I Refuse to Listen to Barack Obama's Voice

I can’t stand to here his voice, the sound of it, so I turn it down. Last time I was doing that was under George Bush. I either turned the sound or put my fingers in my ears every time he came on. People used to ridicule me for doing that, but it was a visceral reaction.
In the past week, I have started to do that with Barack Obama. I’ve always been content to hear his voice before. Now it fills me with rage and hate and makes me want to smash the TV or radio, so I have to turn it off.
That’s pretty sad. Barack Obama has turned into George Bush. It only took him 2 years to do it too.
The first and second Reagan Administrations (1980-1988)
The third Reagan Administration (1988-1992)
The fourth and fifth Reagan Administrations (1992-2000)
The fifth and sixth Reagan Administrations (2000-2008)
The seventh Reagan Administration (2008-present).

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0 thoughts on “I Refuse to Listen to Barack Obama's Voice”

  1. I would tolerate him except for the fact that he imposes himself on us. He had to write two more books this summer. He just rubs it in your face whenever he goes on vacation or when he buys something expensive for his daughters. And we are constantly bombaarded with images of Michelle and the girls on magazine covers.

  2. Should white nationalists be en-or-discouraged there apparently are no charismatic black leaders with stature in their community who will call Obama out for what he is-a servant of the overwhelmingly “white” Elite?

    1. It looks like most of them (save for a few sane people like Adolph Reed and Black Agenda Report) are going all in on their man. I think they’re crazy. It makes it laughably obvious to all but the most deluded that they are just as corrupt and cronyistic as whitey.
      I don’t care about the nonsense GSG writes about above. He’s not doing anything differently in that respect than any other presidents do. I care about being betrayed and lied to.

      1. I don’t really care about all of that, I just find it annoying. I want the president to do his job and stay out of my life. I’m not old enough to remember JFK or Reagan, who constantly hogged the spotlighr but both Clinton and W hid from the media.

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