Barack Obama: Worst President Ever?

I am seriously starting to think that Barack Obama is one of the worst Presidents we have ever had. Why? Beginning the destruction of the Social Security and the dismantling of the New Deal. This is ideological – Obama wants to take apart the New Deal – it’s part of his ideology. In the election, he repeatedly said his hero was Ronald Reagan. He has repeatedly said we need to “fix Social Security.” “Fix Social Security” is a Republican talking point. His appointees to the Deficit Commission were some of the worst Social Security haters out there – Clintonite Erskine Bowles and the reptilian Alan Simpson. For blowing up the deficit and doing more to dismantle the New Deal and Great Society than any other President, I nominate Barack Obama as one of the worst Presidents of all time. What’s the competition? Herbert Hoover: Obvious reasons. He’s actually Obama’s heir. Obama is starting to look like the reincarnation of Hoover. Richard Nixon: Crook, impeached, Vietnamization, overthrew Allende, what more do you want? Ronald Reagan: Started the whole rightwing nightmare that Obama is putting the finishing touches on. George Bush 2: The original author of the New Deal destroying tax cuts, invaded Iraq in a Nazi style invasion, Patriot Act, torture and indefinite detention of POW’s, trying foreigners before corrupt kangaroo courts called military tribunals, tried to private Social Security, engaged debates with a voice box on his back feeding him answers, tried to steal Iraq’s oil, put dissenters on a no-fly list, dereliction of duty during Hurricane Katrina, overthrew Aristide in Haiti, extreme malevolence and incompetence in general, destroyed US economy then bailed out bankster crooks with trillions. Bill Clinton: Got rid of Glass-Steagal, said “the era of Big Government is over,” ended AFDC, followed in Reagan’s footsteps. Lyndon Johnson: Used phony Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to get us into Vietnam War, which he escalated, destroying several countries and killing over a million people for no reason. Woodrow Wilson: Criminalized dissent in wartime, champion of US imperialism. Teddy Roosevelt: Launched several blatantly imperialist wars. Andrew Jackson: Declared all out war on American Indians. James Polk: Started Mexican War, stole Mexican land for no reason. Barack certainly has a lot of competition!

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  1. Richard Nixon: started detente with the USSR, opened relations with China, stood up to no-good college brats, disliked the Jews. Nixon was a great President.

    1. I’m going to have to agree with fpy3p, Richard Nixon was actually pretty cool…for being the leader of a capitalist country. 100%+ better than that “beach boy from Honolulu” (as Pastor Manning calls him) that we have in the White House now.
      Also Robert, what do you have against Vietnamization? I would think reducing the role of american troops and getting them out of the imperialist war would be a good thing. I would gladly welcome more “afghanization.”
      “Andrew Jackson: Declared all out war on American Indians.”
      His treatment of the Indians is a darkspot on his record, but I still wouldn’t class Andrew Jackson as a bad president, certainly not one of the worst. He blocked a centralized bank and he got rid of the debt (at a time when debts aren’t used like they are now). I’ve siad before, Andrew Jackson fought for the little guy, at least the white little guy. If only more politicians had the balls to stand up to asshole greedy northeastern businessmen…

  2. The only reason Nixon gets such a bad press is that he saw through the Jews and didn’t lick their ass like most politicians did and still do.

  3. Clinton: Supported Islamic terrorism worldwide, let Iran and international Islamic terrorism get a foothold in Europe in Bosnia for which we got 9/11 and Madrid, bombed the Serbs, supported the KLA.

  4. although bush 2 was not a grat president lets not forget he was the first president to havve attacks on american soil since ww2

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