The Barack Obama Kill Social Security Plan

This is how it will work: Step 1: Increase the deficit. Done. Step 2: Make Social Security part of the deficit. Done. Step 3: Cut Social Security benefits to reduce the deficit. Just wait. Cue Obama’s State of the Union speech. Apparently it will all be about urgent, non-negotiable demands to cut Social Security or else the sky will fall or the world will blow up or something. There will be no alternative to these cuts. They must be done, and they must be done now. The plot was hatched by Barack Obama and carried out by a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. Unbelievably, a huge number of “liberal Democrats” were in on it. I have a hard time understanding this. Why would liberal Democratic Congressmen plot to kill Social Security?

  1. They’re all millionaires, so they don’t care about SS, as they will never use it. They vote their class interests.
  2. “Liberal” now means someone who wants to destroy SS, in which case they only sane thing to be is to be a radical or a Leftist.
  3. They know not what they do.
  4. They are scared they if they don’t kill SS, they will lose the election.
  5. “Liberals” are now split between the SS killers and those who want to save SS. See Point 2. But once again, “liberal” loses its meaning. If liberals are for anything in the US, they are for SS. If you’re out to kill SS, you can’t possibly be a liberal. No way. It’s not possible.
  6. As the center has moved increasingly rightwing to the point where a centrist is now just a bit to the left of sociopathic reactionaries called Republicans, apparently it follows that the definition of liberal has also been marching rightward since 1980. Which means liberals today are vastly to the right of 1980 liberals. Which means once again that the term has lost its meaning. See points 2 and 5.
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