How To Solve 90% of the US Long-Term Debt Problems

Real simple.

  1. End US military involvement in Iraq. Recall there are still 50,000 troops there?
  2. End US military involvement in Afghanistan. This is a hot war that shows no sign of ending soon, or period. I’m worried, but maybe it’s time to leave.
  3. Eliminate all of the catastrophic Bush tax cuts of 2001 (now the Obama tax cuts on the principle of you do them, you own them), including the middle class tax cuts that everyone loves so much. Even the middle class cuts are serious threat to the New Deal and Great Society, and I don’t see why any middle class American would want to kill the New Deal and Great Society just to get a tax cut. That means going back to Clinton era tax rates, which were quite low and affordable last time I checked.

That solves 9 Ever heard a single deficit hawk scum mention this solution? Of course not. Did you hear a single single deficit hawk oppose the latest outrageous Obama tax cuts? Of course not. Deficit hawks, by their definition, are all liars. They really don’t care about deficits and debt. What they all, and I mean all, believe in is Starve the Beast. Starve the Beast has been the neoliberal supply side philosophy of both political parties, the Punditocracy and the entirety of the US media “right” to “left”. Works like this:

  1. First, “starve the beast” by defunding the state with huge tax cuts. We now of 30 years of endless tax cuts, and they are really starting to bite.
  2. Create a deficit or debt crisis deliberately with tax cuts and deliberate overspending on a variety of things that are never paid for, including wars, defense spending, Medicare Part B, etc.
  3. Use the deficit and debt crisis you manufactured to create a constituency for the utter necessity of massive cuts in government programs, with the main focus being social programs. In this way, the Right can finally kill the Great Society and New Deal that they have hated from Day One.
  4. Use ruined economies as “disaster capitalism,” which means that the ruined economy will starve the state of funds. Then use the economic crisis to gut the state and kill the hated social programs.In this sense, ruined economies, economic crises, recessions and depressions are actually seen by deficit hawks as wonderful things.

Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton and now Obama were all Starve the Beast politicians. Time for something new.

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To Rob:
Ever heard a single deficit hawk scum mention this solution? Of course not. Did you hear a single single deficit hawk oppose the latest outrageous Obama tax cuts?
Sure.. David Stockman…. multiple times. But he’s not in a position of any power to enact any change. One would think that if Krugman and Stokcman are in agreement some people in Congress and perhaps the President might pay attention.. but nope.
David Stockman about the tax cuts “they should not have enacted them in 2001 & 2003” and “we can not continue being an imperial power across the world” and “cut defense”

  • one thing i think worth noting, because you hate libertardians so much. although he is kind of nutty in a few ways, rand paul is one of the first guys who is in the R party that called for cuts in the military budget.
    i am no economist but we probably really DO need to make some cuts, and i would say the cuts should go at least 75% military/25% domestic. maybe no domestic and 100% military. this black budget shit has got to stop.

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