Why Non-White Low Morals is Worse Than the Low Morals of the White Power Elite

Looking for answers writes:

I’m curious about your use of the word “morals”? Clearly the things you mentioned are a reflection of declining morals but what of all the white collar stuff such as insider trading, the subprime and financial collapse, all the wars, drugs, oil spills, off shoring jobs, etc…These things blow way past troublesome and bothersome and not just for this country but for the whole planet. It affects everybody. Minorities can’t be blamed for this. Isn’t this also a major decline in morals? Why are non-minorities let off the hook so easily for these?

Please see here. This is what I mean. On an interpersonal level, these groups simply have on average lower morals. You can’t trust them. The very idea that you would invite a White person into your home, they would pretend to be your best friend, and when your back is turned, they would steal from you, is just outrageous. It’s a violation of everything we value. Someone who does that is like someone from another planet.
That you would come into another person’s home and immediately start demanding that the person give you this or that piece or property, pointing to things on their walls, that you would walk over to the radio and change the station, or even that you would immediately demand a drink or three, is simply outrageous. Once again, this is the behavior or aliens! You don’t do it!
The radio is on whatever channel it’s on. If it really bothers you, you might be able to ask very nicely if they could change the channel. You never demand objects. Even offering to buy stuff off someone’s wall or in someone’s house is extremely touchy. It’s seen as niggerish. It seems like you are trying to steal it and it seems like a threat – if you don’t sell me this, I’ll steal it. You don’t even demand a drink if you come into someone’s house. The host is supposed to offer you something. You may ask for a glass of water, yes. Beyond that, it is up to the host.
In White World, a man’s home is his castle. You treat it with precious care the whole time you are there. It’s like you are in a palace of solid gold.
Do you have any idea how much that offends us?
True, we don’t like what the white collar criminals do, but once Blacks like Obama, Rice and Powell move into the power elite, they act exactly the same. Powerful Blacks don’t exactly have exemplary morals in the Caribbean and Africa.
The main thing is that I don’t have to deal with those White fucks on a personal level, and I’m sure if I did, they would be 100% polite, proper and decent.
I’m talking about interpersonal relationships here.
I don’t trust Black people! In White World, first of all, you are not supposed to borrow money. It’s humiliating, and it makes you look like a derelict. Sometimes you have to, but still, it’s horrible. If you do borrow money, you always pay back, sometimes with interest. Even Whites who are quite poor do this. Those are the ones that are most likely to pay you interest as a matter of fact.
Some Whites don’t pay back, but those are low Whites who we call “niggerish” = wiggers. They’re almost excommunicated from our race. After someone doesn’t pay you back, you pretty much never want to speak to them again. Even if it’s 5 bucks. They’re basically gone to you.
My attitude is that if you loan a Black or Hispanic money, you will never see it again. There has so far been one exception to that rule, but I extremely leery about loaning to Hispanics or Blacks, especially Blacks. I assume the money is gone for good.
Let me give you another example. I met this Black guy in a coffee shop. He’s annoying in many ways, mostly because he’s a PC Nazi, a phony, and a liar, but anyway, that’s not the point here.
This guy told me that he was looking to buy some property and he had $300,000 to spend. He wanted to build some spiritual health retreat there. He asked me to look around for some deals for him. I called up a woman real estate agent that I know and asked her what she had available. She told about a few deals that she had and said she could walk the guy around the properties. I spent a bit of time fucking around with this.
I went back to the guy and soon it became apparent that he did not have one dime of this $300,000! He then asked me if I knew where he could borrow the $300,000! WTH. I’m still shaking my head over this. In my entire life, I’ve never had a single White person BS me and play me like that. Sure, there are phonies and liars in White World, but not like that. He seemed completely unconcerned that he had BS’d me like that and made me run around and waste time for a bunch of crap. He doesn’t care about my feelings. His behavior is niggerish.
There is a Black woman I know. Every time I see her she says she’s be stopping by later on, this evening, in a few hours, etc. She’s promising to come over. She never shows up! That’s niggerish.
If you’re not coming over, don’t say you are. In White World, if you say you’re coming over, you better show up. People will be expecting you. Black people’s promises appear to be almost worthless. I think the Black definition of “promise” means something different than the White definition. When a Black person makes a promise, we often treat it like a joke. It seems like they’re not serious.
I know one White person who used to do this, but he really pissed me off. It’s really uncommon.

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0 thoughts on “Why Non-White Low Morals is Worse Than the Low Morals of the White Power Elite”

  1. I was friends with a White woman. She would come over from time to time. One day while visiting her I saw some of my silverware in her house.
    There is a White person who still owes me money. I loaned it about fifteen years ago.
    My husband has been ripped off by his White lawyer, not to mention more than one White friend.
    Everybody has stories like this.

    1. “One day while visiting her I saw some of my silverware in her house.”
      LOL. What a dumbass. You’d think she would hide such things.
      I don;t really trust white people all that much either.

  2. Also Robert, the “power elite” is scum. All of them, no matter what their racial backround. The difference is that some minorities will rob your house. The white power elite will rob you of your house. I think that the second is worse.

    1. Agreed. A Black guy might kill an individual on the street for money. A White guy joins the Marines to kill people 8,ooo miles away…Just ’cause he can.

  3. Wow Robert, great fodder.
    Rather that micro-compulsively-painstakingly-deconstruct your thoughts, I’ll just say yeah, I know what you’re talking about.
    I’ve shared housing with other Latinos and some of them do fit your profile.
    You’re referring to that brand of anti-(WASPy conscientious refinement); there is a “presence” white people have which is clear and thoughtful and overly detailed. A man who drives along an empty highway at 3 in the morning signals before he changes lanes. We conclude he’s white.
    A man just throws his car right into your lane during stop-and-go traffic in L.A. without so much as a glance (much less a blinker). We can conclude he’s Hispanic.
    A tidy, orderly and productive world is propelled by rules, regulations and a self-governed set of mores. White people, white culture, have this, hence white culture which flourished under unrestrained capitalism.
    This sense of self-regulation however, has also evolved into a suffocating burden of regulations of every sort and the rise of the Nanny State.
    Mexican culture would never abide by this Nanny bullshit; however, Mexican culture will never be tidy. They will still show up at 4 pm (for the 2 pm party).

  4. “I’m talking about interpersonal relationships here.”
    Yes, those Police Officers I had the pleasure of experiencing growing up had the loveliest interpersonal skills (sarcasm heavily intended)

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