Do Anti-Racist Blacks Have a Sense of Priority?

Looking for answers is a smart Black guy who is one of my favorite commenters on the site:

Question for you. Is it possible that many whites do not understand what is perceived as racism by non-whites? I ask because for middle class blacks or the CBC, racism is mainly defined as a lack of opportunities, equality or feeling shut out along racial lines. If whites are really not all that racist and harbor no ill will toward blacks but tend to only hire or promote other whites, even if it’s simply a matter of staying in your comfort zone or being around people you can relate to, can you see how that can be seen as racist by those shut out? Of course many whites just feel that the decision was based on something not related to race, maybe like a recommendation, or a friend of a friend or something like that, but if you are shut out of those social circles, then you are just shut out. I think many whites tend to have a very limited or narrow definition for racism and the impact it has when added up.
I think what bothers blacks the most is that many whites don’t seem to even acknowledge an obvious advantage even when it is clear that its through no fault of their own which is where all the white privilege stuff comes from.
Personally, I don’t think most whites even think about blacks all that much, so its easy for many of them to be dismissive or a little flippant about it. Blacks perceive everything through race because we can’t escape the negative impact of it from day to day.

Indeed he is correct that most Whites don’t think about Blacks all that much. I try to mostly think positive things about Blacks personally. If a White person is thinking about Blacks all the time, there is something wrong with them. Most Whites obsessed with Blacks are simply racists.
I don’t like to think about the negative issues surrounding Blacks because I pretty much like Black people. So I tend not to think about all the stuff that the racists rail about all the time. The more you think about the downside, the more you start to dislike Blacks, and that’s not something I want to do. I actually make considerable effort to not dislike Blacks and some other non-Whites because I don’t want to get sucked into that hate thing. I don’t want to hate Hispanics either. There are ways to do this. One that I do is to focus on the good side. I also repeat positive mantras about them. I try to compare them favorably with Whites (easy to do with Hispanics actually). I try to seek out the positive in them. I ignore or mostly bury the things about them that piss me off, the result of which is that I have a lot of buried anger towards non-Whites. That’s why Whites go to sites like Chimpout, etc. It’s a release valve for all that buried anger and disgust.
As far as discrimination goes, now we are talking about the important stuff!
Whites who only hire and promote their own instead of non-Whites are indeed discriminating at some point. It is quite possible, assuming that qualified minorities were also in line for promotion or hiring. If the only minorities in line for promotion or hiring were poorly qualified compared to the Whites, there’s no discrimination.
By the way, many of the commenters on this site are segregationists opposed to integration and who want to roll back all civil rights laws. This blog is pro-integration, anti-segregation and fully opposes any and all discrimination against Blacks, period.
What bothers me is why don’t Blacks focus on the really important stuff – discrimination, whatever the mindset behind it is – instead of jokes, words, privilege, aversive racism, bla bla. It seems like Blacks don’t have their priorities straight.
They should set priorities like a hierarchy of racism – what bothers me the most. Discrimination, etc. the idiots who want to roll back civil rights and go back to segregation, the White nationalists, the really hardcore racists, are top priority. Stuff like jokes, privilege, words, aversive racism, is way down on the list. But it seems like Blacks just lump it all in together. Some guy who told a nigger joke 20 years ago is the same as the Stormfront crowd.
WTF is wrong with Black people?

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0 thoughts on “Do Anti-Racist Blacks Have a Sense of Priority?”

  1. I agree that Blacks have a serious problem with setting priorities and I really don’t know why that is. I really don’t. And as irony would have it, this is one of the things whites do best in my opinion. If I absolutely had to place blame, it would have to be with all the black entertainers (rappers in particular), politicians and race-baiters that continue to mislead the larger black communities and have them focus on the wrong things.

    1. i’ve read that there are some psych experiments that show black kids have less self-control and are less able to leverage delayed gratification. the experiment offers kids half a candy bar now, or the whole candy bar in a few hours. the black kids take the candy bar now instead of waiting. i think the delayed gratification thing has a lot to do with our differences.

  2. 100 years ago, Blacks were one group largely excluded from White-dominated society, as were Chinese, Jews and Italians. The latter three set up inward communities where they and their culture and values were respected and dominant. Once you have the basics of life, community support is the most important aspect of a happy life.
    Unfortunately, insular Black communities often do not become centers of a positive, values-affirming culture. The first thing Blacks with opportunities do is exit their communities, although they might set up an alternative, selective one. A ghetto is not defined by architecture.

  3. “most Whites don’t think about Blacks all that much”. yes. most parts of the country have few to no blacks, geographically anyway. blacks have grouped up into just a few places. in my high school graduating class of 1400, there were about 4 blacks.

  4. two things…all races sort themselves out in a way to be closer to people like themselves. i really think we’re all born xenophobes. similarity and familiarity are comforting for people of all races. it’s probably irrelevant what any of us think about this, if it is good or bad.
    likewise, racial nepotism in hiring is probably a natural tendency. again, is it good or bad? i don’t know. Robert has done some posts about IQ and I doubt it guarantees a better employee, but maybe the discrimination described is just.
    myself, i think that’s about right, but on the other hand, i don’t see the point of the whole work ethic. really all this automation and economic success we have achieved should have bought each and every one a little more leisure time. isn’t the end goal a world without want, where we are all free to develop our minds, create, and mingle?
    the comments above seem to be talking about discrimination toward middle-class and higher minorities. middle class of all races is hurting now, and the poor of all races even more. but in the middle-upper to lower-upper, no pity for minorites from me. my experience is that the nepotism is out and the diversity meme/movement/shakedown is strong. so far so good in my experience. got some good black guys who i work with in web development. no skin off my back, if you’re good i want to work with you. definitely better than bringing in the foreigners to compete against Americans.

  5. also, i think that racism has really declined. it’s very taboo for a white to say anything racist, and we do have a black (half-white) president. and even though racism is way down, it seems like black culture/black day-to-day living is so much worse now, so course and, i hate to say it, but things seem like they were better for blacks before now. it makes the racism accusation seem like a lie.

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