Chavez Bans New US Diplomat from Setting Foot in the Country

Excellent news! Go Hugo go! He had every right to do this. This ambassador said in confirmation hearings that the citizens of Venezuela hate Chavez and in particular that morale in the Armed Forces is very poor. The last comment is alarming given the many coups and armed insurrections that the US has sponsored down through the years. In fact, the US sponsored an armed coup in 2002 and an employer’s lockout strike the next year. Saying that the armed forces has low morale is code talk that means a coup could possibly be carried out with the support of the armed forces. It’s very alarming talk considering the the US has already instigated one coup against Venezuela. The ambassador was threatening a coup against Chavez. The US said that there will be consequences for the relationship, but it’s dubious what those would be. We need Venezuelan oil and I believe that we buy most Chavez’ oil. We can’t quit buying it and he can’t quit selling it to us, so we are locked into a sort of fatal embrace. It’s noteworthy that this imperialist dog ambassador was chosen by Barack Obanksta. Haha! He told America, the Dracula of the planet, to buzz off. Go, go, go Hugo go!

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