Differential Morality Among Races: Possible Reasons

Why do people bring up differential crime rates? Often, it’s simply to bash Blacks. That’s certainly not my intention here. After all, I’m a race realist.
I’m not even certain that Blacks and Hispanics can be blamed for their higher crime rates. If the high crime isn’t their fault, how can you blame someone for something that isn’t his fault?
They seem to like living in their communities just fine. If they are happy there, who am I to attack them?
I have several reasons to point this out.

  1. What is it that Whites like about their White communities that makes them want to live there, and what is it Whites don’t like about Black and Hispanic communities that makes Whites not want to live in those places?
  2. Why do Whites pay a high premium to live in White communities with “good schools” = White schools?
  3. Although in general, I can’t stand the superior races – inferior races argument, and I blanch and wince when someone says Whites are superior or some non-White group are inferior, I will hold fast on one view. I absolutely feel that Whites are as a group morally superior to Blacks and Hispanics. I’m not going to answer the superior-inferior question on any other variable. And I don’t have to prove it. I lived 53 years on Earth. That’s all the proof I need. I’m also not going to argue about whether this moral issue is genetic or cultural. Who cares? They’re morally lower, and that’s that. Why is it important to know why?

What are the reasons that Whites are morally superior, and we are by the way?
1. Socioeconomics: This is a tough one, but many Blacks and Hispanics have evolved into a more or less permanent Underclasses. They don’t have much money. Not only that, but they don’t see much way up or out of that.
Even poor Whites often think they are going to get rich, or at least if you’re White, you can’t really be Underclass. Poor Whites don’t feel like members of a shut out Underclass. Underclass non-White poverty gives rise to feeling of vengeance, of wanting to rip off those that have. If I have two jackets in my car, I only need one, so why not steal the other one? I’m convinced that a lot of Black and Hispanic crime is ripping off the “haves” who are seen as having unjust wealth.
Private property is sacrosanct in White society. You don’t mess with a man’s stuff.
I’ve known White thieves. First of all, they all had a code. There were two types of people: the people you hang out with and their friends, who you did not rip off, and everyone else, who could be ripped off. The White thieves I knew were not out to steal from the rich. They just stole from any “outsider.”
Blacks and Hispanics don’t seem to have this code.
2. The socio in socioeconomics. Underclass ghettos and barrios are basically nothing more than gigantic crime factories. If you come out of a neighborhood like that and you’re not a criminal, you deserve a medal. Most White population centers are not crime factories for whatever reason.
3. White values. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a White person say, “I wasn’t brought up that way,” or “I was brought up that you never do that,” I’d be a rich man. Whites are not necessarily following external morality. They won’t necessarily do whatever they can get away with. They often have an internal morality drummed into them from Day One.
White society seriously ostracizes bad actors. Thieves are shunned and condemned. Even 10-15 years later, if you had an old reputation for being a thief, a lot of folks still won’t trust you. You will practically have to get down on your knees and kiss feet to win back their trust.
White society has an attitude, “Once a criminal, always a criminal.” Criminals, especially thieves with prison records, are considered to be never rehabilitated. A person like that is never to be trusted again, because people don’t change. If you give people the benefit of the doubt, you’re regarded as an idiot who’s asking to get burned.
Whiteness is highly prized in White society, and it can be revoked at any time. It’s not true that only Blacks are called niggers. When a White person seriously sleazes out, especially into victimizing crime, jail, prison, or just generally low class behavior, he’s regarded as “niggerish” = wigger. Such Whites have their Whiteness revoked and they may as well dread their hair, paint their face and move to Detroit.
Say I’m having a fight with a White guy. He says “Screw you,” I say, “Screw you,” back, and we both walk away. The general attitude is we won’t speak again. Later on, we may try to patch it up, since White society doesn’t like endless simmering feuds between men.
Now, if I’m really furious, I could go rip him off to get back at him. But no way would I do that. To go over to his place and steal his property is “niggerish” – it’s a low, dirty, scummy, slimy, slug-like thing to do. I’m doing what non-Whites do. As a White man, I’m a member of the most exalted race on Earth, and I can’t degrade myself that way. I shame myself, my family, my ancestors, and I even shame my great White race. There is an attitude of “I don’t stoop that low.”
I’ve noticed that a lot of non-Whites will steal from you if you make them mad. I guess they use that as an excuse to rip you off?
There’s also an attitude of “a bridge too far.” As I said, I used to run with dopers and dealers. White pot dealer society at the time was actually pretty high class society, with its own code. Mainly, you did not rip people off. If you did, your name was mud, and there could be consequences.
Mostly, you would be run out of the whole dealer culture, lose all your customers, suppliers and most of your friends. I don’t rip you off, you don’t rip me off. That’s the code, and everyone has to abide. Also, people have plenty of dirty information. Suppose I rip someone off. Other dealers are not angels. They are well known to cooperate with police. I reported several dealers to police for violating “the code.” If I rip someone off, all it takes a phone call to the narcotics desk, and the cops are onto me.
Also, if I’m a ripoff, there are consequences. I can get my ass kicked. Ass kickings happen a lot in White World, and the cops often don’t care if you’re a scumbag who got what’s coming.
More importantly, dealer society took care of ripoffs in various ways. One way was that the person’s property would be vandalized, often seriously. We are talking 100’s to 1000’s of dollars.
On the other hand, you can’t kill someone over a ripoff. There’s an attitude in White society that you don’t kill someone over property loss. If a dealer got burned, he and his buddies who go destroy the ripoff’s property. But if someone said to kill him, he would be shouted down. That would be considered “a bridge too far.” Not only does no one want to go down on homicide, there’s also the attitude that you don’t kill a man over property loss. You only kill to defend life, not property.
I’ve noticed that non-Whites kill all the time over property loss. Ripoffs and burns seem to be the cause of a lot of homicide in ghettos and barrios. We don’t understand this; it’s very alien to us.
That the races have different morals should be obvious for anyone to see. Remember in the 1960’s-1980’s, there were a lot of White rock stars who were given to some pretty wild and insane behavior? They were considered outlaws. But did you ever hear of Led Zeppelin putting out a hit on Black Sabbath? Did Paul McCartney try to murder Mick Jagger? Of course not. That’s simply not done.
Yet this is what Blacks do. Rap stars, even with multimillion dollar records, mansions, Rolls Royces and all the money a man could want, routinely grab guns and murder their rival music stars. We can’t comprehend that. People who do that are like people from another planet. As I said, it’s like Robert Plant shooting Ozzy Osborne. Unthinkable.
I’ve been told that even biker society has an extremely complex code of ethics. You don’t lie or steal from your buddies, and you’re a man of your word. Sure, those guys are outside the law, but within their little group, there is a strict code, and if you fuck up, there’s Hell to pay. This even applies to nonverbal behavior, for which there is a rulebook so complex that it boggles my mind.

