Barack Obama, Whatta Guy

Republican President Barack Obama kicked up his “corporate charm offensive,” meeting for hours with 20 CEO’s yesterday. Characteristically, he started with an apology for not “finding the right balance” in addressing business. The president and the business leaders talked about free trade, fiscal discipline, and relief from regulation. The White House let it be known the president was considering a speaking gig at the board meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, the right-wing corporate lobby that had accused him of waging a “general attack on our free enterprise system.” “We want to be boosters,” he said, because “when you do well, America does well.”

Nope, fail. Anymore, when they do well, the rest of us lose. The philosophy of Obama is the same as Marx said of capitalists in general: the rich get richer, the poor and the middle class get poorer. The better corporate America does, the worst the rest of us do. The corporations are the enemy. They are not your friends. The President and the business leaders talked about free trade, fiscal discipline, and relief from regulation. Thanks, Barack! Thanks for nothing.

  1. Free trade. Fail. Good for corporations, bad for America, workers, everyone else.
  2. Fiscal discipline. Corporations don’t believe in this, and neither does Obama. This is shorthand for “destroy the New Deal and Great Society.” I assume that’s bad for everyone who’s not rich, right?
  3. Relief from regulation. Nice Republican talking point. Where did they get this, Frank Luntz? Corporations are regulated for the following reasons: to benefit consumers, to benefit workers and to benefit society. US corporations are certainly not over-regulated, if anything, they are terribly under-regulated. All corporations everywhere do not want to be regulated at all, period. Getting rid of corporate regulations harms society, workers and consumers. If you’re a worker, consumer or member of society, you should oppose it. Deregulation is what ruined the US, and by extension, the world economy.

Disgusting. He apologized for the corporate maggots for not sucking up to them enough. Can you believe it? Barack Obama, Republican.

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  1. Barack Obama, what a prick! No surprise there, except for the substantial idiot left who told everyone to go to sleep, everything’ll be alright now we’ve got a new Martin Luther King in the whitehouse. That’s Obama’s only achievement – no-one will ever listen to these pricks again.

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