Are White Communities Crime Free?

The Black rejoinder to reports of differential crime rates is, “Whites commit crime too,” and “White communities have crime too.” Well, no shit Sherlock. Chances are, if you live all your life in a White community, sooner of later you will get ripped off. I would say it’s almost a sure thing. But it’s once in a blue moon, and it often follows certain standards. First, ripoffs are burglary or larceny types. They happen when you’re not there. If your house gets ripped, it’s when you weren’t home. They won’t take everything. They often will only take one thing. I’m convinced that White thieves actually tend to be higher class than non-White thieves. For instance, my Mom left her purse in a shopping cart at a supermarket in a White town. When she went back, it was gone. She freaked out bad for a few days. Her license and credit cards and everything else were in there. About three days later, someone threw the purse on her driveway in the middle of the night. She found it the next morning. Everything was still there, but the small amount of money ($40) was gone. I was told that this happens a lot in White communities. Lose your wallet or purse, and it often turns up on your driveway or porch a few days later, minus the money. The criminals actually look up your address, drive to your house in the middle of the night and return your belongings, but whatever cash is in there is gone. It makes sense. If you rip a billfold, all you want is the cash. Get rid of the rest of it. It’s a bust. Loss of license and credit cards is a severe hardship to the victim, and it’s like the White thief knows this and feels bad. I seriously doubt that a non-White thief who stole your purse or wallet would track down your address and leave your belongings on your doorstep absent the money. They’d either throw it by the side of the road or in the trash, or they’d keep the credit cards and try to use them. Sure there’s crime, especially theft, in White places. But there’s not that much. If you’ve lived in White and non-White towns, you notice the crime difference often immediately. I think crime figures are artificially high in White towns and artificially low in non-White towns. In non-White towns, petty theft is a police nuisance. They won’t even send an officer out to take a report. You get an annoyed cop who says, “We get theft reports all day here!” They send you a police report in the mail, if you can believe that. I still haven’t filled mine out. I’m sure most petty crime is not even formally reported. In a White town, when we got burglarized, the cops came out, took fingerprints, the whole nine yards. A petty theft report may well be the highlight of a bored cop’s day.

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  1. Robert are you really telling me that you think most white thieves return purses that they steal? I’m willing to bet this happens about 1% of the time.

    1. Not if they snatch them.
      But I’ve heard that purses or wallets if they are stolen, the money is often taken out of them, and then object is put into a mailbox. You can put anything like that that you find in a mailbox. I’m not sure who puts it in there – the thief or someone who finds it afterwards.
      The word in White communities here in California is that you often get the purse or wallet back a few days later somehow – often thrown onto your property, but it’s typically minus the money. That’s what people told me anyway. I don’t know if it’s the thieves returning it or some good Samaritan returning it after the thief abandons it, but here in CA, you often get it back somehow, but the money is typically gone.

      1. Reminds me the LA Riots. A lot of stolen merchandise was returned by looters after they started to have theft guilt. But these were returned by mestizos, not so much by black looters. Whites seemed to enjoy broadcasting where there was free booty. Personally, I think there should be massive booty and merchandise giveaways to black communities every year. With the combined might of product production by whites and yellows, it would be easy.

  2. Robert, Robert, Robert,
    Where do I start?
    What you are really describing is a code of conduct and I think the issue here is that you can readily recite what you believe is the White code of conduct with the expectation that a like code of conduct should exist with other races in order to be equally moral. I can assure you that there is a code of conduct in the Black Community. In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that the rougher the neighborhood is the more imperative it is to abide by the code.
    You think there aren’t people you can’t steal from in the Black Communities? That would be a BIG mistake if someone thought that. Some folks are just off limits. I known tons of people who came out of rough neighborhoods (including myself) without becoming criminals (and no, we did not get medals). We went on to college, got married, had kids (you know stuff other people get credit for doing that people think we don’t do).
    And I tell you what, a lot of Blacks can afford to live in the White suburbs but choose not to because they do not feel welcomed. They would rather just deal with the crime than be around people who look at them as if they had Ebola or were homeless. I got personally got tired of the crime and lack of good neighborhood services, super markets, schools and other stuff so I decided to move to a White neighborhood and just deal with the funny looks that I get.
    The majority of the people in Black Communities are decent people. Yes, they may have a different code of conduct, way of communicating, so on and so forth but they are not a bunch of thieves waiting for you to drop your wallet. I would hope by now commenter’s like tulio, Chic Noir, Alpha Unit, D and myself would give at least some cause for pause to make you and people like BAG reconsider at least some of the perceptions you have regarding the Black Community, understanding that it’s not monolithic.
    That’s what’s so frustrating about blogs like this sometimes. Don’t matter what we say or communicate, no matter how reasonable or eloquent, the very next post feels like we’re at square one again. It’s like nothing we say can penetrate how Whites feel about us. Why would that not feel a bit racist to us?

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