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0 thoughts on “Differential Morality Among Races: Possible Reasons”

  1. Hold on, Bob. Didn’t a white thrash-rocker leap on stage and shoot thrash guitarist Darryl Dimebag Parks? Might have the genre a little off.

  2. I remember a teacher telling us that Andrew Jackson had many duels. Of course it was seen as chivalrous when whites behave as such. If a black did the same, well…that’s just how niggers behave, brawn over brains, shooting each other over a verbal diss.
    As for the rappers getting shot. Well, they are gang bangers who made it rapping. They never stopped being gangsters. In fact they were essentially paid to be gangsters and keep that image going. Most the money coming from whites. Just keep in mind that this isn’t “black behavior”, it’s the behavior or GANGSTA RAPPERS, one sub-genre of rap music. You aren’t going to see someone like rapper Common killing Kanye West, it would be unheard of. And you certainly aren’t going to see such a thing outside the world of rap period. Usher isn’t going to be shooting R. Kelly. Kem isn’t going to be shooting Maxwell. It would be equally unheard of. When blacks see these shooting happen, they just see this as an act of gangsters, not an act of black people. When whites see it happen, they just see it as an act of black people, period. The reason for this I think is that most whites just don’t know that much about blacks beyond a very surface level. I remember Robert once posting a photo or video of some kid and said he looked gangster. Me and another black person were quick to chime in that he didn’t look gangster, he just looked like an ordinary basketball player black kid. Many whites just don’t know how to evaluate who the real trouble maker blacks are because few whites are intimate enough with black life to see the nuances.
    I’m not sure if Robert is only comparing black Americans to white Americans or if he’s talking about blacks and whites anywhere in the world. I remember seeing a documentary on Albania where the whites acted really gangster. They would have these family feuds where they would kill each other in revenge going on decades. It’s a really backwards place overall. It was like watching Boys in The Hood. Really fascinating. I also saw a documentary on Nat Geo where they were out in the country with this African tribe that lived in huts. One guy was accused of stealing someone’s goat and punishment for him was pretty harsh even though I can’t remember exactly what it was at this point. But there are strong codes of behavior in these old cultures in Africa involving how you treat elders, ancestors, when you become a man, what rites of passage you have to go through to become a man in the eyes of the village, when you can marry and have children, what your role in the tribe is, etc.

  3. ” I remember seeing a documentary on Albania where the whites acted really gangster”
    I’ve heard a lot of people from the Balkans act gangster, especially the Bosnians. Then of course there’s the gypsies, the ultimate petty theives. They’re theieves ev everywhere. I believe that they even stole one of the nails that Jesus was supposed to be crucified with. They are to petty theft what the jews are to major theft and blood sucking.
    I’ve heard that the Albanians were major gangsters though. They’ve even fought with the Italian mob and won….IN ITALY!!!!! Who can be shocked though, they’ve already been pretty succesful at stealing KosovO and part of northern Greece. Now they are also trying to steal part of Macedonia. We should have just let the Serbs deal with these people….

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