Barack "Dog" Obama Will Propose Killing Social Security in State of the Union

Of course.
Barack “The Enemy” Obama has been hating Social Security for a very long time.
Keep in mind that Obanksta comes from a generation that revered Ronald Reagan as some kind of God. Obama has stated repeatedly that Reagan is his hero, and has inferred that he is a Reaganite on economics. We should have been listening to this dog closer when he was barking away during the primaries.
Obanksta has said some other interesting things. He has called Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, “irresponsible.” Presumably, he was irresponsible for forming the New Deal, which Obanksta apparently hates with a passion. Obanksta has staked his Presidency on destroying the New Deal.
Obanksta also said that in the 1960’s and 1970’s, there was a big problem in that government was getting too big and out of control. This line is straight from Ronald Reagan, and it’s a lie. Government was not “too big” in the 60’s and 70’s. The whole problem back then was that government was starting to help the people, and the oligarchs and their whores like Obanksta won’t stand for that.
Obanksta has also lauded Reaganomics, praising Reagan’s economic record. In fact, the destruction of the US economy began in 1980 with the election of the Gipper.
Obanksta has also said that the economic boom under Clinton was entirely due to Ronald Reagan. This is a complete lie. To the extent that Clinton worked against Reaganomics, along with a dot-com and stock market bubble, the economy and jobs grew under Clinton. Reagan had nothing to do with it.
Obanksta has repeated various rightwing lies about Social Security. One, that “originally it was only for widows and orphans.” What this means is that SS should only be for widows and orphans. It has expanded horribly beyond its original intent in that now it covers the blind, the disabled and the retired. It is this irresponsible expansion that needs to be ended or scaled back.
He has also said that SS “needs to be fixed.” The line that SS needs to be fixed is a rightwing talking point straight from Ronald Reagan. “Needs to be fixed” means we need to get rid of it.
There is a very easy way to fix it. Just lift the cap on payroll tax deductions, now at $113,000 a year (middle class according to Wicked Witch Hillary Clinton). We can also raise the retirement age all the way to 69, though I want a hardship exemption for those who can’t physically work past 65.
Do the Republicans want to destroy Social Security? Of course they do! If you like SS, why are you voting Republican? But since when is a Democrat dedicated to destroying SS? Take a bow, Barack Obama.
Barack Obama, worst President ever?

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0 thoughts on “Barack "Dog" Obama Will Propose Killing Social Security in State of the Union”

  1. He has called Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, “irresponsible.”
    Fucking cocksucker. Bankster cunt. If I hadn’t already vowed to never vote for him again, that would have done it.
    FDR kept the heads of the bankster trash off of pikes, and they’ve never had the smarts to be grateful. The country was on the verge of revolution in the 30s, and FDR headed it off.
    Do they think people are just going to politely crawl away and die?

    1. “FDR kept the heads of the bankster trash off of pikes”\
      This is what I’ve always disliked about FDR. I think he did what he did just to save the rich. In other words, he gave an inch to save a foot. Now the rich want “their” inch back. To block any attempt by the people to keep their inch or get more form these theives they started multiculturalism and mass immigration into the US.
      The US would have been much better off with a second american revolution. For one thing, if we had a second revolution then Roosevelt would not have been able to bait Japan into attacking us and the US could have stayed out of WWII.

      1. I understand that argument too.
        Too bad since then we’ve had nearly 70 years of anti-commie propaganda and the John Taylor Gatto-described retardification of the educational system. Not to mention lashings of HFCS. There are a lot more guns now, but little to bind people together intelligently.

        1. ” There are a lot more guns now, but little to bind people together intelligently”
          Yeah. The gun is far less important than the operator.

  2. Fuck social security. Let these geezers starve in the cold. Worthless cunts. The money should be spent on high tech weapons. I am fully invested in General Dynamics , Boeing and Raytheon.

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