Barack Obama Redefines the Average Middle Class Family

Barack Obama said that the average middle class would have to pay $3000 in raised taxes if the insane middle class tax cut did not get renewed and the old rates went back in. However, this required some very fancy figuring on his part. Median family income in the US is $50,000/yr. They would not have had to pay $3000 in increased taxes. Maybe 1/2 that. Barack Obama decided that all families making below $250,000/yr were suddenly middle class. That’s outrageous right there. Who in their right mind thinks a family with an income of $249,000/yr is a middle class family? Then he used average and not median income. Average will give you a much higher figure. Taking all incomes below $250,000 as middle class and averaging them together gives you an average middle class family making $90,000/yr., a family making $90,000/yr would indeed get a $3000 tax hike. But he has also redefined the average US middle class family as making $90,000/yr! It’s not true! Fully 75 This is the way these scumbags operate. Always defining “middle class” upwards and upwards. Wicked Witch Hillary says individuals making over $113,000/yr are middle class. That’s the top 5 I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. Are they out of touch? They all make tons of money, and everyone they know makes tons of money, so they assume everyone else makes tons of money too, right? Is that it? All of these elites live in a bubble?

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