA wanted to block Wikileaks which it could have easily done prior the latest leaks it would not wait until they are given maximum exposure by the mass media and take actions that ensured the widest exposure possible.
    Good articles on Global Research website about some background history on Wikileaks.

  4. Ew what a skank! She was giving him a blowjob? And then she’s claiming rape? Now I’m not saying the guy was right, he was a bigger skank than she was because he had no right to have sex with her while she was unconscious. That’s wrong and pathetic. But as for the woman, I don’t feel too sorry for her. What was a virgin doing, giving a blowjob? Ew. This world is so sick anyway and it’s too immoral to even see that having oral sex makes you not a virgin. Okay your hymen doesn’t break, but you’re still having sex and that makes you not a virgin.
    What it boils down to, is the girl shouldn’t have given him a blow job, maybe she did because she was drunk, or because the creep convinced her that he would love her if she performed such a vile act, and she was drunk (which is her own fault), so she has learned a painful lesson, now the guy, he does need to get brought up in front of the courts because he should not have proceeded to have sex with her when she wasn’t conscious, but there should be another law for that. I can’t see that as rape because of the actions before (her giving a blowjob to him). Still he should be punished and taught a lesson that he cannot just treat another person’s body as if it belonged to him. Maybe he should be charged with sexual theft. There should be a new law aside from rape called Sexual Theft. You heard it here first, from me.. so don’t take credit if it ever becomes law.

  5. If Assange isn’t a rapist, then I like him and I would say he is courageous but if he really is a rapist then I am all for him getting sent to prison. You can’t pretend to be a good person blowing the whistle on all the political criminals in the world and then rape women. That’s not a good person. Now if he didn’t rape those women, then they need to go to jail for lying (if they are lying) and Assange then should have been Person of the Year, not that geeky facebook founder.

  6. Julian Assange has personality problems that will eventually destroy him. Arrogance (“Hey, girlie, I know you are really in to me, and that when you say no, you really mean yes”) and an inability to operate in the real world, with real people as his equals are but two of them.
    He seems unwilling or unable to accept that his actions have consequences. He date rapes two women (well, at least two that we are aware of) and cannot begin to understand that, as he abused their trust and physically and psychologically hurt them, they might have legitimate grounds for being upset and angry with him. And that a prosecutor might take a dim view of his actions.
    He also seems unaware of cultural differences. What might be acceptable in his home town might not be acceptable in, for example, Sweden.
    The good that Julian Assange might be doing (though putting people’s lives at risk for a good leak, is that really good?) could well be outweighed by the bad stuff he has done and will do. His bad, risk taking behaviour might be like an addiction.
    And allowing a group of hysterical men children and what one can only describe as rape club girl fans, to traduce the reputations of the two women concerned reveals an awful lot about Julian Assange and the Wikileaks crowd. Perhaps stuff they really shouldn’t have allowed out into the public domain? But then, perhaps that’s another indicator that they really do not know when to shut up?

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