How I Generalized About Thieving House Guests and Ethnicity

Well, of the 1000′s of Whites I had in my house over 34 years of adulthood, only one, a juvenile delinquent doper, ever stole from me in the house when my back was turned.
So far, exactly 6 Hispanics or Hispanic-Blacks have done so, in only 2 years.
Draw your own conclusions.
So far, I’ve concluded that Hispanics are way more likely to rip me off if I invite them in. I always assume that however Hispanics are, Blacks will be even worse, so I have also generalized that Black house guests will probably rip me off even more than Hispanics, even though none has yet.
What’s even worse is that Blacks and Hispanics seemed to excuse the thieves more than Whites have. Whites all just shook their head and said, “Scumbags” or something like that. Some said racist stuff about Mexicans. A few said I need to be more careful about who I let in my house.
But two people, one Black and one Hispanic (both PC Nazis), both incredibly blamed me for getting ripped off. I told them what happened, then I wondered if perhaps the Hispanics were targeting me because I was White (still don’t know if this is true). The Black guy leaped out of his chair and pointed at me, loudly calling me, “Racist!” The Hispanic chimed in. I was chastened. It’s racist to wonder if you got ripped off because you’re White.
Then the Black guy pointed to me and said I asked for it. “You got ripped off because you’re negative!” Supposedly, I spread negative vibes all around (not sure how I do this) and normal, decent house guests react to this negativity in the only logical way, by stealing from me when I turn my back. I made them do it.
Thing is, I’ve been this way my whole life. I assume I’ve been negative (whatever that means) all my life around all my White house guests. It never forced any of them to retaliate and steal from me when I went in another room.

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0 thoughts on “How I Generalized About Thieving House Guests and Ethnicity”

  1. That’s a sad experience you’ve had. And I guess you have a right to point to ethnicity if you feel it’s relevant but my family has dealt with similar scenarios and my mom normally blames it on class/caste. Her dad was a businessman, she was educated in private schools with a stable family life and eventually ended up in a poor neighborhood where she simply couldn’t understand the people there (i.e. most didn’t know who their fathers were, they had no manners… people took whatever property they wanted or borrowed it and never returned it).
    I don’t believe that you are a racist. I probably have more negative feelings toward other races than you do (not really negative but I’d rather not mix, for example). If anything, holding negative beliefs about a particular culture/language is xenophobic, which is normal from an evolutionary standpoint. We are a tribal species.
    Sadly, most of the Mexicans coming to America are the lowest of the low, socially speaking . Fortunately I haven’t met any prone to delinquency so far, hopefully I won’t LOL

  2. Funny, now you come to mention it, I’ve been having a slight problem with Hispanic neighbours borrowing and not paying back recently. I made some allowances at first, but I started to get the feeling they’re just taking me for a prick, so the flow turned off. I really couldn’t say they’re worse than whites though, on the basis of this one case – I’ve had the same problem with whites. All the same, I think a lot of the less-whites think we WASPs are all born with a silver spoon in our mouths, a magic cash-machine that never dries up. Actually, given the W. European social security and healthcare systems, to a certain extent that’s true, compared to the rest of the world, including the USA, but it’s not just white Europeans. But never mind! Our rulers are doing best to sort that out, by reducing us to the same destitution as the rest of the world.

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