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[youtube=] The Internationale is one of my favorite songs of all time. This is the Billy Bragg version. The Internationale is the international anthem of:

  1. The international Communist movement in all its varieties
  2. The international Left anarchist movement (not the right-anarchist movement)
  3. The international socialist movement
  4. The international social-democratic movement

Unfortunately, the song is associated with Commies, so it’s widely hated, particularly in the US. However, it’s a fact that it’s also the anthem of socialists and social democrats all over the world. The video lists the parties in the Socialist International. Some of those parties have badly sold out – the Labor Party in the UK is a catastrophe. The Australian Labor Party has sold out in the worst way, and the New Zealand Labor Party is the same. Accion Democratica is a horrible anti-Chavez party in Venezuela. I don’t think they ever belonged in the SI. The MSZP in Hungary is not a socialist party. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Germany has serious problems, and many would say they don’t belong in the SI. As you can see (obviously) the US Democratic Party is not a member of the Socialist International. I’m honestly sick and tired of hearing how Barack Obama is a socialist. 5 He’s a neoliberal capitalist politician slightly to the left of the reactionary sociopaths in the Republican Party. To be fair and honest, I think he is on the center-right of US politics. You see the US Right is so insane that they think center-right pols like Obama are socialists! The fist clenching a rose is the symbol of the Socialist International. People think that greeting people with “comrade” is an exclusively Communist type greeting. Hence, it is widely disparaged in the US. However, it is perfectly acceptable for socialists to call each other “comrade” also. “Comrade” is not an exclusively Commie term.

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10 thoughts on “The Socialist International”

  1. Wasn’t this the anthem for the USSR until it was changed by Stalin and Trotskys 4th International?
    I think international socialism is crap and works with the agenda of the elites to interfere in sovereign nations were they are ruled by a coalition of hostile minority groups like with the Bolshevik takeover of Russia.
    Convenient how they never talk about race or ethnicity unless it is powerful large majority ruling class, Jews and their massive capitalist financial wealth unless it is the nasty Zionists or Rothschild and co central bankers.
    Never see socialists defend powerful nation’s only straw man countries and causes the latest here in Britain anyway terror suspects captured in Afghanistan.
    John “birdman” Bryant on Liberalism.
    Dugin on Liberalism.

    1. Sometimes it just seems to me that many liberals just support certain countries specifically because they’re not perceived as powerful. I guess when they’re younger it can be seen as a form of rebellion, but many times these teenagers just never grow up.
      They really make people who are leftist on economics look bad.

      1. @Wade in MO
        Yes and they usually disrupt and attack people or groups they disagree with even if they remotely come close to mentioning racial issues like in this video of David Icke at a book signing in Canada because the ADL were worried that his Reptilian nonsense might be seen as a reference to Jews.
        So much for the love, equality and free speech they advocate.

  2. Bill Bragg’s a wanker! He’s a professional stage proletarian. He’s made a lucrative career out of being the establishment’s idea of a ‘nice’ lefty i.e. he makes the left looks like idiots because he’s got no talent, he’s a moron, and he just about never mentions class, just fighting ‘the nazis’ (like in Saving Private Ryan, yeah? – he used to be in the army, y’know), safe identity politics. He campaigned for a pro-war zionist Labour MP who was standing against George Galloway. He voted for the Lib Dems this time. He avoids taking controversial stands, like on Israel, or anything. Maybe he’s not so dumb; he’s certainly a cynic, but he may even be an MI5 asset.

    1. I think John Pilger is controlled opposition as well his work is mostly shit especially his main target Burma which is Soros/western propaganda.

  3. The solo-wanker Billy Bragg used to scrounge gigs by informing concert-organisers he came cheaper than a band. He made a carreer out of being a scab, that scumbag.
    johnUK: Yep, they’re trying to take Burma out of China’s sphere of influence. Geostrategy per usual.

    1. Interesting thing is the Burmese drug militias that support the opposition were trained in terrorist camps in Afghanistan under the Taliban.
      Funny how the Taliban hosted terrorist camps against geo-political rivals and supported by US/British vassal states of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
      I noticed that the strategy for China is to invest in it creating a cheap manufacturing export basin for multi-national companies while at the same time controlling the Chinese company by cutting of any independent energy corridors and supplies like supporting terrorism in Xinjing and pressuring African states while buying up major energy companies to sell things like coal to China to power its economy.
      Nathanial Rothschild is planning to buy up a US coal mining company to be the largest coal distributer to China.
      “A member of the Rothschild lineage that helped bankroll Britain’s war against Napoleonic France, he’s leading a $3 billion takeover that will create the biggest exporter of coal to China.”
      I would say now that China for the time being has now surpassed Russia as the number 1 enemy.

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