Why Rank Ethnic Groups According to Propensity to Crime?

Some people say that ranking ethnic groups according to propensity to crime or bad behavior is ridiculous. They ask, “What’s it all about?” Why rank groups by their propensity for theft or rape.
What’s it all about?
1. Knowing who to more or less trust.
2. Knowing where to live and who to hang out with.
3. Knowing who to be wary around and not trust until proven trustworthy.
4. For a woman, knowing which men to trust more than other men and knowing which men to be particularly wary about.
Life is an odds game. You play the odds. You figure which groups you have better or worse experience with and then proceed to trust or be wary based on that experience. Sure, it’s discriminatory, but so what? That’s the way people are. We generalize. If you couldn’t generalize, you might be able to get out of bed, but I don’t think you could do much else in the day. We start generalizing when we wake up and continue throughout the day.
Other than that, just idle ruminating about the human race and its varieties.
I don’t think there’s anything that can be done about Blacks and Hispanics higher propensity for ripoff. I don’t think it will ever change and I don’t know if they can help it.
Some will say that humans will do just about anything they get away with, including stealing. So Whites will steal just as much as anyone else if they think they can get away with it.
White people will not do whatever they can get away with, not really. A lot of them have internal morality to uphold. “This is the way I was raised. I was raised that you never do that, ever. I was raised that you always pay back, etc.” They could easily scum out like everyone else but there is an internal morality barometer that they are obeying.

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2 thoughts on “Why Rank Ethnic Groups According to Propensity to Crime?”

  1. How about the Asian propensity (or is it just Chinese) to cheat in academics? i think they are the biggest cheaters, as it is considered clever? where do whites fall on that scale, what would you guess? i would guess lower, and it is because of our culture.

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